What is Gang Printing?

S.33382_GTO_52_527  You may be wondering what a gang printing service is. There are different types of printing, processes and techniques within the printing industry. MorningPrint is a CMYK offset gang printing service.

What this means is that we are able to cost effectively print your products by running many projects at once, this allows us to offer you very economical pricing. Gang printing will save you time, money, and environmentally it reduces paper waste.

However as is standard in this industry there are certain margins of error as CMYK offset gang printing is not standardized. Since CMYK offset gang printing is not standardized slight shifts in color can occur from stock to stock, from prints done at different times (even if the same values are used), there can be a shift in cutting of 1-2mm (finishing options are done after cutting and are subject to this 1-2mm shift) and the quantity received can be +/- 5-10%.

Gang printing requires a minimum quantity (for most stocks this is 200qty) for each job, so your design itself is considered the digital proof. Keep in mind that what is seen on screen is displayed in RGB and what is printed is done in a CMYK color mode, so what you see on screen may differ from the final print. We recommend for the closest color match that you consult a physical CMYK color chart. These margins are an industry wide standard for gang printing, so please take them into consideration prior to printing.

If it is your first time ordering using a gang printing service we recommend considering running one set of the minimum quantity as a test run to help you get a feel for the possibilities. You may also request a sample kit to check out the stocks out prior to ordering to get a feel of the stocks that we offer. Please check our FAQ section as well as the policy for more information.  If you have any further questions prior to placing your order please contact us via our “Customer Center”.

MorningPrint CMYK Offset Process

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