Introducing: Black Paper with Colored Printing

now offers CMYK color printing on black paper. Keep in mind that due to the black paper stock, the colored printing will appear much darker compared to your design. Finishing options such as foiling and embossing are possible on this black paper.

In addition to full color printing, we can also print white ink (both single and double sided) on this new black paper. We strongly recommend using a white ink background for two reasons. One to show colors better and two, to ensure important information is legible. Here are examples of what we mean.

The purple coloring was purposefully done to show how a colored design will print without a white ink under layer. As you can see, the purple is visible but almost blends in to the black. Compare this to the ‘Complete Power Wash’ font which reflects the color more accurately and is much easier to read. Make sure your design has white ink as an under layer and extends out to create a border around your colored ink font.

Important to note that white ink is printed first, followed by color
so a white bar would be printed, with blue on top, revealing the letters underneath.


A design tip we recommend is to print your information with white ink. It is much easier to read your information with, especially when utilized with thick, large font.




There are many uses for customized stickers, ranging from labels, letter seals, promotions, and even weddings. Foiling is possible for all our stickers except metal stickers. MorningPrint offers a wide variety of sticker stocks and it is important to learn about each one to know which one is right for you.

A full list of all our stocks can be found on our website under the section ‘Premium Stickers’.

Coated Sticker & Uncoated Stickers
Uncoated Stickers

Uncoated Sticker– There is no coating on this sticker and there is no shine to it. When you rub your fingers against the sticker, you will feel some .
Coated Stickers 1
Coated Sticker– This particular stock has a laminated coating that gives a high shine. Due to the protective coating, is tear resistant.

Durable & Strong Adhesive
Durable Sticker: It is made of Yupo paper (Read our blog about Yupo paper here). As such, it is the most durable of any sticker, being both tear proof and waterproof. If you need a sticker that can withstand strong elements, this is the sticker you need.
Strong Adhesive Sticker: A common misconception is that the strong adhesive sticker is the same as the durable sticker. This is not the case. Strong Adhesive means it has the strongest glue of any of our stickers, but the actual paper is same as our coated stock. This particular sticker will be best suited for packaging and labeling.

Silver PET & Hologram
Silver PET Sticker 2

Silver PET Sticker: Good for indoor/outdoor. It has some resilience against water and tearing. If you want this type of plastic card, keep in mind that there is no white ink available on this type of sticker. Whatever you design with the color white will be left unprinted, revealing the silver PET. This particular sticker has high gloss and the color will reflect to the original silver background.
Hologram Sticker
Hologram Sticker: One of our top design experts strongly advise that when it comes to colors, not much is possible. While we strongly recommend to only use black ink on these hologram stickers, we also print one additional color. Due to the narrow color ability we offer, no full image can be printed on this sticker.

Clear & Vintage Kraft
Clear Stickers
Clear Sticker: Like our clear plastic cards, our clear sticker is completely transparent. It also includes a waterproof matte coating. It is fairly strong, and will not tear. An important note to keep in mind during your design process, is that there is no white ink. Therefore, any white areas in your design will be the original clear sticker stock. If you intend to use the sticker on a surface where the adhering side (glue) will be viewed, then reverse your design so all text and design appear backwards from the front.
Vintage Kraft Sticker
Vintage Kraft Sticker: Fairly versatile stock option for your designs. It can carry different types of looks on it. Can carry organic, homemade, antiqued, and even trendy look to it. Please avoid yellow, brown, and pastel tones to prevent your design from looking faded or washed out. There is also no white ink, so any white areas will reveal the original stock underneath.

Shape Stickers
For those who want their stickers in a specific or custom shape, this is the option that you would need. You can pick the type of sticker, which we explained above, that you would want to use with your shape. The available shapes we have are: Square Round Cornered, Rectangle Round Cornered, Circular, Semi-Circle, Oval and Heart. For those who prefer a different shape, you can submit a design to see if it is possible to do a custom shape sticker.
Custom Shape Sticker: MorningPrint is able to cut most custom designs and is only available on Uncoated, Durable, Silver PET and Clear sticker stocks. Our custom shape stickers are digitally printed, meaning we can print the custom shapes in small quantities.

Metal Stickers (Silver & Gold)
We offer printing drawings on metal sheets. The designs best suited for this type of sticker are graphic work or a black and white image. No color images are possible on these types of stickers. These sheets have a strong adhesion and will not easily come off. Detailed, intricate work is best suited for these types of metal stickers. It is excellent for patterns. We do not recommend metal stickers for rough surfaces, fabrics or any areas that may bend, or hold. It is also not advisable to reuse.



Design of the Month: July 2017

1. Name:  Edward Tung
2. Company Name:  Broderies de Luxe
3. Website:
4. Business Contact Email:
Instagram: @etostudio

5. Please giver us a brief history of your business and some of the services you provide.
Broderies de Luxe was started as a creative outlet while disseminating my accumulated knowledge from working with different maisons in Paris as an embroiderer. The offerings have evolved to now include embroidery design, sample production, classes and plumasserie or featherwork.

6. Our favorite element of your card is the simplicity of the design, It looks clean and yet stands out as looking very fashionable. How did you come up with the design?
The look is based around featuring the logo as the focal point of the design. The lines and the color choice were inspired by my time in Paris and love of traditional French architecture from the 1700’s.
BdL-card1 (002)
7. What made you choose Tant?
I was looking for a cardstock that was substantial and conveyed the feeling of luxury without being too bulky.

8. You used a simplistic approach to your design, and yet tied it into your business. What are your recommendations to others about how to have such effective business cards?
A business card has two important functions, one is to attract attention like a mini-billboard, this means creating something with interesting artwork or creative color use. The other is to distill the maximum amount of information into its essential form.

BdL-card2 (002)
9. What made you choose MorningPrint?
I was looking for a company that could deliver a wide range of services and options yet have a quick turnaround time from receiving the order to shipping it out. This would allow me to order cards anytime I need them.

10. How was your experience with MorningPrint? Would you recommend us to others?
Using MorningPrint was definitely beneficial to my business and I will be continuing my business with them. Because of their attentive customer service when placing orders, I would recommend them to my associates.

Introducing Yupo: Durable and Waterproof

Yupo is one of our least known products, here at MorningPrint. We believe most people do not think of this paper stock because they are unsure of what it is. Hopefully, after reading this brief article, you will feel better acquainted with this type of paper.

To start, Yupo is not regular paper, it is actually a synthetic paper. Synthetic paper is made of 100% recycled paper, making Yupo as environmentally friendly as Vintage Kraft. At 9pt, it is also our thinnest stock. For reference purposes, it could be described as slightly thicker than  a sheet of college ruled notebook paper.


Despite it’s thinness (which to some may be a pro and not a con), it is our most durable paper. Yupo is waterproof, tear-prof and can be wiped clean. In addition to durability, Yupo also boasts a fresh, modern appearance. It is smooth, cool to the touch and has a bright white stock.
Watch our water experiment here: Yupo: Waterproof Paper


Clear Plastic Business Cards

While we offer many varieties of plastic stock, the ones we get the most inquiries about are our clear plastics. We have noticed the most confusion is between our Clear (no white ink) and our Clear+White Plastic. These two plastics are the same, the only difference being that the Clear+White Plastic is able to print white ink.


As for their similarities, both types of cards are bendable, thin and durable. Due to the transparency of our clear cards, we strongly recommend that you avoid thin, delicate lines, soft colors and small text or graphics. As such, your transparent cards will be easier to read and see when holding it in front of another surface. Keep in mind that your printed results will not look as saturated as on your monitor and that transparent cards can only be printed on one side. Round corners are standard on our plastic cards. Both will require 4-5 business days plus 2 days shipping. We require that all designs be done on Photoshop or Illustrator files.

Clear+white plastic

This is the only clear plastic that can print white ink. This card is able to print white as well as back areas of color to increase visibility of design. The printing process for our clear+white plastic cards is that the color is printed first before the white.
Advisory Note: Remember when uploading your clear+white design files, remember to include a color file and a white file. The white file should know the exact areas for white ink should be shown in black.


Clear Plastic (no white ink)


Our clear plastic (no white ink) stock is the only one that is 100% clear. For design legibility, please avoid designs with texts alone and no background color as well as text/graphics that are similar in background color.
Advisory Note: On our clear plastic (no white ink) stock, any white areas of your design will be left unprinted revealing the clear stock.


What You Need to Know: Braille

As some of you may know, we have been posting articles explaining production details and design tips of our various stocks. For the latest installment in this series of articles, we decided to discuss one of our finishing options, braille. Braille is one of our most asked about and least known products here at MorningPrint.
Braille 2
Production Details:
1. Braille can only be printed on Nouveau Paper
2. Add an additional 5 extra days to your production timeline
3. It can only be printed on a single side of the card
4. Should be 10 characters per line, and 3-4 lines per card. As such, we strongly recommend keeping the braille information simple and straight forward: name, company and phone number.
5. We apply our braille in the same manner as we do our raised ink. That means it is applied to the surface of the card without leaving a mark on the other side of the card.

Braille 6
Our braille is much larger than regular printed lettering. It can cover the entire printed card without obscuring the printed design underneath. Despite it’s large size, our braille is quite durable, and is not prone to chipping or breaking. Due to it’s transparency, printed designs are visible underneath the braille itself.

Since the braille takes up almost all of the visual and tactile space, we recommend to avoid other finishing options on your card. The most we would recommend to those considering utilizing braille in their business cards are rounded corners.
Braille 3

We have noticed that most clients choose to have their braille applied over their printed design. Depending on the printed design, that may or may not be the best option for aesthetic purposes. We find that simple designs which incorporate background colors, business information and braille are more elegant.

Braile 5
However, a business card with a white background and a printed design that mainly incorporates business information looks better when the braille is on the reverse.

Braille 4

Wedding Papers

Here at MorningPrint, we have been getting lots of wedding paper orders and we thought it would be a great opportunity to have our bride to be, Ava discuss her take on wedding papers.

Wedding Invitations June 8

Save the Dates

Hi there! It’s Ava again.

Let’s dive right in and start with my personal favorite, colors! From what we can see,  the popular 2017 Summer colors are pink, orange, yellow, and green. They come in bold, rich shades usually done in a garden theme or a watercolor look. The colors are lively and celebratory, as any wedding should be.
Wedding Invitations June 2
Oh, before I forget, remember if you have a watercolor effect on any of your papers, use Aquarelle with that design. The texture of the paper pairs  beautifully with that sort of effect. I can not emphasize enough the importance of making sure your paper serves your design properly. You can have the most beautiful design, but if it is printed on the wrong kind of paper, it will not be as stunning as it could possibly be.

Wedding Invitations June
I feel that some may forget that although their wedding papers are viewed individually, they are also part of a group. I find that laying out your papers together in order that they would appear is a simple way of seeing what effect they have. Keep in mind that none of your papers need to match completely. It would be counterproductive to do so since each card has a specific purpose that should be designer for. My suggestion would be to employ the same colors and feeling but change up the look a little to suit the purpose of each particular card.
Wedding Invitations June 10

One example would be menu cards. Menu cards are like the greeting to your dinner. It is the opportune chance to go bold with your design on the front of your card. You can use foiling, or spot color or regular printing. But please remember to stay away from embossing, as the impression will show through to the other side (the exception being if you are using Heavy Nouveau paper). Now for the reverse side, focus on making your lettering the focal point. Have a simplistic design and easy to read font. I can not emphasize the latter enough. If you choose a font that is either too thin, frilly or light, your guests will not be able to read their cards, thus defeating the purpose of a menu card.
Wedding Invitations 5

Papers containing important information such as RSVP cards, accommodation, transportation, etc should have less design with clear font. If your wedding colors are soft and pastel, avoid using them in your lettering, as it will make the information difficult to read. We would suggest going for a simple design, but use raised ink to ensure legibility and flare.

Wedding Invitations June 8


Heavy Nouveau and Scotland

On your invitations, create a frame around your information to make it stand out. Free flowing and subtle borders can be just as effective as a standard frame with straight lines.


From top left: Heavy Nouveau, Scotland, Heavy Nouveau, Heavy Linen and Aquarelle

Hope that was helpful!


Thank you card on Aquarelle Paper


Using Your DIY:POPS

Store them flat and pop them up for parties

DIY:POPS are easy, creative and functional decor pieces. They are perfect for family functions, parties, announcements and weddings. You can create any design you like on our downloadable templates. We used our downloadable templates (with green fold lines and red die cut lines visible) to create a few extra designs and show some different ways you can use our DIY:POPS.
For all production details, please consult our former blog post: Introducing DIY:POPS



Save the Dates are some of the most special cards you will send in your life. While they help introduce your guests to what your wedding will be like, their most important function is to tell your guests to SAVE THE DATE. That is why Diy:POPS are the perfect solution.
First, because they stand in their own platform, your guests can leave them on a desk or table as a reminder. Secondly, due to their size, they can easily be folded and saved as a souvenir after your wedding date.
They are easy to personalize too. You can fill the center of the card with an engagement photo, and send your guests a photo that essentially comes with it’s own frame. Or do what we did here and create a brand new design. Either way, your Save the Date will be the most memorable card your guests will receive.



Using our DIY:POPS for menu cards is one of our favorite concepts here at MorningPrint. Depending on your design and colors, they can be casual enough for a BBQ or special enough for a more formal event, such as a special dinner or a wedding. Due to their assembly process, they will be able to stand up straight on their own and contribute to the look of the table. During the meal, guests can easily unfold them to set them aside or keep them standing near them. If you are having a buffet, you can have menu cards explaining the food offered at each station.


Baby Shower
When it comes to big news, we all enjoy finding the best way to announce our joy. We think DIY:POPS would be a great idea for those wanting a unique card to mark their event. These POPS have a smaller size, making it easy to mail them out. They can be used for graduation announcements, baby announcements & showers, and your first house-warming party.



Place cards are another practical use for our POPS. They are small enough to be placed for each individual, without crowding a table, yet they are not so small that they get lost with the rest of the decor. Following a similar idea, they can be used as table markers, for guests to locate where they are meant to be seated.

BONUS: Cupcake custom template, in the theme of: Birthday Parties

DIY_cupcake (002)
Birthday parties are another good occasion to include a POP. Send them as invitations to all your kid’s friends, or leave them out to add to your party decor. You can label the goody bags for the individual kids using our POPS, that way they each have a fun souvenir to remind them of a cool party.

We almost forgot to tell you, that while we offer downloadable templates to design off of, you can also customize your own template, pending approval from our printing team. One of our own design experts created this cupcake to show you an example of a custom template.

Introducing DIY:POPS

Feeling inspired by the upcoming festivities of summer, we at MorningPrint, decided to give an introduction to one of our products, DIY: POPS. Everything you need to know about their production, instructions and some ideas for their use is here.

Some information to know before designing/ordering your Pop:
1. It has single side printing
2. The minimum quantity to order is 20 per set. As it is done with digital printing, we are able to cover small order numbers
3. Done on 300gsm paper
4. Estimated turn around time is 2-3 business days (excluding shipping)
DIY Pop Banner

The shape of all our DIY: POPs are created through die cuts. For your convenience, the cutting pattern is marked in red to show the shape of each template on our website. We also included green lines indicating where the product should be folded.

Step One: Following the die cut lines for the center of the card, pop the center of the card out and fold it down along the bottom line.

Step Two: Once the center of the card is folded down, fold the remaining frame in half creating a capital L-shape. This will become your DIY: POP stand.20170606_104037


Step Three: Now straighten the center of the card so that it leans backwards.
Step Four: Move the stand slightly forward to meet the center of the card.


Step Five: Insert the top of the stand into the die cut slit at the top of the center of the card.

Now your DIY: POP is ready to use!

*To check out what type of uses and occasions your POPS would be good for, check out Using Your DIY:POPS

Design of the Month: June 2017

1.Name: Meredith Brown
2.Company Name: M-Jay Brown Designs
3. Website:
4. Business Contact Email:
5. Please give us a brief history of your business and some of the services you provide.

I am a graphic designer and it is my personal brand. I create a wide variety of graphic elements such as logos, business cards, t-shirt designs and basically anything that can be designed.

6. Our favorite element of your card is that is the pattern and foiling. How did you come up with the design?

The holographic logo on the front! I searched all over for a company that could print my card like that, as well as the pearlescent paper!


Hologram Foiling on Pearlescent Paper (Heavy Star Dream)

7. What made you choose Heavy Star Dream?

It was pearlescent, just something that would make my card stand out from the rest.


Heavy Star Dream paper by MorningPrint

8. You used a simplistic approach to your design, and yet was able to represent the feel of the business. What was your process to do that?

Start with the basics, get all the information that needs to be on the card, while keeping it simple. Then go to town with color and design.


9. What made you choose MorningPrint?

Morning Print had all the options that I wanted and for the best price and quality.
10. How was your experience with MorningPrint? Would you recommend us to others?

I’ve already recommend it to friends and I know at least 2 have ordered with Morning Print since I told them!