MorningPrint Products and Services

As a truly customizable printing company, MorningPrint offers a wide range of services and products. We understand it can be difficult to know which product works best for your design. In this article we offer a quick generalized overview of our various products to help guide you to whichever product works best for your design.

Paper Business Cards
Our paper business cards have the most choices of all the papers. Ranging in more than just thickness, we offer textured paper, metallic paper, matte paper and even black paper. We encourage everyone to read about our products before creating your design to choose the best paper for your design. For additional special effect we can add foiling, embossing, raised ink (also known as thermographic printing). Please check
the specific paper to know which finishing options are available.

Texture Papers range in thickness and amount and type of texture. Tant is the thinnest and most textured paper, while Heavy Aquarelle is the thickest paper with a watercolor texture. Read What You Need to Know: Texture Paper to learn more about Tant, Heavy Aquarelle and every textured paper in between.
Metallic Paper such as Heavy Star Dream and Keaykolour Metallic range not just in thickness and the type of shine each paper features. Keaykolour Metallic has two different colors to take into account, the off white paper and then the brilliant frosty
shine. To learn about each metallic paper, read What You Need to Know: Metallic Papers.
Matte Papers include the Nouveau and Heavy Nouveau: The Blank Slate and Sumo Nouveau: The Thickest Paper. The Nouveau family is all made with a creamy and luxorious white true matte paper. These papers are thought of as elegant and are universally liked.

October DOM
Black Paper is the richest black a design can achieve because it is naturally black. This type of paper only does foiling, no ink printing. To learn more about this specific type of black paper, read Black Paper: The Deepest Black.
Plastic Business Cards
Our plastic business cards are all made of PET plastic, which is an environmentally friendly material. As such, they are quite thin, and flexible. This thinness does not mean these plastics are flimsy. All our plastic business cards are waterproof and durable.


Clear Plastic is like looking through a glass, and every part of your design that has white ink will be clear. We recommend avoiding soft colors and thin fonts as this could create an issue with legibility. We do offer a clear plastic which can print white ink, it is called Clear+White Plastic. To learn more about these two plastics, read Clear Plastic Business Cards.
Opaque White Plastic has a thin layer of white ink to the entire card which is ideal for those with many small, white details. Meanwhile the Frosty Plastic is slightly thicker than the other plastic cards, and can only do foiling, no ink printing.

Silver Pearl
Silver Plastic Family includes several types of metallic plastic cards. The solid silver plastic card is as reflective as a mirror while other silver plastic cards have sparkling glitter throughout the cards. Read our What You Need to Know: Silver Plastics to learn more. The Gold Plastic Family involves solid gold as well as gold plastic cards with sparkling glitter, both solid and transparent. Read What You Need to Know: the Gold Plastic Family for more details.

Die Cuts

Die Cut Tag
Die Cuts are the most customizable form of printing. We offer templates for over 50 shapes. Some of our standard shapes include circles, ovals, houses, and dog bones. However, if the client wishes to create their own custom shape, we can do this as well. These shapes are automatically printed on the Standard Coated 14pt Matte, but you can choose any type of paper you like for our Die Cuts. Doing so, will alter the price, but it is possible. If a paper that is compatible with Raised Ink is chosen, we are able to add this finishing option to your order as well. Finishing options offered with the Standard Coated 14pt Matte include foiling, embossing and spot uv. If you wish to learn more about our Die Cuts, please read Die Cuts: The Most Customizable Cards.


blue border sticker
Stickers come in several types of options, such as Uncoated, Coated, Silver, and Durable. These types of stickers come with individual characteristics. For example, Coated Stickers had a bright shine and some slight durability against any type of wear and tear. Uncoated stickers are made with matte paper, meaning no shine. We also offer a Strong Adhesive Sticker which includes an extra strong glue. These same types of stickers can be used in our standard, as well as custom shapes. All stickers are able to offer foiling. MorningPrint also offers metal stickers, in both gold and silver. A highly customizable sticker, pricing must be done through our printing team. Read our article, Stickers to learn more about all of these options.


wedding invitation blue and silver
Made from the some of the same papers as our paper business cards and come in two sizes, 4×6 and 5×7. A folding line is possible on these postcards. Also, custom sizing can be possible, but you must speak with our printing team to check the possibility of your design as well as for a quote. Other finishing options such as foiling, embossing and raised ink are also possible depending on the chosen paper. Postcards can be used as invitations, holiday cards, and business supplies.

Black Paper: The Deepest Black


Glossy Silver Foiling on Black Paper

MorningPrint offers black paper business cards which are ideal for designs which require a rich, saturated black background. It is much simpler to choose a naturally black paper, then to try to color a white paper black. As a naturally solid black business card, this paper choice will not have a white edge.


Matte Gold Foiling

This is a true matte paper, meaning the black business cards do not have any sort of shine to the paper. Despite it’s matte characteristic, the natural black coloring is deep and rich. With this particular stock, all clients can opt for a thicker black paper. You are able to change the thickness of the paper through the box options during the ordering process.


Glossy Gold Foiling

The Black Paper stock is unable to print ink due to it’s dark coloring. Instead, all designs are stamped on with foiling to ensure legibility. Foiling works better than printing because there is a guaranteed contrast between both the materials used and the colors. Foiling is a shiny metal colored in bright colors, with a black matte paper as a background.


Bronze Foiling on Black Paper



Blue and Matte Silver Foiling

The second reason foiling is a better option for Black Paper than printing is because it is stamped on. By stamping on the foiling, we will not be trying to color a black paper. If it is almost impossible to see crayon coloring against a black paper on a child’s drawing, then it will be almost impossible to see printed ink against a black paper in commercial printing. Also, by stamping on the foiling, we can guarantee that even designs with thin, small fonts can be easy to read.


Hot Pink Foiling on Black Paper

For those who would like to make sure they can read their cards, but would like a printed look compared to a foiled one, MorningPrint has a solution for you. While no ink (including white ink) can be printed on this paper, the Matte Silver foiling can at times resemble white ink. In our experience, thinner designs and fonts stamped with Matte Silver can be more easily confused for white ink.


Matte Silver Foiling on Black Paper

In addition, for a more subtle design we recommend Black foiling and Black Raised Ink. The matte foiling reflects less light while the glossy foiling emphasizes the shine. Both Black foiling and Black Raised Ink are best viewed under certain lighting. However, it will not strain anyone’s eye to read them.


Black Foiling on Black Paper



Black Raised Ink on Black Paper

The following foiling colors are what we offer with our Black Paper:
Glossy Gold, Matte Gold
Glossy Silver, Matte Silver
Black, Black Raised Ink
Bronze, Hologram
Blue, Green
Pink, Red

To see October’s Design of the Month, which uses Black Paper follow this link, Design of the Month: October 2017


Green Foiling on Black Paper

Design of the Month: October 2017

October DOM Photo


1. Name: Galakitty
2. Company Name: Art of Galakitty
3. Website: (art blog)
4. Business Contact Email:

October DOM

5. Please give us a brief history of your business and some of the services you provide.

I am just starting out as a part-time freelance artist. I’ve created a few works over the years under various online pseuds, but only this year have I finally started to take it seriously. So, I’ve started over fresh with an actual brand identity. Mostly, I focus on creating fan art prints and cute button badges to sell at conventions. I’m available for art commissions, and am setting up an online shop for my badges. Recently, I also created a limited art print run to be raffled off at local comic conventions for charity.

6. Our favorite element of your card is feeling of the design. It looks simple yet stands out as looking fun and modern. How did you come up with the design?

I came up with the design because I wanted a business card that represented my style and products, but needed it to stand out among the masses. I also have a lot of love for fun, off-beat aesthetics. So, I decided pink shiny foil would be very eye catching, and it would work amazingly with the type of cute, simple character designs I use for my badges.

October DOM 1

7. What made you choose Black Paper?

I used black paper because it stands out among a group of cards, and it looks amazing with foil. Your eye is automatically drawn to the pop of color within the void. I really just love the aesthetic!

*To see a video of the foiling in the card shining, click here*

8. The character in your design has movement to it. What was your inspiration for the character?

My inspiration for the character was two fold: first, it’s meant to fit in small places like badges and business cards, but second, it’s a character from a space themed series. I thought curling it up like that was an excellent use of badge/card real estate, while giving it the quality that it’s free floating, light, and in motion (like it’s in zero-g).

October DOM 2

9. What made you choose MorningPrint?

I chose MorningPrint for their amazing selection. There’s so many types of business cards to choose from, which is how I stumbled across the black card/pink foil combo. Also, MorningPrint has excellent prices, and runs smaller numbers of cards so that you can order a shorter stock to get a feel for the design without breaking your wallet, or being left with hundreds of cards you don’t like.

10. How was your experience with MorningPrint? Would you recommend us to others?

My experience was amazing! The cards are beautiful and arrived so fast, I couldn’t believe it. I’m extremely satisfied, and will definitely be ordering a new batch when my shop and website are up and running.

October DOM 3


Introducing: Black Paper with Colored Printing

now offers CMYK color printing on black paper. Keep in mind that due to the black paper stock, the colored printing will appear much darker compared to your design. Finishing options such as foiling and embossing are possible on this black paper.

In addition to full color printing, we can also print white ink (both single and double sided) on this new black paper. We strongly recommend using a white ink background for two reasons. One to show colors better and two, to ensure important information is legible. Here are examples of what we mean.

The purple coloring was purposefully done to show how a colored design will print without a white ink under layer. As you can see, the purple is visible but almost blends in to the black. Compare this to the ‘Complete Power Wash’ font which reflects the color more accurately and is much easier to read. Make sure your design has white ink as an under layer and extends out to create a border around your colored ink font.

Important to note that white ink is printed first, followed by color
so a white bar would be printed, with blue on top, revealing the letters underneath.


A design tip we recommend is to print your information with white ink. It is much easier to read your information with, especially when utilized with thick, large font.