Premium Weight

Not sure of the weight of our premium paper stock? Here’s a little cheat sheet! the lower the number, the thinner the card, but thicker isn’t always better! Our premium papers are imported from all around the world!


Want to feel these in your hands before you order?


Nouveau-10pt/233 GSM

Heavy Nouveau- 16pt/350 GSM

Linen- 9pt/216 GSM

Heavy Linen- 16pt/350 GSM

Silky Matte- 9pt/290 GSM

Heavy Silky Matte- 16pt/350 GSM

Tant- 9pt/200 GSM

Scotland- 10pt/230 GSM

Yupo- 9pt/230 GSM

Vintage Kraft- 10pt/250 GSM

Aquarelle- 14pt/300GSM

Heavy Aquarelle- 16pt/350 GSM

Sumo Nouveau- 32pt/ 700GSM

New Year, New Product


What’s better than starting the new year with something new and fresh!? Now introducing our Heavy Aquarelle stock! It has the same beautiful embossed pattern and can hold color just as well, but its 2 pts thicker! This card stock is also acid and chlorine free, giving it the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) mark as a five star card stock.

Overprint Function

The definition of overprint is that in most cases, when two objects of different colors overlap, they knockout – they won’t print on top of each other. To intentionally print one layer of ink on top of another is to overprint. This can be useful to terminate gaps between touching colors, for instance if a black object is printed on top of a magenta object.

This is in most cases the default setting for text set to print in default [black] color of your program, but sometimes you have to set objects and text to overprint.
In In Design and Illustrator you can set your fills or strokes to overprint in the ‘Attributes’ palette.

Overprint preview: In InDesign and Illustrator, the results of overprinting objects can be previewed by selecting View>Overprint preview, or pressing ALT+SHIFT+CTRL+Y.
In Acrobat this can be viewed by selecting Advanced>Overprint preview, or pressing ALT+SHIFT+CTRL+Y.
A good rule is to check Overprint preview for every project, even though you don’t use overprint intentionally, to see if everything looks the way you intended.
Also, if you view your separations you can see that overprinting objects do not knock out other objects.file_setup_overprint.jpg


Click HERE for senventyseven’s in depth explanation

November 2016 Design of the Month is Here!


Instagram: @brigitteroka





Q: Please briefly tell us about you, your company and your products and services:

I’m currently studying visual development and illustration at Art Center College of Design. My work ranges from concept artwork and design to intricate watercolor illustrations that I make either as gallery work or for rock/metal band merchandise and posters.

Q: How would you describe your art style?

In a nutshell, it’s dark and witchy, and quite textural because I primarily use watercolor and ink. I focus a lot on tiny details and patterns, so my compositions are usually complex and ornate. Common elements I use are heavily inspired by outer space and astronomy, botany (and nature in general), marine life (especially deep sea creatures), and Slavic folklore/patterns


Q: What made you choose our nouveua stock rather than any other stock?

I knew I would use the foiling option and thought it would look best on this stock

Q: We saw that you opted for our holographic foiling, why did you choose our foiling options over all the other finishing options?

I wanted my card to communicate the cosmic and space-inspired elements in my work, and the holographic foil looks very sci-fi and magical, so I went with it. I made my design with the foil in mind, and I wanted the card to be like a little piece of art that people could keep

Q: Does your logo hold any meaning or significance?

It’s a sigil that shows up a lot in my personal artwork


Q: What advice would you give to new illustrators? 

Develop as big of a visual bank as you can! Look at a ton of artwork, go to museums, travel, and surround yourself with amazing and cool imagery. I find that the more specific you are about the things you like and the more cool niches you discover, the better and more unique your artwork will get


Q: How was your experience with Morning Print? Anything youd like to see us add in the future?

I’ve ordered from this company before and I love you guys! The holographic foil is beautiful and I’ll definitely be ordering more cards when I run out of these. The only thing is that with this order, the sides of the cards are fraying and the ink is coming off, which is a little disappointing (maybe the cutter malfunctioned or something), but overall they came out beautifully!

Q: Any other thoughts/information youd like people to know about Brigitte Roka?

I’m also a musician and I play in a hard rock/heavy metal band called Aboleth! I make all of our artwork and if anyone would like to check us out our link is, and we’re @abolethband on Instagram 🙂


Our Gift to You

The holiday season is upon us and we are here to help. We are starting our December promotion early to help you out during the holidays. We know that the holidays can get hectic and expensive, so we’re offering 15% off all of our postcards. Get an early start on those Christmas cards this year and save some cash while your at it!126

Holiday Tips

The holidays are among us and we have gathered some great ideas to make your holidays even better!


Your business cards don’t have to look like business cards! With our custom die cut cards, you can transform a regular business card into a wonderful gift tag. Why not spice up your gifts with beautifully foiled tags that double as your business cards? Check in tomorrow for more tips!

October 2016 Design of the Month is…





Carly Wright & Kellie Schneider


Social Media:

Carly Wright : Twitter & Instagram- @carlyjwright

Kellie Schneider: Twitter-@schneiderkellie

Instagram- @kellieschneider


Q:  Could you please provide a brief history of your company and the type of services you offer?
We are freelance designers and frequent collaborators, doing anything from brand identity to packaging to web design and development.

Q: How would you describe your design style/aesthetic?

We try to stay away from a specific aesthetic, we want to create smart and thoughtful design directions for our clients.

Q: What was the main message you wanted to portray through this design?

Our client is an interior designer who is doing some really interesting & innovative projects with unconventional methods. We wanted to show her versatility and artful process in her business03_website.jpgs cards. To do this, we created a wide variety of colorful painted patterns that can be used interchangeably – each employee has a different pattern on their card that best reflects their own aesthetic.

Q: Briefly tell us about the process that you go through with your client to come up with a design concept.

We try to align with our clients right from the start, getting them involved in the concepting phase. We create a mood board that acts as our filter for all future design direction and work on developing concepts from there. We showed our client a few business card designs as one application of her new brand identity that we created


Q: Why did you pick Sumo Nouveau as opposed to a different stock?

The Sumo Nouveau is so luxurious! We did order samples to decide which stock to use, but we decided on the Sumo because of its thickness and weight. We wanted something that felt a little more special than your average business card. We also knew we wanted to use foil accents, and wanted a stock that would provide the most contrast.SharableImg_Insta_2d.jpg

Q: Who or what would you say were your influences for this design?

We were influenced by the type of interior design projects our client works on, and her unique/artful process.
Q: What made you choose our holographic foiling to outline the logo?

We love the versatility of the holographic foil – it simultaneously feels fun and high-fashion… it can be played up or down based on the pattern it is used with.




Q: Most companies tend to keep the same design of the business cards for all of their employees, what made you choose a different design for each person?

Our client works on a wide variety of interior design projects and we wanted her versatility to be reflected in the cards – that and her employees each have their own aesthetic and personality which we wanted to show too! 


Q: How was your experience with Morning Print? Anything you’d like to see us add in the future?

Experience with Morning Print was great – we have never seen such high quality (especially with foils) for the price. Customer service was very responsive when talking through potential production issues with such thin foil accents and specific registration, which was very helpful. We would love to be able to order a printed proof before ordering the entire run (even if that means color only, no foil accents) to ensure the color is what we want.

Q: Any other thoughts/information you’d like people to know about you and your company? Check out and!


Clear Plastic vs. Clear + White Plastic

  • How thick are the plastic cards?
    • Both are 6-7 mil or 0.22mm- for reference, a piece of printing paper is 4-5 mil or .12
  • What is the difference between the clear plastic and clear + white plastic cards?
    • Clear plastic cards can only be printed with CMYK ink white clear + white plastic cards can be printed with CMYK and White ink. If you have any type of white in your design you want to pick the Clear + White Plastic Cards!

Clear + White                                             Clear 



Turn Around Time

Wonder when you’ll receive your order?  We have a simple equation to help you out.

    • Production time+ finishing option time + approximately 2 business days for shipping. 

Each stock has its own turn around time that can be found in the description of the stock.


  • With each finishing option, there will be an additional 2 business days.
  • Shipping usually takes 2 business days but the time can vary depending on your location.
  • You can log into your account > My account> Order History to see the status of your order.


Uploading 101

Do you have the perfect design ready to go and now all you need to do is upload it but you’re having troubles? Well, I am here to help you.

  •  Does the title of your file have any symbols (EX: !@#$%^&*)?

If so, rename the file so that its only has letters and numbers.

  •  Are you trying to upload multiple files at once?

Try browsing for your file, selecting it, then clicking upload, once this 1 file is done uploading repeat (browse, select, upload)

  •  Try zipping your files together and uploading the one zip file
  •  Your file size maybe too big. Even at 300 dpi each file should not exceed 10MB. Usually the reason for large file size is a large photo. Try exporting the file as a high resolution JPG if all else fails