Design of the Month: October 2017

October DOM Photo


1. Name: Galakitty
2. Company Name: Art of Galakitty
3. Website: (art blog)
4. Business Contact Email:

October DOM

5. Please give us a brief history of your business and some of the services you provide.

I am just starting out as a part-time freelance artist. I’ve created a few works over the years under various online pseuds, but only this year have I finally started to take it seriously. So, I’ve started over fresh with an actual brand identity. Mostly, I focus on creating fan art prints and cute button badges to sell at conventions. I’m available for art commissions, and am setting up an online shop for my badges. Recently, I also created a limited art print run to be raffled off at local comic conventions for charity.

6. Our favorite element of your card is feeling of the design. It looks simple yet stands out as looking fun and modern. How did you come up with the design?

I came up with the design because I wanted a business card that represented my style and products, but needed it to stand out among the masses. I also have a lot of love for fun, off-beat aesthetics. So, I decided pink shiny foil would be very eye catching, and it would work amazingly with the type of cute, simple character designs I use for my badges.

October DOM 1

7. What made you choose Black Paper?

I used black paper because it stands out among a group of cards, and it looks amazing with foil. Your eye is automatically drawn to the pop of color within the void. I really just love the aesthetic!

*To see a video of the foiling in the card shining, click here*

8. The character in your design has movement to it. What was your inspiration for the character?

My inspiration for the character was two fold: first, it’s meant to fit in small places like badges and business cards, but second, it’s a character from a space themed series. I thought curling it up like that was an excellent use of badge/card real estate, while giving it the quality that it’s free floating, light, and in motion (like it’s in zero-g).

October DOM 2

9. What made you choose MorningPrint?

I chose MorningPrint for their amazing selection. There’s so many types of business cards to choose from, which is how I stumbled across the black card/pink foil combo. Also, MorningPrint has excellent prices, and runs smaller numbers of cards so that you can order a shorter stock to get a feel for the design without breaking your wallet, or being left with hundreds of cards you don’t like.

10. How was your experience with MorningPrint? Would you recommend us to others?

My experience was amazing! The cards are beautiful and arrived so fast, I couldn’t believe it. I’m extremely satisfied, and will definitely be ordering a new batch when my shop and website are up and running.

October DOM 3


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