Die Cuts: The Most Customizable Cards

Here at MorningPrint we understand that each client has their own specific needs for their own business or work. Some require promotional papers, temporary sales announcements, or marketing material to place with products in store on in delivery packages. Others simply want a business card that has a shape all of it’s own.

Die Cut 3

For all such functions, we offer Die Cuts. Die Cuts are custom shaped cards made with our Standard Coated 14 pt Matte paper. Finishing options are available including Foiling and Spot UV. Die Cuts make for excellent business material because you can portray the business culture and still meet your practical needs whether it is for product display or business cards.
21369068_1633458400018303_7217675076258908130_o (1)
We currently offer 58 Standard Shapes, ranging from a a circle to a camera to a house. Realtors tend to prefer Shape 041, which most resembles a house. Photographers choose Shape 012, which most resembles a camera. Shape 008 resembles a price tag. For those who feel one of our shapes represents their individual business or industry well, you can just download the Photoshop or Illustrator template of the shape you want, and design from there.
21427463_1634087233288753_7981968761336692817_o (1)
A client can also use design to manipulate our shapes to represent what they want. Do you remember our Design of the Month: May 2017? This design was created by Shape 015 and Spot UV to create a box. Another example of this is Shape 019, which can be a water drop, or a pin depending on the design.

Die Cut 2

For those who want a completely custom shape created just for them, we can do that as well. Just create the shape and design you are want in a Photoshop or Illustrator file with a text safety zone and a cutting line. Please send in your designs to our customer service department at cs@morningprint.com for a custom quote. We can do a variety of sizes and even alter the paper that is used. In the past we have done die cuts on Nouveau paper.

Die Cut 6

A frequently asked question about our die cuts is whether a client will need to pay a set up fee. The answer is no. Unlike other companies, we do not charge a client a set up fee each time they order a die cut. They will only be charged for labor and materials.

Die Cut 7
Die Cuts are the most custom form of business card or business material anyone can purchase. They are invaluable to any business, fulfilling not just their functional goals, but also their marketing needs.

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