February’s Design of the Month is…


Designer Name : Anna Takahashi
Website : www.annatakahashi.com
Order Details
Custom Die-Cut + Heavy Nouveau + Raised ink


Q : Please briefly tell us about you, your company, your products and services:
A : Thank you for this opportunity! My name is Anna Takahashi and I’m an illustrator, graphic designer and art director working in Los Angeles and Tokyo. My main field is in fashion, creating whimsical textile patterns and prints for clothing. In 2013 I started fashion brand JARINKO with my creative partner in Tokyo which is something I’m quite focused on right now (jarinko.jp) I’ve always collaborated with clients of different fields, so versatility is my strength. This year, I’d love to create more print work including storybooks and artisanal product labels.
Q : Our card stocks are commonly used for business cards, but ever once in a while we see them serving another purpose. In your case, it appears as if you have created a tag. How did you settle on the selected stock?
A: This tag was designed for a floral artist who I previously made business cards for through MorningPrint. The cards were also made with Heavy Nouveau and it came out beautifully. I was really happy to hear that people remembered my client through her business card. So for branding consistency, we decided to create the tags in the same stock, with the same raised-ink finish on the flowers and logo.


Q : Most of your orders with MorningPrint are made on “Heavy Nouveau.” What keeps you coming back for the same stock?
A: What I love most about the Heavy Nouveau stock is that the texture and thickness make for a classy impression with a warm elegance. The price is excellent too: an important aspect for consumables.
Q : You created your own custom die cut shapes — please walk us through your design process:
A: First, a big thank you to Erica at MorningPrint for the support throughout the project! I sent in my design via email with the exact specifications including quantity, measurements, paper stock and desired finish. The factory must approve the customization first, so after the approval and quote, I went through the usual ordering steps on the website. 
Q : Most of your designs feature our  raised ink option — are you considering any of the any other finishing options we offer for future orders?
A: I recently used foil-accent for my business card, but press-embossing is a finish I’d really like to work with since it’s tricky (and a virtue) to utilize the concavo-convex effect.
Q : Any tips for our clients to consider when they are creating their own custom tags?
A:  I feel that the most important step is always to communicate exactly what you want i.e., measurements, stock, color and finish.


Q : How has your experience with MorningPrint been? Did you experience any difficulties when using the site or find anything to be inconvenient or inefficient?
A: Since the beginning, MorningPrint has always provided excellent service and products which I keep coming back for. It would be really helpful if I can review what files I’ve uploaded when I’m placing my order. Currently I can see all file names in the order history but not in my cart. Otherwise, the website has been very easy to navigate. I also appreciate seeing other productions on each product page.
Q : Any plans for your next project with MorningPrint?
A: Every time I see new finishes and paper options come out I’m excited! I’ve been wanting to utilize the hole-punching option to create bookmarks. Books are special objects to me. Maybe I can even create a whole art book using MorningPrint products. That would be really exciting!

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