Clear Plastic Business Cards

While we offer many varieties of plastic stock, the ones we get the most inquiries about are our clear plastics. We have noticed the most confusion is between our Clear (no white ink) and our Clear+White Plastic. These two plastics are the same, the only difference being that the Clear+White Plastic is able to print white ink.


As for their similarities, both types of cards are bendable, thin and durable. Due to the transparency of our clear cards, we strongly recommend that you avoid thin, delicate lines, soft colors and small text or graphics. As such, your transparent cards will be easier to read and see when holding it in front of another surface. Keep in mind that your printed results will not look as saturated as on your monitor and that transparent cards can only be printed on one side. Round corners are standard on our plastic cards. Both will require 4-5 business days plus 2 days shipping. We require that all designs be done on Photoshop or Illustrator files.

Clear+white plastic

This is the only clear plastic that can print white ink. This card is able to print white as well as back areas of color to increase visibility of design. The printing process for our clear+white plastic cards is that the color is printed first before the white.
Advisory Note: Remember when uploading your clear+white design files, remember to include a color file and a white file. The white file should know the exact areas for white ink should be shown in black.


Clear Plastic (no white ink)


Our clear plastic (no white ink) stock is the only one that is 100% clear. For design legibility, please avoid designs with texts alone and no background color as well as text/graphics that are similar in background color.
Advisory Note: On our clear plastic (no white ink) stock, any white areas of your design will be left unprinted revealing the clear stock.


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