If you are like us, you might be wonder where the holidays went. It all happened so quickly and now we are in a new year! We decided to start this year off with a new product that had been getting a lot of requests, Die-Cut cards!


Shape your business with unique Die-Cut Business Cards! Finding a unique shape specific to your industry could help keep you in

the minds of potential clients. Branding and business cards can be a very effective marketing tool if you use them correctly. The Die-Cut Cards are available on MorningPrint’s  Standard Coated 14pt matte stock, and finishing options (Spot UV / Foiling / Embossing) can be added for an added impact. 

Die-Cutting was developed in the 19th century. The original purpose was to cut leather for shoes. Over the years it has been developed for other products.it is commonly Today used for products such as envelopes, tags, stickers and business cards.

The process starts first with printing, and then a custom blade is made and then used to cut the designed shape.

Above is a circular shape which was made by a custom circular blade

(Something to consider: The more complicated the shape, the more it will cost to produce. Generally the more angles it has the higher the cost)

After the custom blade has been created it is then installed into the cutting machine.

The cutting methods are automatic, hand manual, flatbed, rotary presses and so on. There are many different kind of processing for cutting.

We select the proper machine depending on the die cut shape and size. It is not very cost effective to use the bigger machines to cut small Die-Cut projects.

After installed, the printed artwork is fed through the machine where the blade will cut each piece, one-by-one.

As seen above, the blade is about to press down onto the printed stock

And then the pieces are collected at the other end of the machine

The Die-Cut cost is calculated by combining three processes: printing, producing a custom shaped blade, plus the cost of running the cutting machine. Generally the quantities available are from 200 to 1,000 pieces.

The most expensive part of Die-Cutting is producing a custom blade. To reduce this cost MorningPrint has created 32 different shapes that seem to be the most popular in the print industry to reduce your overall cost and turnaround time.

We can do just about any custom shape. If you have a custom shape and want to see the possibilities or just get an idea of the costs you can contact us our “Contact Customer Center” in the upper right hand corner of the website with your artwork and specifications (size / quantity / stock etc.).


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