Design of the Month: January 2018

  1. Name: Catie Cleveland
  2. Company Name: Catie’s Photography
  3. Website:
  4. Business Contact Email: catie@catiesphotography.comDOM Jan 2018 5
  5. Please give us a brief history of your business and some of the services you provide:
    I am a wedding, portrait and commercial photographer located in the greater Seattle area. I started Catie’s Photography over 10 years ago.
  6. What was the goal of your design:
    To create a simple, yet eloquent business card.
  7. What made you choose Heavy Nouveau for your paper?
    I wanted a heavier paper stock that still had an artistic feel. Heavy Nouveau was a perfect match.DOM Jan 2018 7
  8. Your design is of a large flower. How did you come up with that idea?
    Aside from being my favorite flower! I believe Hydrangeas are a good representation of the feel of my work: soft, sweet and pretty.
  9. The Raised Ink subtly stands out from the design of the card. How did you end up finalizing the color choices?
    This is the highlight of the card and your print offerings; I love the feel of the raised ink on the flower and my logo. It feels great to touch! I use this shade of color in all my marketing.DOM Jan 2018 3
  10. What made you choose MorningPrint?
    I wish I could remember! It was likely a referral from a professional photography source.
  11. How was your experience with MorningPrint? Would you recommend us to others?
    Yes, I have been using your service for my business cards for years and highly recommend based on your superior quality of paper & print.
    Thank you!

Design & Style Advice: The Corporate Power Card

Widely used by professionals in financial and legal industries, the Corporate Power Card primarily projects an image of authority and power. Usually created with no-nonsense designs, the Corporate Power Card is serious and upscale. The design for this type of style is always focused on the information on the card. What differentiates one corporate card from another are the slight details such as fonts, paper choice, and the depth of the black ink.

Corporate Power Card 11

Corporate Power Card 5

Creating this look is quite simple. Clients tend to prefer using Heavy Linen as their paper of choice. Heavy Linen has the brightest white of all our papers with a subtle woven texture. The combined brightness, thickness and woven texture creates an upscale and confident backdrop for your business card design. If you wish to learn more about our Heavy Linen, please read Linen: The Most Professional Paper

Corporate Power Card 6
Heavy Nouveau and Sumo Nouveau are other popular paper choices among clients looking to achieve the Corporate Power Card. Heavy and Sumo Nouveau are the same types of matte, creamy white paper, with the only difference being their thickness. Sumo Nouveau is the thickest card we offer. It it so thick, it is impossible to bend. To learn more about Sumo Nouveau, please read What You Need to Know: Sumo Nouveau. Those who are interested in using Sumo Nouveau for their Corporate Power Card, will be interested in making part of the design focal point the thickness of the paper. Heavy Nouveau is half the thickness of Sumo Nouveau, but has the same natural elegance. Clients interested in Heavy Nouveau would want a natural elegance but not necessarily worried about thickness. For extra reading on Heavy Nouveau please read Nouveau and Heavy Nouveau: The Blank Slate.

Corporate Power Card 9

The fonts we see on the Corporate Power Card tend to focus on  Arial, Times New Roman and Verdana. The font is generally in all black coloring. While some keep their designs minimal with only ink printing on their font, others include a couple of design elements like  the strategic use of a single straight line to divide information, and Blind Press Embossing.

Corporate Power Card 1
Blind Press Embossing is that the indicated portion of a design is pressed into the paper on one end, creating a raised effect on one side of the paper and an indentation on the other. The ‘Blind’ portion of Blind Press Embossing means that the embossed design has no ink to it. Therefore the final embossing result is in the natural coloring of the paper. In the case of the Corporate Power Card, logos are generally embossed. The final design result create a serious yet noticeable effect.

Corporate Power Card 3
Some trends we are seeing with the Corporate Power Card include going outside of the traditional limits of this design requirement without losing focus of the main design goal of this style. To remind, the main goal of this card is to have an authoritative and powerful no-nonsense design which will stand out from other cards. All focus design focus should be on the information of the card. Heavy Silky Matte is a paper which more and more clients are working with for this style. It has the same matte and thickness as the Heavy Linen and Heavy Nouveau, however it also has a silky feel to it. This silkiness is not slippery, allowing the fingers to glide across the surface of the paper. To make a design stand out more, we might suggest to consider using the following fonts: Book Antiqua, Century Schoolbook, TrebuchetMS, American TypewriterMBT, Bank Gothic, Rockwell. They are still professional, but a little more stylish than the traditionally used fonts.

Corporate Power Card 10
Corporate Style Front
Here at MorningPrint, we are starting to see some Corporate Power Cards that are going slightly beyond the realms of an all black coloring to their design. We are starting to see authoritative designs with a primary coloring of black on important contact information, like the name, with elements of Gray and Blue on the less important information, like the company slogan. Some clients are even avoiding black all together, opting instead for a a deep navy blue. The final printing result is much less harsh and stark than an all black design. Surprisingly we have seen some designs incorporating one bold color to their Corporate Power Card, like orange. We noticed that this design twist is more successful when the single bold color is taken from the company logo. It makes the card stand out without using an special effects.

Corporate Power Card 4

Some other design elements we are starting to see is the use of a finishing option other than Blind Press Embossing. Some stay within the embossing realm, but use Ink Press Embossing, which means that the embossed area will also be printed in ink. It creates a slightly more bold effect than the Blind Press Embossing.

Corporate Power Card 2

Others are using foiling, specifically Black, and Matte Silver. Black Foiling could also be used in place of ink, because it will make your design readable, but with a subtle shine. Some designs are even incorporating the blend of embossing and foiling. We are also starting to see Raised Ink for the logos or on the contact information. While it is the least used finishing option, it is starting to gain popularity. We have one Corporate Power Card which used Raised Ink and Foiling for their logo, because it was not overlapping.

Corporate Power Card 7

Wedding Stationery: Special Touches

Hello there,

It is Ava and I’m here to talk about how you can add special touches to your wedding stationery using the latest trends. Let’s get started.

Wedding Invitation Blue
1. Monograms are a big hit. You can use our Metal Stickers to create a personalized monogram to decorate all your wedding invitations. Metal Stickers come in two colors, gold and silver. Intricate, delicate designs really stand out on this material. With such a strong adhesion, they can be applied to just about anything such as menu cards, invitations, etc.


2. Custom shaped papers, called Die Cuts, are becoming a must have for people who want to showcase their individuality. They can be cut to any size or style and useful for your extra, but necessary information; such as accommodation, transportation etc. We published an article on Die Cuts last week. If you wish to read about die cuts in more detail, please follow this link- Die Cuts: The Most Customizable Cards.


Wedding Invitation Green

Wedding Save the Date

3. Using plastic or leather for wedding stationery is another exciting wedding trend. We offer Opaque White Plastic Postcards, in both the 4×6 and 5×7 sizes. Our Opaque White Plastic is made of a PET material, meaning it is environmentally friendly. It is durable, being both waterproof and tear proof. Depending on your design, Opaque White Plastic can be modern, futuristic or fun.
Clear Plastic Invitation

4. Texture is another big trend for those who wish to use paper choices. Textured paper, such as Scotland can give the organic, woodland feel which is popular for Fall. Heavy Linen has a woven pattern and will always  look upscale or outdoorsy. according to the feel of your wedding. Aquarelle  has a watercolor paper texture, which gives it a natural romantic feel and will work well to set an outdoorsy ambiance.
Wedding Invitations Embossing
Now, if you like the idea of the texture trend, but prefer a smooth paper stock, like Heavy Nouveau, we have an out of the box idea for you.  Add Embossing or Raised Ink to put a twist on the texture trend. Your guests will be able to see and feel the imprint of both these options on your stationery, giving you slight texture.

5. Foiling, especially Gold Foiling, is a classic and this style is still going strong. However, to the metallic color trend, other foiling colors such as Silver, Matte Silver and Bronze are rising in popularity as well. For those who have a different color scheme, but would still like to include foiling, MorningPrint also offers Pink, Blue, Red, Green, and Hologram. These last colors also fall in the category of another wedding trend, bold colors.

Wedding Invitation Foiling

*Special Note: You can combine embossing and foiling to create a raised and metallic effect. Since both finishing options are pressed on, we can do both at the same time and guarantee a beautiful outcome*

Geometric Wedding Invitations

6. Geometric designs, both modern and art deco are all the rage this season. Most use foiling to create their designs, and it looks beautiful. However, if you prefer a more subtle way to incorporate the geometric trend into your papers, we suggest considering Spot UV. Spot UV is a flat, reflective, transparent material that can be seen but not felt. Those interested in this special feature will need to order Standard Coated 14 pt Matte.

Spot UV Wedding Invitation

Spot UV detail



I hope that was helpful!

Design of the Month: September 2017

1.Project Name: ReTreat Gelato & Sorbet –
2.Designer Company Name: Jess Glebe Design
4.Business Contact: website: Instagram: @jessglebedesign

ReTreat Front and Back

5. Please give us a brief history of your business and some of the services you provide.
We believe branding agencies, regardless of their size, should be equally as passionate about their projects as their clients are; therefore, we personally commit ourselves to each project we undertake as if it were our own.
Jess Glebe Design has been heavily involved in various award-winning branding and package design initiatives since 2006. Recently, our designs for State Street Honey and Hotel Hive were awarded prestigious GD USA awards for both logo and package design, and our Break the Mold Chocolate packaging was awarded The Dieline’s 2017 Neenah Paper Award.
Through the years, we’ve enjoyed working for companies large and small on a variety of initiatives — from logos, branding, and copywriting, to advertising and package design. We’re proud to note that many of our clients were referred to us from past clients, which we attribute to a job well done.

6. Our favorite element of your card is the splattering of color. It pairs up perfectly with the Heavy Aquarelle paper you chose. Do you have any advice for those who are trying to pair their design with the best paper?
We chose the Heavy Aquarelle paper for the natural, toothy texture it provides, as well as its innate watercolor look. The splattering of printed color feels even more authentic with this paper stock, appearing as if each card were painted by hand.
ReTreat® specializes in artisanal gelato, sorbet, and confections crafted from all-natural, gluten-free ingredients. A key value of the ReTreat® brand is the company’s use of high-quality, seasonal ingredients local to the island of Tortola and the Caribbean at large. Thus, the use of a paper stock with a natural texture was essential to the character of the brand.

ReTreat Heavy Aquarelle

7. What made you choose Heavy Aquarelle?
Heavy Aquarelle is sturdy and durable. Not only will it stand the test of time, it compliments the black raised ink treatment and holds ink beautifully.

8. We love the Black Raised Ink on the ‘Retreat’. What was your motivation for choosing this specific finishing option?

While the textured matte of the Heavy Aquarelle paper stock allows us to communicate ReTreat®’s all-natural and authentic brand attributes, we didn’t want the logo to take second stage; therefore, the glossy, black raised ink helps the logo pop on the card in contrast to the paper stock. The ReTreat® brand is located on the British Virgin Island of Tortola and is essentially a paradise all on its own, surrounded by water, so the glossy raised ink subtly evokes the reflective and glistening nature of the sea. This touch of “shine,” though small, is effective.

ReTreat Raised Ink

9. What made you choose MorningPrint?
We’ve used MorningPrint in the past for many of our clients and find both the quality and value of your services to be well worth the investment. Plus, your customer service is always top-notch.

10. How was your experience with MorningPrint? Would you recommend us to others?Absolutely! Always have and will continue to do so. We love working with MorningPrint. You’ve printed so many great pieces of collateral for us and so many of our clients, and we will continue to recommend and use your services as much as possible. Thank you!

What You Need to Know: Texture Paper

MorningPrint offers three different types of textured paper: Aquarelle, Tant and Scotland. In general textured papers are best suited for very colorful designs. All our textured papers are true matte papers, but appear to have a saturated color appearance.

Texture Blog 2


Our textured paper have an additional benefit which may be useful to our clients. MorningPrint requires a 300 dpi on all design files for the best printing results. For those clients who have little design experience and only have a file with a low dpi, we recommend choosing a textured paper. By choosing a textured paper, a client in this tough situation can dramatically lower the risk of having a poor or blurry print job.

Textured Paper Blog 3

Aquarelle with Glossy Gold Foiling

Aquarelle has the most superficial and extensive double sided watercolor paper texture. This leads to a natural, more romantic feel to the paper. It’s texture is excellent for designs with soft feeling colors. Aquarelle is also the thickest of the textured papers and comes in two sizes. The thicker of the two sizes is called Heavy Aquarelle. Aquarelle is also the only one of the three textured papers that comes in our postcard sizes. This paper would be a popular choice for artwork or paper for a special event.

Texture Blog 1

Tant with Raised Ink

Tant is the thinnest paper but the most intense texture. It’s texture has a sort of shape to it, looking very similar to the shape of a leopard’s spots. The reverse side is flat, with no texture. The result, is a paper that can have the most saturated coloring, despite being a matte paper. Adding color will emphasize the natural texture of this paper. For this type of paper, we would recommend using a simplistic design and incorporate certain areas with Raised Ink.

Texture Blog 3

Scotland with Embossing

Scotland is a happy middle ground between Aquarelle and Tant. It has very visible texture, that is deep and fine. The pattern of it’s texture has a distinct shape, resembling the same pattern created when sponging paint on walls. It is spread out and on both sides of Scotland. Texture allows it to absorb/reflect color well. There is a clear difference in how well this texture absorbs color compared to other matte papers. However, it is ability to absorb color is less saturated than that of the other two textured paper families.

The texture for both Scotland and Tant is strong and can compete with other design elements. It is best to avoid an extensive amount of foiling as it will compete against the texture for attention. Both these papers show their best if they are used with embossing or raised ink. Aquarelle is a soft textured enough to show any finishing option very well, including foiling.

Textured Paper Blog 2

Scotland with Raised Ink

What You Need to Know: Braille

As some of you may know, we have been posting articles explaining production details and design tips of our various stocks. For the latest installment in this series of articles, we decided to discuss one of our finishing options, braille. Braille is one of our most asked about and least known products here at MorningPrint.

Production Details:
1. Braille can only be printed on Nouveau Paper
2. Add an additional 5 extra days to your production timeline
3. It can only be printed on a single side of the card
4. Should be 10 characters per line, and 3-4 lines per card. As such, we strongly recommend keeping the braille information simple and straight forward: name, company and phone number.
5. We apply our braille in the same manner as we do our raised ink. That means it is applied to the surface of the card without leaving a mark on the other side of the card.

Braille 6
Our braille is much larger than regular printed lettering. It can cover the entire printed card without obscuring the printed design underneath. Despite it’s large size, our braille is quite durable, and is not prone to chipping or breaking. Due to it’s transparency, printed designs are visible underneath the braille itself.

Since the braille takes up almost all of the visual and tactile space, we recommend to avoid other finishing options on your card. The most we would recommend to those considering utilizing braille in their business cards are rounded corners.
Braille 3

We have noticed that most clients choose to have their braille applied over their printed design. Depending on the printed design, that may or may not be the best option for aesthetic purposes. We find that simple designs which incorporate background colors, business information and braille are more elegant.

Braile 5
However, a business card with a white background and a printed design that mainly incorporates business information looks better when the braille is on the reverse.

Braille 4


Wedding Papers

Here at MorningPrint, we have been getting lots of wedding paper orders and we thought it would be a great opportunity to have our bride to be, Ava discuss her take on wedding papers.

Wedding Invitations June 8

Save the Dates

Hi there! It’s Ava again.

Let’s dive right in and start with my personal favorite, colors! From what we can see,  the popular 2017 Summer colors are pink, orange, yellow, and green. They come in bold, rich shades usually done in a garden theme or a watercolor look. The colors are lively and celebratory, as any wedding should be.
Wedding Invitations June 2
Oh, before I forget, remember if you have a watercolor effect on any of your papers, use Aquarelle with that design. The texture of the paper pairs  beautifully with that sort of effect. I can not emphasize enough the importance of making sure your paper serves your design properly. You can have the most beautiful design, but if it is printed on the wrong kind of paper, it will not be as stunning as it could possibly be.

Wedding Invitations June
I feel that some may forget that although their wedding papers are viewed individually, they are also part of a group. I find that laying out your papers together in order that they would appear is a simple way of seeing what effect they have. Keep in mind that none of your papers need to match completely. It would be counterproductive to do so since each card has a specific purpose that should be designer for. My suggestion would be to employ the same colors and feeling but change up the look a little to suit the purpose of each particular card.
Wedding Invitations June 10

One example would be menu cards. Menu cards are like the greeting to your dinner. It is the opportune chance to go bold with your design on the front of your card. You can use foiling, or spot color or regular printing. But please remember to stay away from embossing, as the impression will show through to the other side (the exception being if you are using Heavy Nouveau paper). Now for the reverse side, focus on making your lettering the focal point. Have a simplistic design and easy to read font. I can not emphasize the latter enough. If you choose a font that is either too thin, frilly or light, your guests will not be able to read their cards, thus defeating the purpose of a menu card.
Wedding Invitations 5

Papers containing important information such as RSVP cards, accommodation, transportation, etc should have less design with clear font. If your wedding colors are soft and pastel, avoid using them in your lettering, as it will make the information difficult to read. We would suggest going for a simple design, but use raised ink to ensure legibility and flare.

Wedding Invitations June 8


Heavy Nouveau and Scotland

On your invitations, create a frame around your information to make it stand out. Free flowing and subtle borders can be just as effective as a standard frame with straight lines.


From top left: Heavy Nouveau, Scotland, Heavy Nouveau, Heavy Linen and Aquarelle

Hope that was helpful!


Thank you card on Aquarelle Paper


Introducing Spot Color

MorningPrint has added a 5th color family to our printing services. We now offer bright and fluorescent ink, called Spot Color.

MorningPrint can now add a type of spot color into our standard CMYK inks. You have a choice of gold, silver, pink, blue, green and orange to mix into our regular inks.
This new product will be a great go-to for those who want an easy way of obtaining a special-effects look to their cards. This product is a spot color with raised ink effect, with choices of pink, blue, green and orange fluorescent colors.

Production Details:
1. It is available on paper
2. It should be given 1-2 days extra in product production timing
3. Can only be applied on a single side
4. Standard Size for this product is 3.39”X 1.81” / 86mm X 46mm. All non-standard sizes must be custom quoted.

Check out our product now!

Linen: The Most Professional Paper

Designing the right business card can be a long, detail oriented process. One would want to represent not just the business, but also the style of the company in that card.
It can be difficult for those with a more formal culture to make their card stand out without betraying their philosophy. By far, the best paper for such companies is Heavy Linen and Linen.

With it’s subtle woven texture, Heavy Linen and Linen would be just perfect for businesses with a more formal company culture. Combined with a simplistic design, the texture will make your card look interesting while keeping the focal point on your business information.


Details: Close up of woven texture of Linen/Heavy Linen

This paper also boasts the brightest white out of all the other paper stocks, which is both fresh and professional. the clean look accentuates the professionalism and credibility of the person and company.


Examples of simplistic designs on Heavy Linen

For those who would like a little extra impact, but keep the same level of simplicity, should really consider coloring their paper. Linen and Heavy Linen display bright colors vividly. A couple of tips to keep in mind when coloring your linen or heavy linen cards would be:
1. Due to it’s thickness, Heavy Linen will require more coloring than it’s counterpart, Linen.
2. Especially avoid busy designs if you color your paper, because the color will make the woven pattern of this paper more obvious.
3. Maintain a stark contrast between your words and the background color. If the shades of the colors are too similar or too light, it will be difficult to read your cards.

If you keep these tips in mind and maintain a simplistic design with the focus on your information, your cards will be elegant, professional and still stand out due to their credibility.


Colored Business Cards


Blue Heavy Linen Business Cards with Raised Ink in the text


Pink Heavy Linen Business Card with Embossing to create the flowers

Linen and Heavy Linen is versatile enough to also be used in company cards and advertisements. As seen below, when styled properly this paper can be luxurious enough to represent Beverley Hills, yet fresh enough to represent all natural soaps while maintaining the formality of a business.


Right: Heavy Linen Postcard with Black Raised Ink and Rounded Corners


Front: Black colored Heavy Linen Postcard

Linen and Heavy Linen are papers that should be embraced by the professional and more formal business community. It adds credibility and beauty to any card.



What You Need to Know: Vintage Kraft

In honor of Earth Day, MorningPrint placed our Vintage Kraft cards on a 15% off promotion for the month of April.

We know April is almost at an end, but we were still feeling inspired by this particular card and wanted to share with you all why love this card.

Vintage Kraft Pic 2

Business Cards by MorningPrint

If you look up Vintage Kraft on our website you already know the following:
Environmentally Friendly
Finishing Options: Foil Accents. Press Embossing (one side only), Rounded Corner, Laser Cutting, Raised Ink, Punched

Now time for some specific information that you may not know.

Vintage Kraft is made of recycled paper, that is why it is environmentally friendly. That is also the reason why you can sometimes feel a little bit of a hairy texture when you hold the cards in your hand. Because of it’s environmentally friendliness, it is the favorite pick for people and organizations who work to take care of our planet.
Earth Day Trees 2

And do not think that because this stock is made of recycled paper that it is not durable. On the contrary, it is quite strong. Remember, we offer Press Embossing and Foil Accents (which are stamped) for this type of paper. This is a good combination in general because when printing, the machine can press/stamp the emboss and foil at once.

With that being said, MorningPrint’s favorite finishing effect for Vintage Kraft stock  is Laser Cutting? Yes it really is. We love how the paper burns a little from the laser cutting the design. It gives it either an antique or edgy effect, depending on your design. It is not a design combination we see often.

Vintage Kraft Pic 3

Business Cards by MorningPrint


Vintage Kraft Pic 4

Business Cards by MorningPrint

One of the other positive attributes associated with Vintage Kraft is that it is an economical paper. You get a stock that will make you and your business stand out for a good price. You can’t beat that!

Earth Day Trees

Happy Earth Day again everybody!