Gold color Business Cards (PET Plastic vs Paper)

Are you considering to design new business cards? What about gold color design at this time? Morning Print has more than one kind of gold color papers and plastics. Of course, you can pick white paper to print gold color as you want. But if you don’t like to see the white edge of the paper color, you can choose the gold papers or plastic stocks.

Gold Plastic Business Card example below



If your design needs white ink, you have to choose “Gold Plus Plastic” type. Because we are a CMYK offset printer, Gold Plastic kind doesn’t have White ink. The white part on your design will appear as the Gold color which is the color of original material. Thus, the Gold Plus Plastic order is required two files (printing file + white ink file). However, if you order without a custom white ink file, we will process the square white first and leave the edge as Gold color. The example is below.


Another kind is Gold Pearl Plastic. It looks little darker than our Gold Plastic, but it is unique itself with the pearl effect. You won’t need any extra option on it.


Not plastic material ? Check our Star Gold Paper stock. It is a beautiful gold color paper and you can add the extra finishing on it. The below example is with hologram foil accent. foil-hologram.jpg

Star Gold Paper with hologram foil video :

Which kind will be your next business card?




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