Embossing vs Debossing, what’s the best option for me

After much demand, Morning Print is proud to announce the addition of Debossing to our finishing services!* Debossing is a great way to add dimension and texture to your design with a clean and minimal aesthetic. Intrigued, but not exactly sure what embossing or debossing is? Have no fear, Morning Print is here!


Image Sources: AdelleFrances & One to One Design


IINKEMBOSS2n the embossing process, paper is pressed between two metal dies, one raised and one recessed, to make an impression. The raised die pushes the paper stock into the recessed die, resulting in a raised image. Since no two designs are alike, every design must be engraved by a die maker onto several metal die plates for use on an embossing press.


Image Sources: Jeremy Mage + Salt & Paperie + Stephanie Bogle

There are two types of embossing options offered by Morning Print:

Blind Embossing – Does not use foil or ink on top of the raised impression created by the dies. The resulting effect is slick, subtle, professional & pleasing to the eye.


Image source: Jessica Im

Ink Embossing – The substrate is first printed with ink in the designated area, then pressed to create a raised impression. This technique gives designs a 3 dimensional appeal.



In the debossing process, pressure is applied to the front side of a substrate, which causes the material to be forced down from the surface. This results in a recessed impression. Debossing is a less commonly used method than embossing, but creates equally impressive results.

* For maximum results, Morning Print recommends the thick weight of the Sumo Nouveau stock for press debossing. The weight of Sumo Nouveau applied with the pressure from the heavy die, will achieve a sharp, defined depression on the substrate. On most paper stocks, debossing creates a recessed impression on the front of a substrate, and a raised impression in the back of the substrate. Due to the heavy thickness of Sumo Nouveau, the impression will only be visible from one side of the card.

The Verdict:

Each method of printing adds dynamic, aesthetically pleasing enhancements to the original design. The choice really narrows down to personal preference and design elements. Check out Morning Prints great embossing & debossing options here

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