What You Need to Know: Silver Plastics

To start, MorningPrint‘s Silver Plastic family is all made of PET material, which is an environmentally friendly plastic. This makes them all ultra thin, waterproof, bendable and difficult to break. A couple of important design matters to keep in mind are the following:
1. All of our silver plastic options have some sort of reflection or sparkle characteristic, whether it is shining like a mirror or subtle sparkles.
2. It is important to note that these products will alter the outcome of any ink printing due to their natural coloring.
3. The Silver Plastic family automatically has rounded corners.

Silver Plastic Black and Blue

Silver Plastic is a solid metallic silver plastic. It is reflective enough to be used like a mirror. It is unable to print white ink, meaning that any aspect of your design which incorporates white will show the metallic silver of the plastic card. The designs which work well with this plastic card are large and simple. The type of styles which go best with the characteristics of this card are modern, edgy, tech-y, and high end.

Silver Plastic Orange

Black ink coloring against the silver is a guaranteed out-of-box look. Another color to consider are medium to darker shades of blue. Keep in mind that the silver coloring will darken any color that is printed on these cards. Black and blue tend to create edgier and more modern looks. A color we almost never see utilized in this stock is orange. Orange stands out not only for its brightness, but also creates a funky high end look to the Silver Plastic. Keep in mind, wipe these cards down with a soft fabric to remove any extra fingerprints which may show with time.

Silver Plastic Black

Silver Plus Plastic is the most customizable silver plastic we offer. This card is made up exactly like the Silver Plastic, the only difference being it can print white ink. Although it automatically comes as a plastic card with a white rectangle and silver border, the white ink is highly customizable.

Silver Pearl Plastic

The white ink can be isolated to certain areas of your design, revealing the silver plastic on the rest of your card. Unless one is skilled at Photoshop or Illustrator, we would recommend contracting a designer to create a custom white ink design for you for our Silver Plus Plastic cards.

Silver Plus Plastic Custom White Ink

Silver Plus Plastic Custom White Ink Solid

Silver Pearl Plastic is smooth to the touch, but covered in glitter. A slightly lighter silver compared to other silver plastics it still darkens the shade of any color printed on it. Due to the blend of the sparkle and silver coloring, black ink against the Silver Pearl Plastic is enough to stand out without looking busy. No white ink is possible on this plastic, meaning that the glittery silver will be revealed in place of any white aspect of your design.

Silver Pearl Plastic Reflective

Sheer Silver Pearl Plastic is a transparent card with a light silver and gray coloring. Although not crystal clear, it is transparent, showing objects directly in front of it with great clarity. We recommend avoiding thin, and light colored designs because they will not be visible against this color. This plastic does not print any white ink, revealing the light gray-silver coloring.

Silver Pearl Sheer Plastic

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