Black Paper: The Deepest Black


Glossy Silver Foiling on Black Paper

MorningPrint offers black paper business cards which are ideal for designs which require a rich, saturated black background. It is much simpler to choose a naturally black paper, then to try to color a white paper black. As a naturally solid black business card, this paper choice will not have a white edge.


Matte Gold Foiling

This is a true matte paper, meaning the black business cards do not have any sort of shine to the paper. Despite it’s matte characteristic, the natural black coloring is deep and rich. With this particular stock, all clients can opt for a thicker black paper. You are able to change the thickness of the paper through the box options during the ordering process.


Glossy Gold Foiling

The Black Paper stock is unable to print ink due to it’s dark coloring. Instead, all designs are stamped on with foiling to ensure legibility. Foiling works better than printing because there is a guaranteed contrast between both the materials used and the colors. Foiling is a shiny metal colored in bright colors, with a black matte paper as a background.


Bronze Foiling on Black Paper



Blue and Matte Silver Foiling

The second reason foiling is a better option for Black Paper than printing is because it is stamped on. By stamping on the foiling, we will not be trying to color a black paper. If it is almost impossible to see crayon coloring against a black paper on a child’s drawing, then it will be almost impossible to see printed ink against a black paper in commercial printing. Also, by stamping on the foiling, we can guarantee that even designs with thin, small fonts can be easy to read.


Hot Pink Foiling on Black Paper

For those who would like to make sure they can read their cards, but would like a printed look compared to a foiled one, MorningPrint has a solution for you. While no ink (including white ink) can be printed on this paper, the Matte Silver foiling can at times resemble white ink. In our experience, thinner designs and fonts stamped with Matte Silver can be more easily confused for white ink.


Matte Silver Foiling on Black Paper

In addition, for a more subtle design we recommend Black foiling and Black Raised Ink. The matte foiling reflects less light while the glossy foiling emphasizes the shine. Both Black foiling and Black Raised Ink are best viewed under certain lighting. However, it will not strain anyone’s eye to read them.


Black Foiling on Black Paper



Black Raised Ink on Black Paper

The following foiling colors are what we offer with our Black Paper:
Glossy Gold, Matte Gold
Glossy Silver, Matte Silver
Black, Black Raised Ink
Bronze, Hologram
Blue, Green
Pink, Red

To see October’s Design of the Month, which uses Black Paper follow this link, Design of the Month: October 2017


Green Foiling on Black Paper

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