Shake Up Your Designs with Die-Cut Cards

Designers & business professionals wanting to think outside of the box might find satisfaction in the option to die-cut cards. It involves cutting stock with a specifically-shaped metal die.

Die-cutting is a great way to provide impact & emphasis, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer. Cards can be cut to the same shape of your logo, or cut to a shape that represents your company’s product or services. This extra step in your final design can help you stand out among the crowd and draw in prospective customers.


Die cut cards are available on Morning Print’s Standard coated 14pt Matte stock and also available for Spot UV, Foiling or Embossing finishing options. Morning Print provides 32 pre-cut templates to choose from for easy processing. Or for those that are wanting a fully customizable option, artwork can be sent to our customer care center to request a quote.

A die-cut card, coupled with an excellent design, is a surefire method to success.

Here are some of our favorite uses for die-cut cards:



Design Profile:

whimsical, risk-taker, organic, fashionable

Great for:

Bars, retail goods, fashion boutique, baked goods

Rectangular variations

Design Profile:

Tech-Savvy, Creative, modern,

Great for:

Computer programmers, web designers, film industry, creative types, coupons, gift certificates, invitations



Design Profile:

progressive thinkers, leaders of the pack, unique, quirky, designers

Great for:

creative or multimedia companies, graphic designers, small businesses



Design Profile:

sleek, simple but still want to stand out in the crowd, classy

Great for:

Invitations, photography, boutiques, interior design, spas & salons, coupons



Design Profile:

Straightforward, extroverted, fun

Great for:

Eco or agricultural businesses, photography, dentists, animal care, realtors, cosmetics


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