What You Need to Know: Sumo Nouveau

Sumo Nouveau belongs to the same paper family as Nouveau and Heavy Nouveau because it is created using Heavy Nouveau cards. Therefore, it has the same luxuriousness and bright white as that paper stock. This paper also maintains the ability to carry any type of style or design with ease, because like it’s other family members, it is a blank slate. To read more in depth about the qualities of this paper family, please refer to our article Nouveau and Heavy Nouveau: The Blank Slate.

Sumo Nouveau Floral
It is also possible to visibly see the smoothness of this paper, more so than it’s family members. Sumo Nouveau requires 5-7 business days for production, not including finishing options or shipping.

However, the characteristic that sets Sumo Nouveau paper apart from the rest of it’s family, is it’s thickness. At 32 pt, Sumo Nouveau is thicker than a credit card. This means the paper is stiff and dense, making it impossible to bend your business card. As such, the edge of this thick business card is apparent, both visibly and tactilely.

Sumo Nouveau Eye

Due to it’s thickness, the paper’s ability to do finishing options gets affected. For example, foiling. Since foiling is stamped on, this finishing option is possible on both sides of the card. However, due to the stamping process, the weight of the pressure from the machine leaves a slight indentation into the foil design. The final result is similar to that of letterpress. In our experience, the wider the foiling design, the more obvious the indentation will be to the naked eye. We, at MorningPrint, have noticed that thin, black foiling can look quite artistic against Sumo Nouveau. Meanwhile, Glossy Gold, Glossy Silver and Bronze can emphasize the natural upscale and luxurious quality of the paper.

Sumo Nouveau Matte Silver

While we offer embossing as a possible finishing option, only debossing is available on this particular paper stock. Embossing is created when the machine uses pressure to imprint, leading to a deep indentation on one side of the card and a raised effect on the other. However, the thickness of the paper is too dense for the raised embossing to show on the other side, Therefore, this paper can only allow a deep indentation, with no result affecting the back of the card.

Sumo Nouveau Kitten

Despite Sumo Nouveau’s thickness, custom sizing and cutting is still possible. We offer our normal options of Standard, Australian, European and Slim for the size of the business card. In addition, Sumo Nouveau is able to do custom sizes, such as a 2×2 square.

Sumo Nouveau Square
On a related note, laser cutting is also available on this thick business card. Laser cutting is when we use a laser to cut any specific design into your card. It is highly customizable, and able to lead great results with this thick paper stock. Round corners and hole punching are possible as well.

Sumo Nouveau Hole Punch

Sumo Nouveau’s thickness coupled with it’s natural elegance and luxuriousness sets it apart from other business cards.

Design of the Month: March 2017

with Name: Sarah Williams

Company Name: Sky Williams Photography

Website: www.skywilliamsphotography.com

Email: sawphotos@me.com

Order Details: Sumo Nouveau Paper, Blind Press Debossing- Oversized


DOM April 1

Business Cards by MorningPrint

Q : Briefly tell us about your company, and its history. What kind of services you offer?

A: My business was officially established in 2016, but really, the history of my business is ultimately the history of my personal development. I’ve had a camera in my hands since I was in the single digits and have photographed everything I could. I’ve shot weddings, events, headshots, food, portraits, artwork, everything you can think of to broaden my skills and to find what style of photography makes my heart sing. While I developed my skills as a photographer, I simultaneously discovered my love for an active life lived outdoors. I’ve taken up backpacking, climbing, trail running and continue to explore every outdoor activity possible. Somewhere in all of that I have narrowed my path of work into two categories. The first is brand building. I create content for businesses, start-ups, and individuals who are looking to visually represent what they do. This work is typically used for social media and community outreach. The second is simply, storytelling. I create series of work that tell the stories of people, products, and ideas. I focus on outdoor activities, exploring, and adventure.

DOM April 1
Instagram: @sarahskyann

Q : Your design inspires us, what inspires you?

A: I am inspired by passionate people who trade comfort and routine for discomfort and discovery. I am inspired by generosity, authenticity, and kindness. I am inspired by the earth’s wilderness and magic.

DOM April 4

Q : We love your design, it is simple, bold, and playful while still being simple. How did you come up with this design / concept?

A: I worked with a friend named Sarah Rose Andrew (http://www.sarahroseandrew.com) who is an incredible freelance graphic designer to help bring the vision of my brand to life. We worked on this design for a couple months with many revisions and additions. It came together quite naturally. She suggested taking a hand-drawn, outdoorsy approach and I completely agreed. The mountains were not initially a part of the design. We played around with making the letters of my last name into mountains because the line work suggested a landscape, and it just made sense to incorporate my favorite natural feature into the design, completing the landscape theme. 

Being a photographer, using an image on the card would have made sense, but I wanted a more general and timeless feel. I wanted a design that represented more of who I am as a person, than a single image would suggest. My work varies, but my personality doesn’t. I wanted a design that would work for the next few years as my business develops. 

Business cards by MorningPrint

Q:  You embossed a design that looks like wood grains. What made you go this route as oppose to printing a wood grain instead?

A: I always like there to be a little something extra, a little added depth if you will. So I knew I wanted to utilize the embossing option. It adds to the design without taking away from the simplicity. It is actually the contour lines of a topographic map representing the west side approach to the summit of Mt. Whitney (the highest summit in the contiguous U.S). It’s a special place to me as it was the grounds for much of my personal development as a human, and as a photographer. I absolutely loved the idea of incorporating that extra piece of me, and my story, into my card.

Q: What made you choose a navy color for the background?

A: “Navy is a common representation of confidence and power as well as intelligence, stability, and professionalism. Blue, in all of its hues, shades and tints, is the most frequent color found in nature and being a travel and nature photographer, I wanted to have that association.” –Sarah Rose, designer

In working with Sarah, we explored a couple color options but I decided this shade of navy worked best for the design. It’s natural and comforting, and in my line of adventure photography, comfort is a rare commodity but is something I want my clients to feel. With me, they are taken care of.

DOM April 5

Q : What made you choose the Sumo Nouveau? Have you considered any stocks or options for future orders?

A: “As for the stock choice, that was moreso informed by the design and production choices of the debossing technique utilized. However, I’m always drawn to thick, textured, heavy paper because it’s much more substantial and your logo and business cards are the face of your company. It’s the first thing people see and develop their 3 second impression on so it’s important to make it stand out and memorable. “ –Sarah Rose, designer

DOM April 7

Q: How was your experience with Morning Print? Anything you’d like to see us add in the future?

A: I had a great experience with Morning Print. Prompt replies, excellent personalized customer service, and easy website navigation. I am very pleased with the fabrication of my cards. I will be recommending their services without a doubt.