Design of the Month: January 2016

sfp10Florida born & bred Sierra Ford is a seasoned photographer with over 50 weddings under her belt. Specializing in wedding & family photography, Sierra & her team are with you ever step of the way to make sure you have those special moments forever frozen in time for you and your family to enjoy. We asked Sierra to fill us in on her unique take on color & why she’s so keen on “green”.

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Card Designer: 

Sierra Ford

(Sierra Ford Floral Illustrator)

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—————————- Interview —————————–

Q:  Could you please provide a brief history of your company and the type of services you offer? 

SFP: After growing up with a Mom who was a professional photographer I fell into a hobby for taking photos of bugs, flowers, and anything that caught my eye. Within a couple years friends started asking me to photograph their children, and then their weddings! Now, three years later, my team members and I have photographed over 100 families, and 50 weddings in multiple states and countries.


Q: One of the main thing that popped out at us is your use of color. It’s very bold and vibrant. This carries over onto your website and portfolio. High Saturation is something that many usually shy away from for event photography/portraiture. What is it about these types of colors that speaks to you as a photographer?  What do hope these colors say about you to the client? 

SFP: I have always been drawn to color. Growing up, my childhood bedroom was tie-dye and the box of 400 different colored crayons was an essential! When establishing my photo editing style – vibrant and clean color felt natural. To me, vibrant colors convey excitement and happiness which is what we aim to capture within our clients. I also feel that the colors of our brand help convey my personality to my couples before they have met me. Connection with our clients plays a huge role in capturing their personalities authentically.

Q: It’s obvious that green as a color and a concept is important to you. Your design features whimsical drawings of flowers and butterflies, juxtaposed with our eco-friendly kraft paper. A green leaf is even incorporated in your logo. In what ways does this “green” theme represent your photography studio?

SFP: I am utterly fascinated my nature. My happy place is outside and luckily for me, that is where the majority of our sessions takes place! I originally wanted a single leaf as a tattoo – to my mother’s delight – I settled with using on our logo instead. To me, a leaf symbolizes life and growth which embodies what we capture for our clients.

Q: You chose to apply raised ink on the whole front side of your card. What did you hope to achieve with this finishing option? 

SFP: I wanted to bring out the vibrancy of the colors and make the design pop. I knew that the Kraft paper would absorb some of the color, so I brought it back with the raised ink. 

Q: Would green foiling be an option you might consider for the future?

SFP: If it matched our logo, definitely! 

Q: Aside from the unique use of color, what are some other things that set you apart from other photographers? 

SFP: We work hard to make out clients feel comfortable in front of the camera – giving them scenarios to play out which we capture in action. This results in a candid and more authentic photography experience.

Q: Did you consider other stock options or was it always going to be kraft paper for you from the start? 

SFP: Kraft paper parallels with our brand and other marketing materials, so that’s what I have always been drawn to.

Q: What does a typical photography session with you consist of?sfp16


Q: What are tips/advice you can give to any budding photographers out there? 

SFP: Be yourself, people are naturally drawn to that! Also, take business classes and be as good of a business person as you are an artist!

Q: We are the first to admit that gang-printing is not a perfect process and we know we had a few hiccups with your original order. We hope that you found this recent order to be satisfying. How did you find your experience with us this time? 

SFP: Great, you guys were patient when I decided to totally redo my card design. Now I am so glad I did! With my very first order I wanted a thicker Kraft paper, which I would still love. Ultimately though, Morning Print was the only printer that offered the exact printing options I wanted and for a great price.

As a special thank you to our readers, Sierra Ford has agreed to partner with us on a special limited time offer. Please use the coupon below to receive a *FREE print.


Morning Print would like to thank Sierra Ford for contributing to this blog post and her ongoing support of our products + services. For more information on Sierra Ford Photography, please visit their website.  

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