The Design of the Month for November is…

Hello! Here at MorningPrint, we receive many amazing designs, and we really enjoy seeing the creative process the designers go through. We enjoy seeing the results received after we send these designs to print. We would like to share some of these creative designs with you to help inspire you as they have inspired us.

Business Card Design of the Month : November

Designer Name : Karim Habashi
Company Name: Bonafide Bowties
Website :
Order Details : Clear Plastic (no white ink)

Q : Please briefly tell us about you, your company, your products and services:
A : My name is Karim Habashi and I have founded, and currently operate, two companies. The first is a nonprofit organization called KOZ ( – the purpose of KOZ is to bring joy to children affected by cancer by allowing them to paint whatever it is they feel like expressing, we bring those designs to life by printing them onto t-shirts, and proceeds from the sales fund childhood cancer research. The second is a for-profit company that I started earlier this year called Bonafide Bowties ( Bonafide Bowties is meant to be a fun little company that sells unorthodox bow ties that can be worn by babies, children, men, and women alike. We currently offer two sizes: bonbon (small) and proper (medium). All bow ties are handmade by myself and have a magnetic closure that allows you to wear them on just about anything – t-shirts, dresses, button-up shirts, etc.
Q : How did you arrive at the design? Please walk us through your design concept process.
A: I was the one who designed the business cards. I began the process with the usual blank rectangular canvas and started by inserting our logo. I knew I wanted our bow tie logo to be big, bold and centered in order for the card to be memorable and for it to clearly depict what we do. As soon as I finished sizing it, I remembered a business card that my friend had recently made and showed me for his photography company. This card had left that memorable impression I was after without having a bold logo anywhere – it was just plastic. So, I decided to fuse both concepts together.

After deciding on the concept and material of the card, I then took it one step further and give the clear plastic a practical purpose. Since our bonbon bow ties are smaller than a standard business card, I chose to make the logo the same exact size as the product itself; that way, people would be able to put the cards up to their shirts and see exactly how it would look like on them.

Q : Have you ever printed on clear PET plastic before? Why did you decide on this stock for this project?
A: No, this was the first time I had business cards printed on anything other than the standard thick stock paper cards. After seeing people’s reactions towards our unconventional business cards, both in terms of stock and design, I will never regard business cards as just plain ol’ informational cards again; instead, they should represent the same level of detail and integrity as the products and services themselves.
Q : A business card can hold a lot of different information, how did you determine what information to include, and what do you believe are the key components needed for a business card?
A: : I think the key components needed for a business card can differ for every company. For our brand, we wanted to highlight our three major social media pages, as well as our username for them, more than anything else. So, the very first piece of content on the card, after the logo, are the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter logos. These are all recognizable enough that the simple mention of them is enough for the reader to know what they are and where to find us.

Since we have just one username for all three sites, we made this the largest and most legible font on the card. We want people to easily logon to any of the three channels, search for us, and see exactly what we do. The second most legible font on the card, and what I consider to be the second most important bit of info for us, is our website. Other than that, I included my name, position, and basic contact information – phone number and email address.

Another reason why I formatted the card the why that I did was that if someone chose to use the card as a fun prop to put up on their shirts and take a selfie, that the two most important bits of information would show up in the picture – our username and website.

Q : Any plans for your next business cards? Different design, stock or options?
A: Absolutely. I’ve actually already thought of this and am very excited to have the next batch of business cards be printed on the Clear PET with 50% opacity.
Q : How has your experience with MorningPrint? Did you experience any difficulties when using MorningPrint, or find anything to be inconvenient or inefficient?
A: If I had to pick just one word to describe how I felt with my experience with MorningPrint it would have to be “surprised.” Very pleasantly surprised. They offer such a wide variety of different stocks and finishes that can allow any company out there to create a business card that is unique to them and what they do. The other two really things that really surprised me were the cost and shipping. I printed these business cards within 2 weeks of me starting Bonafide Bowties, when my budget for the whole project was just around $100. No exaggeration, if it wasn’t for their Clear PET prices, we would have had to settle for the traditional paper cards. Lastly, the cards arrived at my door just a few days after I completed the order, which was completely and wonderfully unexpected.
Q : Any tips for our clients to consider when they are creating their business cards?
A: This is equally flattering as it is saddening, but people’s reaction to our business cards have almost been more positive and enthusiastic than our actual product! So, exerting a little bit of extra attention and effort into creating a unique and creative business card truly goes a long way in discerning you over other businesses. Make your card standout! If anyone wants any help creating a concept or design for a business card, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to work with you for a very fair and nominal fee.
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