Product Feature: MorningPrint’s Vintage Kraft Card Stock

Our Vintage Kraft card stock continues to  grow in popularity at MorningPrint —  especially among those fan-dangled hipsters in their bow ties and combat boots — so we thought we’d offer our two cents on what we think works best on this stock, what you should avoid and what you can do to achieve your best result.

The first thing you should know about our Vintage Kraft stock is that it’s a friend to the trees. That’s right: this card stock is made from 100% recycled paper. This is a good time to stop and pat yourself on the back for being a good citizen of the world.

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Because this card stock comes from recycled material, it’s going to have a grainy texture and it’s possible that each individual card produced will have a slight color variance. If you’re looking for total uniformity, you’ll want to stick with a smoother card stock. If you’re going for a vintage, handmade, slightly antiqued feel to your design, this is your jam.

There are also some important things to consider before you start your design project for this type of card stock. For one, you need to pay extra attention to the types of color you use. As a general rule for this stock, the darker the ink the better your finished product will be. Most of our customers submit designs that exclusively feature black ink and overall, they love the results.

Blogpost - VintageKraft

MorningPrint’s hints for Vintage Kraft :

  • Great for simple designs.
  • Keep in mind there is no white ink in CMYK offset printing so any white areas in your design will be left unprinted — the card stock will show where you might have wanted white ink to be.
  • Remember you’re designing for a brown background, so the colors you see while designing on your computer will most likely show differently on the final product.
  • Stay away from light tones or anything that hits too close to brown. If you use colors that too closely resemble brown card stock, your product will look slightly washed.
  • Embrace. Dark. Colors. Black is your friend. Think bold.

We hope this helps as you search for the perfect card stock at MorningPrint! If you’ve used this card stock before and have any tips or advice for our readers, feel free to share in the comment section below. To view our variety of paper and plastic printing stocks, visit our website.

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