Linen: The Most Professional Paper

Designing the right business card can be a long, detail oriented process. One would want to represent not just the business, but also the style of the company in that card.
It can be difficult for those with a more formal culture to make their card stand out without betraying their philosophy. By far, the best paper for such companies is Heavy Linen and Linen.

With it’s subtle woven texture, Heavy Linen and Linen would be just perfect for businesses with a more formal company culture. Combined with a simplistic design, the texture will make your card look interesting while keeping the focal point on your business information.


Details: Close up of woven texture of Linen/Heavy Linen

This paper also boasts the brightest white out of all the other paper stocks, which is both fresh and professional. the clean look accentuates the professionalism and credibility of the person and company.


Examples of simplistic designs on Heavy Linen

For those who would like a little extra impact, but keep the same level of simplicity, should really consider coloring their paper. Linen and Heavy Linen display bright colors vividly. A couple of tips to keep in mind when coloring your linen or heavy linen cards would be:
1. Due to it’s thickness, Heavy Linen will require more coloring than it’s counterpart, Linen.
2. Especially avoid busy designs if you color your paper, because the color will make the woven pattern of this paper more obvious.
3. Maintain a stark contrast between your words and the background color. If the shades of the colors are too similar or too light, it will be difficult to read your cards.

If you keep these tips in mind and maintain a simplistic design with the focus on your information, your cards will be elegant, professional and still stand out due to their credibility.


Colored Business Cards


Blue Heavy Linen Business Cards with Raised Ink in the text


Pink Heavy Linen Business Card with Embossing to create the flowers

Linen and Heavy Linen is versatile enough to also be used in company cards and advertisements. As seen below, when styled properly this paper can be luxurious enough to represent Beverley Hills, yet fresh enough to represent all natural soaps while maintaining the formality of a business.


Right: Heavy Linen Postcard with Black Raised Ink and Rounded Corners


Front: Black colored Heavy Linen Postcard

Linen and Heavy Linen are papers that should be embraced by the professional and more formal business community. It adds credibility and beauty to any card.



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