What You Need to Know: Economy Paper

We have a few options in our Economy Paper, varying in thicknesses and coatings. We assembled a few important points that are Need to Knows for our Economy Paper options. Here is a list of the available paper options:
Standard Uncoated 10pt
Standard Coated (10pt Matte)
Glossy Heavy Weight (UV Coated)
Standard Coated 14pt glossy
Standard Coated 14pt Matte
Standard Coated 20pt Matte: Thickest paper of the economy papers. The 2nd thickest paper of our entire stock

Economy Matte Silver

Standard Uncoated: The original paper stock
There is no coating on this particular option meaning the paper has a natural look and feel. It is a bright, crisp white and in this particular paper option, fairly thin.

Economy Red

What is our Standard Coating?
Our Standard Coating smooths out the the paper, removing any roughness from it. Depending on your personal preference of soft, it can be considered as a soft feeling paper. Due to the coating, the paper will not have a natural appearance or feel. It will look and feel much smoother and a little soft. The paper itself is matte with a crisp white coloring.

Economy Embossing

Standard Coating does NOT affect Finishing Options
Despite the Standard Coating, a majority of the finishing options are possible on these papers: Foiling, Embossing, Laser Cutting, and Hole Punching. Neither hole punching or embossing will crack the coating at any time. Laser cutting will not destroy the coating with it’s heat.

Economy Laser Cutting

Standard Coated 14pt Glossy & Glossy Heavy Weight
Standard Coated 14pt Glossy gives the brightest shine and richest printed color compared to the the other Economy Papers. It has two coatings; the first being our Standard Coating for a smooth touch, and the second coating for extra shine. Since the original paper for Standard Coated 14pt Glossy is a crisp white, the colors tend to show more.

Glossy Heavy Weight has the one layer of UV coating. It is quite reflective and does shine, but not as much as Standard Coated 14pt Glossy. The final color printing is saturated, especially when compared to matte papers. Apart from the shine, the actual paper itself is an off white cream based paper.

Economy Pink Foiling
Standard Coated 14pt Matte can do Spot UV
One of our most popular combinations is to have a matte paper with a select design area done in a shiny coating, revealing the printed design underneath. Standard Coated 14pt Matte paper with Spot UV provides one of the best final results for that type of design. Spot UV lies flat so it is visible to the eye but not possible to feel. Spot UV can be done on both sides of Standard Coated 14pt Matte.
View Spot UV here

Design & Style Advice: The Corporate Power Card

Widely used by professionals in financial and legal industries, the Corporate Power Card primarily projects an image of authority and power. Usually created with no-nonsense designs, the Corporate Power Card is serious and upscale. The design for this type of style is always focused on the information on the card. What differentiates one corporate card from another are the slight details such as fonts, paper choice, and the depth of the black ink.

Corporate Power Card 11

Corporate Power Card 5

Creating this look is quite simple. Clients tend to prefer using Heavy Linen as their paper of choice. Heavy Linen has the brightest white of all our papers with a subtle woven texture. The combined brightness, thickness and woven texture creates an upscale and confident backdrop for your business card design. If you wish to learn more about our Heavy Linen, please read Linen: The Most Professional Paper

Corporate Power Card 6
Heavy Nouveau and Sumo Nouveau are other popular paper choices among clients looking to achieve the Corporate Power Card. Heavy and Sumo Nouveau are the same types of matte, creamy white paper, with the only difference being their thickness. Sumo Nouveau is the thickest card we offer. It it so thick, it is impossible to bend. To learn more about Sumo Nouveau, please read What You Need to Know: Sumo Nouveau. Those who are interested in using Sumo Nouveau for their Corporate Power Card, will be interested in making part of the design focal point the thickness of the paper. Heavy Nouveau is half the thickness of Sumo Nouveau, but has the same natural elegance. Clients interested in Heavy Nouveau would want a natural elegance but not necessarily worried about thickness. For extra reading on Heavy Nouveau please read Nouveau and Heavy Nouveau: The Blank Slate.

Corporate Power Card 9

The fonts we see on the Corporate Power Card tend to focus on  Arial, Times New Roman and Verdana. The font is generally in all black coloring. While some keep their designs minimal with only ink printing on their font, others include a couple of design elements like  the strategic use of a single straight line to divide information, and Blind Press Embossing.

Corporate Power Card 1
Blind Press Embossing is that the indicated portion of a design is pressed into the paper on one end, creating a raised effect on one side of the paper and an indentation on the other. The ‘Blind’ portion of Blind Press Embossing means that the embossed design has no ink to it. Therefore the final embossing result is in the natural coloring of the paper. In the case of the Corporate Power Card, logos are generally embossed. The final design result create a serious yet noticeable effect.

Corporate Power Card 3
Some trends we are seeing with the Corporate Power Card include going outside of the traditional limits of this design requirement without losing focus of the main design goal of this style. To remind, the main goal of this card is to have an authoritative and powerful no-nonsense design which will stand out from other cards. All focus design focus should be on the information of the card. Heavy Silky Matte is a paper which more and more clients are working with for this style. It has the same matte and thickness as the Heavy Linen and Heavy Nouveau, however it also has a silky feel to it. This silkiness is not slippery, allowing the fingers to glide across the surface of the paper. To make a design stand out more, we might suggest to consider using the following fonts: Book Antiqua, Century Schoolbook, TrebuchetMS, American TypewriterMBT, Bank Gothic, Rockwell. They are still professional, but a little more stylish than the traditionally used fonts.

Corporate Power Card 10
Corporate Style Front
Here at MorningPrint, we are starting to see some Corporate Power Cards that are going slightly beyond the realms of an all black coloring to their design. We are starting to see authoritative designs with a primary coloring of black on important contact information, like the name, with elements of Gray and Blue on the less important information, like the company slogan. Some clients are even avoiding black all together, opting instead for a a deep navy blue. The final printing result is much less harsh and stark than an all black design. Surprisingly we have seen some designs incorporating one bold color to their Corporate Power Card, like orange. We noticed that this design twist is more successful when the single bold color is taken from the company logo. It makes the card stand out without using an special effects.

Corporate Power Card 4

Some other design elements we are starting to see is the use of a finishing option other than Blind Press Embossing. Some stay within the embossing realm, but use Ink Press Embossing, which means that the embossed area will also be printed in ink. It creates a slightly more bold effect than the Blind Press Embossing.

Corporate Power Card 2

Others are using foiling, specifically Black, and Matte Silver. Black Foiling could also be used in place of ink, because it will make your design readable, but with a subtle shine. Some designs are even incorporating the blend of embossing and foiling. We are also starting to see Raised Ink for the logos or on the contact information. While it is the least used finishing option, it is starting to gain popularity. We have one Corporate Power Card which used Raised Ink and Foiling for their logo, because it was not overlapping.

Corporate Power Card 7

Black Paper: The Deepest Black


Glossy Silver Foiling on Black Paper

MorningPrint offers black paper business cards which are ideal for designs which require a rich, saturated black background. It is much simpler to choose a naturally black paper, then to try to color a white paper black. As a naturally solid black business card, this paper choice will not have a white edge.


Matte Gold Foiling

This is a true matte paper, meaning the black business cards do not have any sort of shine to the paper. Despite it’s matte characteristic, the natural black coloring is deep and rich. With this particular stock, all clients can opt for a thicker black paper. You are able to change the thickness of the paper through the box options during the ordering process.


Glossy Gold Foiling

The Black Paper stock is unable to print ink due to it’s dark coloring. Instead, all designs are stamped on with foiling to ensure legibility. Foiling works better than printing because there is a guaranteed contrast between both the materials used and the colors. Foiling is a shiny metal colored in bright colors, with a black matte paper as a background.


Bronze Foiling on Black Paper



Blue and Matte Silver Foiling

The second reason foiling is a better option for Black Paper than printing is because it is stamped on. By stamping on the foiling, we will not be trying to color a black paper. If it is almost impossible to see crayon coloring against a black paper on a child’s drawing, then it will be almost impossible to see printed ink against a black paper in commercial printing. Also, by stamping on the foiling, we can guarantee that even designs with thin, small fonts can be easy to read.


Hot Pink Foiling on Black Paper

For those who would like to make sure they can read their cards, but would like a printed look compared to a foiled one, MorningPrint has a solution for you. While no ink (including white ink) can be printed on this paper, the Matte Silver foiling can at times resemble white ink. In our experience, thinner designs and fonts stamped with Matte Silver can be more easily confused for white ink.


Matte Silver Foiling on Black Paper

In addition, for a more subtle design we recommend Black foiling and Black Raised Ink. The matte foiling reflects less light while the glossy foiling emphasizes the shine. Both Black foiling and Black Raised Ink are best viewed under certain lighting. However, it will not strain anyone’s eye to read them.


Black Foiling on Black Paper



Black Raised Ink on Black Paper

The following foiling colors are what we offer with our Black Paper:
Glossy Gold, Matte Gold
Glossy Silver, Matte Silver
Black, Black Raised Ink
Bronze, Hologram
Blue, Green
Pink, Red

To see October’s Design of the Month, which uses Black Paper follow this link, Design of the Month: October 2017


Green Foiling on Black Paper

Design of the Month: September 2017

1.Project Name: ReTreat Gelato & Sorbet – http://www.retreatbvi.com
2.Designer Company Name: Jess Glebe Design
3.Website: http://www.jessicaglebe.com
4.Business Contact: website: jessicaglebe.com/contact Instagram: @jessglebedesign

ReTreat Front and Back

5. Please give us a brief history of your business and some of the services you provide.
We believe branding agencies, regardless of their size, should be equally as passionate about their projects as their clients are; therefore, we personally commit ourselves to each project we undertake as if it were our own.
Jess Glebe Design has been heavily involved in various award-winning branding and package design initiatives since 2006. Recently, our designs for State Street Honey and Hotel Hive were awarded prestigious GD USA awards for both logo and package design, and our Break the Mold Chocolate packaging was awarded The Dieline’s 2017 Neenah Paper Award.
Through the years, we’ve enjoyed working for companies large and small on a variety of initiatives — from logos, branding, and copywriting, to advertising and package design. We’re proud to note that many of our clients were referred to us from past clients, which we attribute to a job well done.

6. Our favorite element of your card is the splattering of color. It pairs up perfectly with the Heavy Aquarelle paper you chose. Do you have any advice for those who are trying to pair their design with the best paper?
We chose the Heavy Aquarelle paper for the natural, toothy texture it provides, as well as its innate watercolor look. The splattering of printed color feels even more authentic with this paper stock, appearing as if each card were painted by hand.
ReTreat® specializes in artisanal gelato, sorbet, and confections crafted from all-natural, gluten-free ingredients. A key value of the ReTreat® brand is the company’s use of high-quality, seasonal ingredients local to the island of Tortola and the Caribbean at large. Thus, the use of a paper stock with a natural texture was essential to the character of the brand.

ReTreat Heavy Aquarelle

7. What made you choose Heavy Aquarelle?
Heavy Aquarelle is sturdy and durable. Not only will it stand the test of time, it compliments the black raised ink treatment and holds ink beautifully.

8. We love the Black Raised Ink on the ‘Retreat’. What was your motivation for choosing this specific finishing option?

While the textured matte of the Heavy Aquarelle paper stock allows us to communicate ReTreat®’s all-natural and authentic brand attributes, we didn’t want the logo to take second stage; therefore, the glossy, black raised ink helps the logo pop on the card in contrast to the paper stock. The ReTreat® brand is located on the British Virgin Island of Tortola and is essentially a paradise all on its own, surrounded by water, so the glossy raised ink subtly evokes the reflective and glistening nature of the sea. This touch of “shine,” though small, is effective.

ReTreat Raised Ink

9. What made you choose MorningPrint?
We’ve used MorningPrint in the past for many of our clients and find both the quality and value of your services to be well worth the investment. Plus, your customer service is always top-notch.

10. How was your experience with MorningPrint? Would you recommend us to others?Absolutely! Always have and will continue to do so. We love working with MorningPrint. You’ve printed so many great pieces of collateral for us and so many of our clients, and we will continue to recommend and use your services as much as possible. Thank you!

What You Need to Know: Metallic Papers

We offer a variety of Metallic Papers and it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Each metallic paper has unique characteristics that set them apart from our other papers. We suggest that if a client wants a metallic paper, they should view the paper stock first, then create their design to fit the paper. 

Star Dream/Heavy Star Dream & Keaykolour Metallic

Star Dream

Star Dream/Heavy Star Dream is the metallic paper with the warmest, and most festive feeling. This paper has a soft gold base with a brilliant gold-silver shine. We recommend to avoid foiling on this specific paper stock because it will not stand out against Star Dream‘s reflective quality. Since this is a colored stock, any additional colors included in a design will be affected in the final printing. Another important design note is that the paper produces a rich color. There is also a thicker version of this paper available, and is known as Heavy Star Dream.

Keaykolour Metallic

Keaykolour Metallic is the only product that has two natural color bases within the same paper. The first base is a particularly bright white, while the second is an off-white with a glitzy shine. This color combination gives off the same cold, brisk feeling as frost during a snowy winter. MorningPrint recommends keeping both of these color bases in mind when creating your design because the light under which the card is held will affect the appearance. Although Keaykoulor Metallic is one of our thinner paper stocks, it feels thicker in your hand.

Keaykolour Gold VS Star Gold
We offer two gold paper stocks in our section for metallic papers.

Keaykolour Gold

Keaykolour Gold
is an off white color with a soft yellow gold sheen. Its shine sparkles more than our other metallic paper stocks. Due to the natural light coloring of the paper, it can still portray all kinds of foiling quite well, including gold.

Star Gold

Star Gold is the bold option, with a natural mustard gold coloring accentuated by it’s matching shimmer. Due to the strong coloring, MorningPrint recommends that you consider using black in your design as much as possible. While it is possible to print other colors on it, Star Gold’s coloring is intense and will affect the final result of colors. Stay away from gold foiling as it will blend into this specific paper.

Camelon & Concept


is our Cameleon paper because while it has more of a white base, it’s high reflection causes it to be easily confused with Keaykolour Metallic. The mimicry is so exact, experts can confuse Camelon for Keaykolour Metallic. Any colors printed on this stock will look more washed out due to the shine.


Camelon has a grayish white base and a gold tinted shine. This particular paper is thin but feels even more thin. It is quite flexible, not stiff at all. Due to it’s thinness, it also absorbs color better and produces a more saturated color compared to other papers. Camelon is an excellent choice for those who want a modern and futuristic card.



is a creamy matte white paper with subtle scattered sparkles that shimmer when the light catches them. This stock is the best choice for those who want an understated metallic card and an emphasized natural white color. An almost princess-like style of paper, it has a natural sweetness compared to our other metallic papers. 

We hope you enjoy your metallic paper!

Introducing Yupo: Durable and Waterproof

Yupo is one of our least known products, here at MorningPrint. We believe most people do not think of this paper stock because they are unsure of what it is. Hopefully, after reading this brief article, you will feel better acquainted with this type of paper.

To start, Yupo is not regular paper, it is actually a synthetic paper. Synthetic paper is made of 100% recycled paper, making Yupo as environmentally friendly as Vintage Kraft. At 9pt, it is also our thinnest stock. For reference purposes, it could be described as slightly thicker than  a sheet of college ruled notebook paper.


Despite it’s thinness (which to some may be a pro and not a con), it is our most durable paper. Yupo is waterproof, tear-prof and can be wiped clean. In addition to durability, Yupo also boasts a fresh, modern appearance. It is smooth, cool to the touch and has a bright white stock.
Watch our water experiment here: Yupo: Waterproof Paper


Using Your DIY:POPS

Store them flat and pop them up for parties

DIY:POPS are easy, creative and functional decor pieces. They are perfect for family functions, parties, announcements and weddings. You can create any design you like on our downloadable templates. We used our downloadable templates (with green fold lines and red die cut lines visible) to create a few extra designs and show some different ways you can use our DIY:POPS.
For all production details, please consult our former blog post: Introducing DIY:POPS



Save the Dates are some of the most special cards you will send in your life. While they help introduce your guests to what your wedding will be like, their most important function is to tell your guests to SAVE THE DATE. That is why Diy:POPS are the perfect solution.
First, because they stand in their own platform, your guests can leave them on a desk or table as a reminder. Secondly, due to their size, they can easily be folded and saved as a souvenir after your wedding date.
They are easy to personalize too. You can fill the center of the card with an engagement photo, and send your guests a photo that essentially comes with it’s own frame. Or do what we did here and create a brand new design. Either way, your Save the Date will be the most memorable card your guests will receive.



Using our DIY:POPS for menu cards is one of our favorite concepts here at MorningPrint. Depending on your design and colors, they can be casual enough for a BBQ or special enough for a more formal event, such as a special dinner or a wedding. Due to their assembly process, they will be able to stand up straight on their own and contribute to the look of the table. During the meal, guests can easily unfold them to set them aside or keep them standing near them. If you are having a buffet, you can have menu cards explaining the food offered at each station.


Baby Shower
When it comes to big news, we all enjoy finding the best way to announce our joy. We think DIY:POPS would be a great idea for those wanting a unique card to mark their event. These POPS have a smaller size, making it easy to mail them out. They can be used for graduation announcements, baby announcements & showers, and your first house-warming party.



Place cards are another practical use for our POPS. They are small enough to be placed for each individual, without crowding a table, yet they are not so small that they get lost with the rest of the decor. Following a similar idea, they can be used as table markers, for guests to locate where they are meant to be seated.

BONUS: Cupcake custom template, in the theme of: Birthday Parties

DIY_cupcake (002)
Birthday parties are another good occasion to include a POP. Send them as invitations to all your kid’s friends, or leave them out to add to your party decor. You can label the goody bags for the individual kids using our POPS, that way they each have a fun souvenir to remind them of a cool party.

We almost forgot to tell you, that while we offer downloadable templates to design off of, you can also customize your own template, pending approval from our printing team. One of our own design experts created this cupcake to show you an example of a custom template.

Introducing DIY:POPS

Feeling inspired by the upcoming festivities of summer, we at MorningPrint, decided to give an introduction to one of our products, DIY: POPS. Everything you need to know about their production, instructions and some ideas for their use is here.

Some information to know before designing/ordering your Pop:
1. It has single side printing
2. The minimum quantity to order is 20 per set. As it is done with digital printing, we are able to cover small order numbers
3. Done on 300gsm paper
4. Estimated turn around time is 2-3 business days (excluding shipping)
DIY Pop Banner

The shape of all our DIY: POPs are created through die cuts. For your convenience, the cutting pattern is marked in red to show the shape of each template on our website. We also included green lines indicating where the product should be folded.

Step One: Following the die cut lines for the center of the card, pop the center of the card out and fold it down along the bottom line.

Step Two: Once the center of the card is folded down, fold the remaining frame in half creating a capital L-shape. This will become your DIY: POP stand.20170606_104037


Step Three: Now straighten the center of the card so that it leans backwards.
Step Four: Move the stand slightly forward to meet the center of the card.


Step Five: Insert the top of the stand into the die cut slit at the top of the center of the card.

Now your DIY: POP is ready to use!

*To check out what type of uses and occasions your POPS would be good for, check out Using Your DIY:POPS

Design of the Month: June 2017

1.Name: Meredith Brown
2.Company Name: M-Jay Brown Designs
3. Website: www.m-jaybrown.com
4. Business Contact Email: mjaybrown77@gmail.com
5. Please give us a brief history of your business and some of the services you provide.

I am a graphic designer and it is my personal brand. I create a wide variety of graphic elements such as logos, business cards, t-shirt designs and basically anything that can be designed.

6. Our favorite element of your card is that is the pattern and foiling. How did you come up with the design?

The holographic logo on the front! I searched all over for a company that could print my card like that, as well as the pearlescent paper!


Hologram Foiling on Pearlescent Paper (Heavy Star Dream)

7. What made you choose Heavy Star Dream?

It was pearlescent, just something that would make my card stand out from the rest.


Heavy Star Dream paper by MorningPrint

8. You used a simplistic approach to your design, and yet was able to represent the feel of the business. What was your process to do that?

Start with the basics, get all the information that needs to be on the card, while keeping it simple. Then go to town with color and design.


9. What made you choose MorningPrint?

Morning Print had all the options that I wanted and for the best price and quality.
10. How was your experience with MorningPrint? Would you recommend us to others?

I’ve already recommend it to friends and I know at least 2 have ordered with Morning Print since I told them!


Introducing Spot Color

MorningPrint has added a 5th color family to our printing services. We now offer bright and fluorescent ink, called Spot Color.

MorningPrint can now add a type of spot color into our standard CMYK inks. You have a choice of gold, silver, pink, blue, green and orange to mix into our regular inks.
This new product will be a great go-to for those who want an easy way of obtaining a special-effects look to their cards. This product is a spot color with raised ink effect, with choices of pink, blue, green and orange fluorescent colors.

Production Details:
1. It is available on paper
2. It should be given 1-2 days extra in product production timing
3. Can only be applied on a single side
4. Standard Size for this product is 3.39”X 1.81” / 86mm X 46mm. All non-standard sizes must be custom quoted.

Check out our product now!