Morning Print Spotlight Product: Sumo Nouveau

If you are looking for a stand out alternative to your average business card, think bigger. Imported from Gmund, Germany, Sumo Nouveau is double that of a standard business card. At 32pt thickness, you can’t get any heavier than this!


Great for showcasing bold colors & slick finishing options, Sumo Nouveau makes your designs pop and come alive. Perfect for achieving optimal impact in the eye of the beholder!

SN2FinalSumo Nouveau is available for punching, Foiling, Embossing or Debossing.

Things to consider when using Sumo Nouveau:


Depending on what paper stocks you choose, there can be multiple results for how your colors show on your final prints. Fibers & thickness can turn a bold, primary color blue on your monitor into a muted, more grey-blue after going through the printing process. Sumo Nouveau is a smooth, ultra-thick paper stock. This means that any colors that print on it will automatically have a muted, more matte tone.

Here are some examples of Morning Print stocks:


  1. Nouveau, 10pt
  2. Heavy Silky, 16pt
  3. Heavy Nouveau, 16pt

When comparing A to both B & C, you can see that there is a difference between color tones, especially where the black inks are concerned. Nouveau is glossier and high in contrast due to the thinner stock. Both Heavy Silky Matte and Heavy Nouveau are muted color palettes, with the latter being slightly higher in contrast. The good thing about the Heavy Nouveau is that thickness of the paper leads to colors that are soft, natural and bright with highlights and shadows equally dispersed, . Sumo Nouveau also has this muted, natural tone. It’s important to keep this in mind when designing your card so that you can design for optimum results. After choosing a color you like, play with the desaturation slider in your design software and it will give you a good idea of how that color will print on Sumo Nouveau.  If you are wanting bold, bright colors, perhaps ordering the standard Nouveau paper stock will yield more desirable results.


Due to the thickness of Sumo Nouveau, Debossing is only visible on one side. This is great for clients wanting to apply texture without the evidence of pressure protruding on the other side of the card.

Here is an example of a thinner card stock when Embossed:


Front side with Embossed logo.


Back side with impression.

As you can see above, embossing on thinner paper stocks result in impressions on the other side. Sumo Nouveau is so thick that the impressions are not visible on the other side, allowing you to freely design the back of the card without layout limitations.

*Please note that only Debossing is available on Sumo Nouveau, not Embossing.*


Sumo Nouveau is an excellent paper stock for foiling. Foil can really stand out against the contrast of the really smooth, matte texture of the stock.

snfoil sn4

Sumo Nouveau is not for your average business card stock. It’s a showcase for great design and will successfully give your cards an edge above the rest.

Sumo Nouveau Key Points

  • Thick 32ptstock double the size of standard paper stocks
  • Yields a smooth, matte, natural color tone
  • Debossing visible from one side only
  • Excellent for foiling

Want to know more about our card stocks? Get your free sample kit and see which stocks are right for you. Ready to get your Sumo Nouveau cards? Submit your designs or use our templates here

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