Plastic Business Card thickness

We get a lot of questions regarding the thickness of our plastic cards. Our PVC is the 30 mil which is the standard thickness of all credit and debit cards! In comparison, our plastic cards are 6-7 mil so it is significantly thinner than the PVC cards. There are many pros to having a thinner card. This light weight card helps you distribute your cards easily as well as making storing your card in your wallet, purse or pockets way more convenient. Not the mention that that the plastic cards are water proof!

Curious about the card? 

Click Here for a Complimentary Sample Kit (USA ONLY)Untitled-1.jpg

One thought on “Plastic Business Card thickness

  1. Tips to protect you card
    Since technology is highly used these days in whatever you do, you will find many things that are based on designed keeping it in mind. The basic example of technology is the plastic cards that you use for making payments, the one that you usually get from the bank in which you have an account. That card may look very simple but holds great importance in a person’s life. Using that card, a person can withdraw money from ATM machines, make payments easily and can also save money while shopping. Since, the card plays such crucial role in your day-to-day life, it is very important for you to keep it protected.

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