What You Need to Know: Sumo Nouveau

Sumo Nouveau belongs to the same paper family as Nouveau and Heavy Nouveau because it is created using Heavy Nouveau cards. Therefore, it has the same luxuriousness and bright white as that paper stock. This paper also maintains the ability to carry any type of style or design with ease, because like it’s other family members, it is a blank slate. To read more in depth about the qualities of this paper family, please refer to our article Nouveau and Heavy Nouveau: The Blank Slate.

Sumo Nouveau Floral
It is also possible to visibly see the smoothness of this paper, more so than it’s family members. Sumo Nouveau requires 5-7 business days for production, not including finishing options or shipping.

However, the characteristic that sets Sumo Nouveau paper apart from the rest of it’s family, is it’s thickness. At 32 pt, Sumo Nouveau is thicker than a credit card. This means the paper is stiff and dense, making it impossible to bend your business card. As such, the edge of this thick business card is apparent, both visibly and tactilely.

Sumo Nouveau Eye

Due to it’s thickness, the paper’s ability to do finishing options gets affected. For example, foiling. Since foiling is stamped on, this finishing option is possible on both sides of the card. However, due to the stamping process, the weight of the pressure from the machine leaves a slight indentation into the foil design. The final result is similar to that of letterpress. In our experience, the wider the foiling design, the more obvious the indentation will be to the naked eye. We, at MorningPrint, have noticed that thin, black foiling can look quite artistic against Sumo Nouveau. Meanwhile, Glossy Gold, Glossy Silver and Bronze can emphasize the natural upscale and luxurious quality of the paper.

Sumo Nouveau Matte Silver

While we offer embossing as a possible finishing option, only debossing is available on this particular paper stock. Embossing is created when the machine uses pressure to imprint, leading to a deep indentation on one side of the card and a raised effect on the other. However, the thickness of the paper is too dense for the raised embossing to show on the other side, Therefore, this paper can only allow a deep indentation, with no result affecting the back of the card.

Sumo Nouveau Kitten

Despite Sumo Nouveau’s thickness, custom sizing and cutting is still possible. We offer our normal options of Standard, Australian, European and Slim for the size of the business card. In addition, Sumo Nouveau is able to do custom sizes, such as a 2×2 square.

Sumo Nouveau Square
On a related note, laser cutting is also available on this thick business card. Laser cutting is when we use a laser to cut any specific design into your card. It is highly customizable, and able to lead great results with this thick paper stock. Round corners and hole punching are possible as well.

Sumo Nouveau Hole Punch

Sumo Nouveau’s thickness coupled with it’s natural elegance and luxuriousness sets it apart from other business cards.

Design of the Month: September 2017

1.Project Name: ReTreat Gelato & Sorbet – http://www.retreatbvi.com
2.Designer Company Name: Jess Glebe Design
3.Website: http://www.jessicaglebe.com
4.Business Contact: website: jessicaglebe.com/contact Instagram: @jessglebedesign

ReTreat Front and Back

5. Please give us a brief history of your business and some of the services you provide.
We believe branding agencies, regardless of their size, should be equally as passionate about their projects as their clients are; therefore, we personally commit ourselves to each project we undertake as if it were our own.
Jess Glebe Design has been heavily involved in various award-winning branding and package design initiatives since 2006. Recently, our designs for State Street Honey and Hotel Hive were awarded prestigious GD USA awards for both logo and package design, and our Break the Mold Chocolate packaging was awarded The Dieline’s 2017 Neenah Paper Award.
Through the years, we’ve enjoyed working for companies large and small on a variety of initiatives — from logos, branding, and copywriting, to advertising and package design. We’re proud to note that many of our clients were referred to us from past clients, which we attribute to a job well done.

6. Our favorite element of your card is the splattering of color. It pairs up perfectly with the Heavy Aquarelle paper you chose. Do you have any advice for those who are trying to pair their design with the best paper?
We chose the Heavy Aquarelle paper for the natural, toothy texture it provides, as well as its innate watercolor look. The splattering of printed color feels even more authentic with this paper stock, appearing as if each card were painted by hand.
ReTreat® specializes in artisanal gelato, sorbet, and confections crafted from all-natural, gluten-free ingredients. A key value of the ReTreat® brand is the company’s use of high-quality, seasonal ingredients local to the island of Tortola and the Caribbean at large. Thus, the use of a paper stock with a natural texture was essential to the character of the brand.

ReTreat Heavy Aquarelle

7. What made you choose Heavy Aquarelle?
Heavy Aquarelle is sturdy and durable. Not only will it stand the test of time, it compliments the black raised ink treatment and holds ink beautifully.

8. We love the Black Raised Ink on the ‘Retreat’. What was your motivation for choosing this specific finishing option?

While the textured matte of the Heavy Aquarelle paper stock allows us to communicate ReTreat®’s all-natural and authentic brand attributes, we didn’t want the logo to take second stage; therefore, the glossy, black raised ink helps the logo pop on the card in contrast to the paper stock. The ReTreat® brand is located on the British Virgin Island of Tortola and is essentially a paradise all on its own, surrounded by water, so the glossy raised ink subtly evokes the reflective and glistening nature of the sea. This touch of “shine,” though small, is effective.

ReTreat Raised Ink

9. What made you choose MorningPrint?
We’ve used MorningPrint in the past for many of our clients and find both the quality and value of your services to be well worth the investment. Plus, your customer service is always top-notch.

10. How was your experience with MorningPrint? Would you recommend us to others?Absolutely! Always have and will continue to do so. We love working with MorningPrint. You’ve printed so many great pieces of collateral for us and so many of our clients, and we will continue to recommend and use your services as much as possible. Thank you!

What You Need to Know: Texture Paper

MorningPrint offers three different types of textured paper: Aquarelle, Tant and Scotland. In general textured papers are best suited for very colorful designs. All our textured papers are true matte papers, but appear to have a saturated color appearance.

Texture Blog 2


Our textured paper have an additional benefit which may be useful to our clients. MorningPrint requires a 300 dpi on all design files for the best printing results. For those clients who have little design experience and only have a file with a low dpi, we recommend choosing a textured paper. By choosing a textured paper, a client in this tough situation can dramatically lower the risk of having a poor or blurry print job.

Textured Paper Blog 3

Aquarelle with Glossy Gold Foiling

Aquarelle has the most superficial and extensive double sided watercolor paper texture. This leads to a natural, more romantic feel to the paper. It’s texture is excellent for designs with soft feeling colors. Aquarelle is also the thickest of the textured papers and comes in two sizes. The thicker of the two sizes is called Heavy Aquarelle. Aquarelle is also the only one of the three textured papers that comes in our postcard sizes. This paper would be a popular choice for artwork or paper for a special event.

Texture Blog 1

Tant with Raised Ink

Tant is the thinnest paper but the most intense texture. It’s texture has a sort of shape to it, looking very similar to the shape of a leopard’s spots. The reverse side is flat, with no texture. The result, is a paper that can have the most saturated coloring, despite being a matte paper. Adding color will emphasize the natural texture of this paper. For this type of paper, we would recommend using a simplistic design and incorporate certain areas with Raised Ink.

Texture Blog 3

Scotland with Embossing

Scotland is a happy middle ground between Aquarelle and Tant. It has very visible texture, that is deep and fine. The pattern of it’s texture has a distinct shape, resembling the same pattern created when sponging paint on walls. It is spread out and on both sides of Scotland. Texture allows it to absorb/reflect color well. There is a clear difference in how well this texture absorbs color compared to other matte papers. However, it is ability to absorb color is less saturated than that of the other two textured paper families.

The texture for both Scotland and Tant is strong and can compete with other design elements. It is best to avoid an extensive amount of foiling as it will compete against the texture for attention. Both these papers show their best if they are used with embossing or raised ink. Aquarelle is a soft textured enough to show any finishing option very well, including foiling.

Textured Paper Blog 2

Scotland with Raised Ink

Design of the Month: August 2017

1. Name: Stephanie Diaz
2. Company Name: Somewhere in Wonderland
3. Website: Currently being created, for now I have my instagram as my main source @_somewhereinwonderland_

20170731_095810 (1)
4. Give a brief history of your company and the services you provide:
Since I was a little girl I loved all things that involved art or something that allowed me to use my creativity. Through time it evolved into Graphic Design. I studied Communications and Entertainment in High School, majored in Graphic Design in College.  Pursued a career in Graphic Design and as I progressed in my field I realized I still loved to paint, I still loved to photograph, I still loved to Brush Letter etc and yet the only title that followed me around was “Graphic Designer”. I hated having to limit myself to just one form of art medium. Why couldn’t there be a place that did it all? Insert Somewhere In Wonderland. A company that has no limits to what it can create for an individual. From branding, to creative prints, to wedding stationary, to unique merchandise. Sky’s the limit. Somewhere In Wonderland is your one stop shop for all your whimsical creative needs! We are constantly creating for all those who have a special event, a business that needs to be reinvented or just beautiful unique pieces that you wanted added to your life. Don’t have the ideas? Well, not to worry we also offer a unique line of pre-designed items for anything you might be looking for.

5. Our favorite element of your design is the glossy gold foiling. We find that too much foiling on one card can easily cause it to look heavy while losing its eye-catching appeal. How did you manage to use such extensive foiling and keep the design appealing? (Click here to see the Glossy Gold Foiling shining)

I’ve learned to not stick to rules when it comes to design. It’s all about aesthetics and what appeals to the eyes. We never know what looks good until we experiment and try it out. My client indicated she loved Gold and Elegance. BOOM, the idea almost immediately came into my head. I played around with several different concepts and fell in love with the delicate pattern over a solid background. Keeping the background a solid color coupled with the gold pattern overlay was the perfect balance without making it look cluttered or tacky. The contrast I think is what plays well and makes all the foil work.

6. What made you choose Heavy Nouveau paper? And what was the difference that made you choose it over the Heavy Silky Matte?
It was actually you guys! I asked what paper was recommended with the foil, since I had never printed with Morning Print prior to this and Karen, who has been beyond helpful, recommended the Heavy Nouveau Paper. I am glad she did cause the final product was beautiful!



7. You created two separate design fronts; one with a green color and the other with the white stock. Why did you have two different designs?

When I create items for my customers I like to give them options. Sometimes one design is not what they are looking for but the second one is! Along with the options I also give them colors, fonts and other selections to choose from. With this design she loved both the white and green color option. She couldn’t decide which she liked best so why not choose both?


8. The peacock character is enchanting. How did you create it to look so simple yet glamorous?

I was utterly obsessed with the peacock concept. The Hair Artist I designed this logo for already knew she wanted a peacock in her design because her husband had incorporated that into her branding idea. She just wanted it revamped and modernized. I loved the idea because it was unique. I mean how many peacocks do you see in logo designs? And then I wondered why not they are so stunning. Peacocks are beautiful, but if not done correctly the designed could’ve been too busy. I had to find a balance. I opted for a simple vector that incorporated the color elements that she loved. I wanted something that flowed and that’s why the feathers kind of melt into her company name. It all worked very well together.

9. How would you describe the service you received at MorningPrint?
Morning Print has stellar service and quality. They truly went above and beyond. I had replies from them in literally hours time. All my questions were answered, and I ask A LOT of questions. The turn around was unbelievably fast and the quality was amazing. Not to mention the affordability in comparison to several other vendors I have worked with before. Morning Print will easily be on the top of my list of Go To’s from now on!

Design of the Month: June 2017

1.Name: Meredith Brown
2.Company Name: M-Jay Brown Designs
3. Website: www.m-jaybrown.com
4. Business Contact Email: mjaybrown77@gmail.com
5. Please give us a brief history of your business and some of the services you provide.

I am a graphic designer and it is my personal brand. I create a wide variety of graphic elements such as logos, business cards, t-shirt designs and basically anything that can be designed.

6. Our favorite element of your card is that is the pattern and foiling. How did you come up with the design?

The holographic logo on the front! I searched all over for a company that could print my card like that, as well as the pearlescent paper!


Hologram Foiling on Pearlescent Paper (Heavy Star Dream)

7. What made you choose Heavy Star Dream?

It was pearlescent, just something that would make my card stand out from the rest.


Heavy Star Dream paper by MorningPrint

8. You used a simplistic approach to your design, and yet was able to represent the feel of the business. What was your process to do that?

Start with the basics, get all the information that needs to be on the card, while keeping it simple. Then go to town with color and design.


9. What made you choose MorningPrint?

Morning Print had all the options that I wanted and for the best price and quality.
10. How was your experience with MorningPrint? Would you recommend us to others?

I’ve already recommend it to friends and I know at least 2 have ordered with Morning Print since I told them!