What You Need to Know: Matte Papers

MorningPrint’s most popular matte papers are Nouveau, Heavy Nouveau, Linen, Heavy Linen, Silky Matte, Heavy Silky Matte. Matte paper business cards are the preferred business card for those who would like an organic feel to their cards.

Matte Papers

1. What characteristics does matte paper have?
Matte paper refers to the natural state of the paper, with no added shine or gloss. Since matte business cards rely on the actual paper, designs should be made keeping the different matte paper characteristics in mind.

2. Matte paper may or may not include texture or pattern
Some prefer matte paper with no pattern, but this is not a standard characteristic of matte papers. There are papers, such as Linen and Heavy Linen which have pattern or texture and still have matte paper characteristics.

Matte Papers Silky Matte

Silky Matte with Glossy Gold Foiling

Silky Matte & Heavy Silky Matte
Silky Matte and Heavy Silky Matte are our smoothest matte paper business cards. These cards are smooth without being slippery giving it an overall soft feel without a coating or gloss. The natural roughness of the paper is simply flattened out. These papers have a natural crisp white coloring, creating a cool feel as a background for your design.

Matte Papers Heavy Linen

Heavy Linen with Glossy Gold Foiling

Linen & Heavy Linen
Linen and Heavy Linen have a woven pattern texture and the brightest white. These matte business cards tend to pop the colors in the design due to the bright white background. The pattern is more apparent on the Linen paper because it is thinner. The thinness also gives it a fresher feel. However, Heavy Linen’s thickness and rigidity tends to give it a more authoritative and high end look.
For more details please read Linen: The Most Professional Paper

Matte Papers Heavy Nouveau with Raised Ink

Heavy Nouveau with Raised Ink

Nouveau & Heavy Nouveau
Nouveau and Heavy Nouveau is a creamy white with no texture or smoothness. One of the purest matte papers we offer, Nouveau and Heavy Nouveau adapts well to any design, adding it’s natural elegance to any design.
For more details, please read: Nouveau and Heavy Nouveau: The Blank Slate

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