What You Need to Know: Metallic Papers

We offer a variety of Metallic Papers and it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Each metallic paper has unique characteristics that set them apart from our other papers. We suggest that if a client wants a metallic paper, they should view the paper stock first, then create their design to fit the paper. 

Star Dream/Heavy Star Dream & Keaykolour Metallic

Star Dream

Star Dream/Heavy Star Dream is the metallic paper with the warmest, and most festive feeling. This paper has a soft gold base with a brilliant gold-silver shine. We recommend to avoid foiling on this specific paper stock because it will not stand out against Star Dream‘s reflective quality. Since this is a colored stock, any additional colors included in a design will be affected in the final printing. Another important design note is that the paper produces a rich color. There is also a thicker version of this paper available, and is known as Heavy Star Dream.

Keaykolour Metallic

Keaykolour Metallic is the only product that has two natural color bases within the same paper. The first base is a particularly bright white, while the second is an off-white with a glitzy shine. This color combination gives off the same cold, brisk feeling as frost during a snowy winter. MorningPrint recommends keeping both of these color bases in mind when creating your design because the light under which the card is held will affect the appearance. Although Keaykoulor Metallic is one of our thinner paper stocks, it feels thicker in your hand.

Keaykolour Gold VS Star Gold
We offer two gold paper stocks in our section for metallic papers.

Keaykolour Gold

Keaykolour Gold
is an off white color with a soft yellow gold sheen. Its shine sparkles more than our other metallic paper stocks. Due to the natural light coloring of the paper, it can still portray all kinds of foiling quite well, including gold.

Star Gold

Star Gold is the bold option, with a natural mustard gold coloring accentuated by it’s matching shimmer. Due to the strong coloring, MorningPrint recommends that you consider using black in your design as much as possible. While it is possible to print other colors on it, Star Gold’s coloring is intense and will affect the final result of colors. Stay away from gold foiling as it will blend into this specific paper.

Camelon & Concept


is our Cameleon paper because while it has more of a white base, it’s high reflection causes it to be easily confused with Keaykolour Metallic. The mimicry is so exact, experts can confuse Camelon for Keaykolour Metallic. Any colors printed on this stock will look more washed out due to the shine.


Camelon has a grayish white base and a gold tinted shine. This particular paper is thin but feels even more thin. It is quite flexible, not stiff at all. Due to it’s thinness, it also absorbs color better and produces a more saturated color compared to other papers. Camelon is an excellent choice for those who want a modern and futuristic card.



is a creamy matte white paper with subtle scattered sparkles that shimmer when the light catches them. This stock is the best choice for those who want an understated metallic card and an emphasized natural white color. An almost princess-like style of paper, it has a natural sweetness compared to our other metallic papers. 

We hope you enjoy your metallic paper!

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