Design of the Month: January 2018

  1. Name: Catie Cleveland
  2. Company Name: Catie’s Photography
  3. Website:
  4. Business Contact Email: catie@catiesphotography.comDOM Jan 2018 5
  5. Please give us a brief history of your business and some of the services you provide:
    I am a wedding, portrait and commercial photographer located in the greater Seattle area. I started Catie’s Photography over 10 years ago.
  6. What was the goal of your design:
    To create a simple, yet eloquent business card.
  7. What made you choose Heavy Nouveau for your paper?
    I wanted a heavier paper stock that still had an artistic feel. Heavy Nouveau was a perfect match.DOM Jan 2018 7
  8. Your design is of a large flower. How did you come up with that idea?
    Aside from being my favorite flower! I believe Hydrangeas are a good representation of the feel of my work: soft, sweet and pretty.
  9. The Raised Ink subtly stands out from the design of the card. How did you end up finalizing the color choices?
    This is the highlight of the card and your print offerings; I love the feel of the raised ink on the flower and my logo. It feels great to touch! I use this shade of color in all my marketing.DOM Jan 2018 3
  10. What made you choose MorningPrint?
    I wish I could remember! It was likely a referral from a professional photography source.
  11. How was your experience with MorningPrint? Would you recommend us to others?
    Yes, I have been using your service for my business cards for years and highly recommend based on your superior quality of paper & print.
    Thank you!

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