Design & Style Advice: Spring Trends

Design Elements

1. Large Fonts
Large simple typography dominates the designs of most business cards. We are seeing these large fonts mainly used in company names on business cards. While usually printed with ink, this design element can also be done in one of our finishing options, such as Foiling or Blind Press Embossing.

Spring Trends 2018 Large Font

From top to bottom: Heavy Nouveau, Standard Uncoated and Heavy Nouveau with Blind Press Embossing

2. Geometric Style
Geometric angles and designs are still going strong from last Fall. Geometric designs are not just restricted to patterns, they can also be done to create specific shapes and pictures. Geometric designs are usually clean and modern but can adapt to the branding of your business card. For the most part, geometric designs are done in Foiling to add an extra wow factor.

Spring Trends 2018 Geometric Designs

2×2 square with Hologram Foiling, Uncoated Sticker with Matte Gold Foiling and Die Cut Shape 8 with Glossy Silver Foiling

3. Mini Cards
Custom sized business cards are in style more than ever. From slim to square, businesses are looking to customize even their business card size. Although just about every size is possible, the most popular size is a square, 2×2. With just about every finishing option from raised ink to laser cutting available to them, these small cards live up to the phrase “big things in little packages”.

Spring Trends 2018 Custom Sizing

2×2 cards: Heavy Aquarelle with Raised Ink, Heavy Nouveau with Glossy Gold Foiling and Heavy Nouveau with Raised Ink

4. Leah Trib Productions
This design, which is well done by Leah Trib Productions is an excellent example of the latest design trend. The trend is created by focusing on the contact information. The design is geometric by including brackets to explain which type of information corresponds to what form of communication. In order to be executed properly, it needs several components to match such as: the company email, company website, and the social media account.

29745022_1861724617191679_4447441395782002358_o (1)

A photo provided by a client on Clear Plastic (No White Ink)

Product Options

5. Foiling
Foiling in general is still the most popular finishing option for designers and clients. The latest trend show designs require foiling with an exact alignment. Designs with exact foiling locations are possible but need to be reviewed and approved by our printing team.
Designs are also utilizing foiling colors other than the neutral gold, silver and bronze more often. We are mainly seeing blue, green and red foiling colors come up in the newest designs, but pink is making appearances as well.

Spring Trends 2018 Foiling

Silky Matte with Green Foiling, Heavy Star Dream with Blue Foiling and Round Corners, Heavy Nouveau with Round Corners

6. Raised Ink
Raised ink, also known as thermography, is also quite popular and we can see it continue to be used in designs. Usually used in text and in logos, raised ink creates both a visual and tactile experience for whoever holds the business card. However, we are now seeing raised ink used to create subtle, and ingenious designs. The latest surprising use of Raised Ink was to create an intricate pattern across the side of the business card. Difficult to see, the intricate pattern of raised ink recreated the feel of texture on one side of the business card.

Spring Trends 2018 Raised Ink

Heavy Aquarelle with Bronze Foiling and Raised Ink

7. Thick cards
Thick business cards are in as high demand as ever. Rigid and stiff, thick business cards are synonymous with luxury and high end. At 32 pt, Sumo Nouveau is the thickest business card we offer. With such a thickness, it is possible to both see and feel the thick edge of these business cards. A creamy white matte paper, it does not have any shine or shimmer.

Spring Trends 2018 Thick Cards

Left to right: Sumo Nouveau with Debossing and Sumo Nouveau

8. Using different materials
Since late summer, the idea of using some material other than paper for business cards is growing in popularity. Our response to this trend are our plastic business cards. We offer a wide range from white, clear to hologram and metallic plastic business cards. All are made of PET plastic, which is an environmentally friendly material.

Spring Trends 2018 Clear Plastics

Clear+ White Plastics

9. Die Cutting
Now more than ever, business cards are meant to reflect your business’ branding and Die Cuts are the best way to achieve that level of customization. Although automatically done on Standard Coated 14pt Matte paper, it is possible to do a custom die cut on another type of paper. However the printing team will need to review and approve of the paper selection. We offer a range of Die Cut shapes to choose from, but can also do completely custom shapes and sizes. There is no set up fee for our Die Cuts.

Spring Trends 2018 Die Cuts

Die Cut Shape 007 with a Punch Hole, A custom Die Cut and Die Cut Shape 008

10. Spot UV
A flat lamination, Spot UV is glossy and transparent, allowing designated sections of design and color to show through. Due to it’s glossy nature, Spot UV will make the ink printed color appear more saturated (or darker). Another popular selection of many clients and designers, Spot UV is now used to create unique designs ranging from the more subtle (like the watch in the picture below) to the bold (like the hot pink card below).



Tips to Keep in Mind When Designing a Business Card

Creating the right business card for your business is not a simple task. It is not just about creating a unique design, it has to be the right design which not only represents your business, but will also serve it’s purpose of carrying information. Here are some tips from MorningPrint of what to keep in mind when designing your business card.

business card design blue saint james

Make Your Information the Star
Keep your information the focal point of your design by incorporating large fonts. Make sure the coloring is not too subtle, so that it stands out from the background. We also recommend using simple, crisp fonts over fancy or complicated ones. By keeping the text information the focal point of your card, you are ensuring that your information is successfully passed on through your business card. If you must use a smaller or thinner font, then we strongly recommend using stamped Foiling on your text to ensure legibility.

business card design pink die cut

Research before you buy
Each printing company has their own requirements for submitting files for printing. However, most printing companies use CMYK ink. Therefore, your design should be set to CMYK color settings.
You should also keep in mind that commercial printers require a good quality printing file. That means the resolution of your design should be set to at least 300 dpi. A low quality printing file leads to bad prints jobs, like blurriness.

business card design checkers

Try incorporating your branding into your card
Integrating your company’s brand into your business card is an easy way to promote your company’s message. You can do this by using the company colors or by using a certain font of your text. If you have the space, you can also incorporate small design elements that will accentuate your information. For example, the above card is for a beauty salon and they incorporate lips into their business card.

business card design black paper

Have a reason to use special effects
Every so often we get a client who wants to use Foiling, Spot UV, and Embossing all on one side of their design. It seems to be a common misconception that the more special effects used makes your card more special. The opposite is actually true. Too many special effects can be distracting from the information of your business card.

Follow the example for the business card above, which is for a graphic designer. He has Black Paper, which only allows foiling for his information. Since his text is foiled, he used a smaller font. And he kept the main focus on his laser cut logo. It is simple and natural.

business card design one and only

Rely on the material itself
If you stay patient and use your time researching the different products that we offer, you will able to pick up on which type of paper or plastic is best suited to your design.
For example the above card uses Heavy Nouveau paper with Bronze Foiling, Blind Press Embossing and a Hole Punch. But when you look at the card, you are still able to see the elegant, creamy white characteristics of the paper.

Design of the Month: November 2017

1.Name (Designer: Georgina Bromley) (Commissioner: Wine maker Nina Stocker)
2. Company Name: Georgina Bromley for Brave Goose Winery
3. Website:, instigram : georginaillustration
4. Business Contact Email:

Design of the Month November

5. Please give us a brief history of your business and some of the services you provide.
I am a Designer and Illustrator from Australia designing everything from business cards to handbags.

6. What was the goal for your design?
To create an elegant wine logo / label / business card for a boutique winery called “Brave Goose” in central Victoria Australia

Design of the Month November 3

7. Your logo is a flying goose in a gray coloring with touches of Silver Glossy Foiling. How did you decide where the foiling should be applied?
The foiling is applied to the custom hand illustration to highlight the feathers on the goose and visually communicate that this wine is a premium quality product.

8. What type of font did you use in the ‘Brave Goose Vineyard’?
The font is Castellar Regular. I added extra kerning.

Design of the Month November 2

9. What made you choose the Heavy Aquarelle paper?
The Heavy Aqurelle is a high quality paper with a heavy GSM this also communicates the quality of the wine as being a premium product.

10. What made you choose MorningPrint?
I have used morning print before and the quality is high and delivered in a timely manner.

11. How was your experience with MorningPrint? Would you recommend us to others?
Very good. It is good to be able to communicate with the production team over email.

Creating a Professional Holiday Card

Glossy Gold Foiling Holiday Card

Designing the right holiday card for your business can be tricky. You want your cards to be festive without losing the professionalism of your work. Elements of a professional holiday card will keep your company culture in mind and has a warm holiday message for everyone; whether it is your colleagues, employees or customers. Some holiday messages to consider are: Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays, Warmest Wishes, and Holiday Greetings. If possible try to represent your business with your design. For example, a baker can have a design involving a tray of holiday treats and a caterer can feature a warm holiday meal.

Fun Holiday Card

4×6 Postcard in Standard Coated 14pt Matte

It would be advisable to also have a festive, neutral and professional design for your corporate holiday cards. We, at MorningPrint, noticed that reserved designs are most commonly used in creating professional holiday cards. That is not entirely necessary. With the use of warm colors and a familiar setting, a holiday card can be professional with a warm and even intimate design.
For example:
A cup of hot chocolate near a warm fireplace
A tray of holiday cookies
Mittens, scarves and gloves
A cartoon of pets in scarves

If these types of images do not fit in with your business, perhaps a more general winter design can suit your needs.
For example:
Sleigh bells with ribbons
Starry night sky over a forest in winter
Snow falling

Heavy Star Dream Holiday Card

5×7 Heavy Star Dream

If this does not properly represent your business, then consider a geometric design. For example:
Geometric designs are always professional.
Pine needle with branches and leaves motif
A close up of a snowflake, showing many intricate details
In a fancy font, write “Happy Holidays” or “Happy New Year” in different languages.

Those interested in creating holiday cards for their business can use our postcard sizes, 4×6 and 5×7. Our postcards can be made with a fold in them so your holiday cards will need to be opened, like a gift from you.


Folded Holiday Card

Vertical Folded 5×7 Postcard Standard Coated 14pt Matte with Glossy Silver Foiling

Some special papers to choose from are:
Star Dream/Heavy Star Dream: Festive metallic papers with a gold dust shine. These papers have a warm and celebratory feeling. Raised ink will stand out against this sparkling paper.
Vintage Kraft: A naturally brown paper best suited for vintage or more casual designs. Foiling, especially red foiling really pops against this paper.

Vintage Kraft Holiday Card

5×7 Vintage Kraft Postcard with Red Foiling

Heavy Linen: The most professional paper, with the brightest white while being upscale and fresh. This paper tends to look extra special with foiling or raised ink.
Heavy Nouveau: Our most elegant paper in a creamy white. Embossing will add to the professionalism of your holiday cards.

Holiday Partyu Holiday Card

4×6 Standard Coated 14pt Matte with Glossy Gold Foiling

Heavy Silky Matte: An elegant paper with a silky touch that allows fingers to glide across the paper. For a holiday card, we recommend considering using foiling or embossing with this paper.
Aquarelle: A watercolor paper which displays warm colors and watercolor styles which look intimate. Looks beautiful with just ink.

Glossy Silver Foiling Holiday Card

5×7 Standard Coated 20pt Matte with Glossy Silver Foiling

Standard Coated papers: Silky feeling paper with a soft laminate shine. Involves our thickest postcard, at 20 pt and the 14pt Matte can use Spot UV for a visual shine.

We hope this article gave some guidance in how to create a professional yet festive holiday card.

Vintage Kraft Holiday Card 2

4×6 Vintage Kraft

Japan / QR codes

Here at MorningPrint we have been saddened and devistated by the news of the events that occurred in Japan. We have several clients who are from that area and our thoughts go out to them and the whole country. A lot of times we don’t really grasp what is going on and the intensity of the situation, just looking at the statistics is mind boggling and we personally as individuals here feel like we should open our hearts to those who have been left homeless, alone, and with nothing. So if you feel like we do and want to help but don’t know how, here are some good ways to help, curtosy of USA today:

It is interesting that QR codes are the topic for today’s blog because I believe they were made popular in Japan. What are QR codes you may be asking? Well the boring answer is:

“A QR code is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data. Common in Japan, where it was created by Toyota subsidiary Denso-Wave in 1994, the QR code is one of the most popular types of two-dimensional barcodes. QR is the abbreviation for Quick Response, as the creator intended the code to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed.The technology has seen a large uptake in Japan and South Korea. However, in the west there has been a considerably slower adoption of QR Codes.”

Now my answer to what are QR codes are: QR stands for quick response.. and they are the coolest tools for advertising and marketing. They are basically bar code for the general public that will link you to information on the web. Not only do they provide your clients the opportunity to gather more information about you, you can put them almost anywhere, on a business card, a sticker, a postcard. I’ve seen them in magazines, on buildings, etc. There is something about them that really just draws you in, instead of you reaching out to people it is almost as if they are reaching out to you because there is this sense of curiosity, what will this code lead me to? Which makes it great for small business here is what one article said about QR codes:

“it makes promotion and marketing much easier. On top of that, it also makes tracking who accessed the QR Code and their location will be revealed to you. There will also be less printing, less need for paper which is good for the environment too. So, is that going to make a difference to how you do business?”

While giant corporations continue to splurge their bucks on commercials, nationwide radio programs, you could make full use of asking people to scan a QR Code and follow you on twitter. And you know how the online world goes – it’s global and it is mighty quick. The battleground is now even…big businesses have their big bucks while small businesses will thrive smaller budgets but bigger smarts.”

So how do people scan these codes? The beauty is you don’t even need to have a smart phone, QR codes are compatible with many mobile devices that have a camera, you just need to install the software, many smart phones have free apps that you can install and you can start scanning away.

check out this video we found on youtube explaining QR codes:

If you haven’t tried it before, what are you waiting for? Get out your phone.. download one of many free apps that are available or install the software on your camera phone. Once you have done this try it out on our QR code, it should lead you directly to our front page:

PRETTY COOL RIGHT?!??! Now what if you took that code… went to and you put it on the back of your business card design? People could scan it really quick and your site information would pop up.. or you could link the QR code do a specific page like if your having a sale and you wanted to link it to that specific product or just give them more information you could direct them to that specific page. Now what if you put this code on a sticker, and you put them up all over the city, or in your window of your car, now you’ve made it fun like a scavenger hunt. Just think of the possibilities! Link it to your Blog, your website, your facebook, or any other social media!! I could think of at least a billion different ways this could be used.

So how do you get a QR code? Well first pick your site or where you want your inquirer to be led when they scan the code.
Go to enter your URL and click shorten, the next to the shorten button it will display a new URL.. copy and paste this into your address bar, and the before you hit enter add a “.qr” to the end of it.. hit enter and presto your QR code will appear!!

Now that you have your QR code go

ahead and add it to your business card / sticker / postcard design. Here are some tips about QR codes straight from our designers:

So what will you put your QR code on?
Now before we end this Blog I just wanted to add a review we got today from one of our first time clients by the name of April:

As an internet and mobile marketing company owner, it is of the utmost importance that any printed material that I put our companies name on, be of the highest quality and leave a lasting and positive impression.

After looking at over forty+ printing companies websites for my business cards, all I kept seeing was the same old tired card material and styles over and over again. And I just could not believe that this was as good as it was going to get.

I was in the middle of a huge campaign targeted at degreed professionals in the legal and medical field and I could not send out just any ordinary piece. It had to be unique, timely and it had to stand out and make an amazing impression. Granted, this was no small feat.

Then after doing much research, I lucked up and ran across With their very easy to use online software, I was able to literally design a custom
card online (front & back!!) with any kind of font, any kind of color, etched or foil stamped, etc…and with the most unique card paper choices I have ever laid eyes on.This was exactly what I was looking for and needed.

Best of all, when I called customer service to make sure I had uploaded everything correctly, they took an inordinate amount of time with me (in fact Nina stayed late at work that day) just to make sure my order was done correctly and for less than half of what other printers charge for inferior products with limited selections.

Suffice it to say ~ Nina & John Kim at totally ROCK and they totally ROCKED my cards!!
Not only do my cards look beyond amazing, but they actually arrived 3 days early. I cannot say enough great things about them and I will never have to look for any
one else to help me with my print work, because I have already found the best there is!!


April Scarlott
A Client For Life!

Thanks for the review April! We are so happy to have started this new relationship with you, and look forward our future business together. I would also like to take the time to thank our designers and all the staff at our factory who play a huge roll, April mentions two but really it takes a village.. we work as a team to provide our clients with the best that we can!
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So, goodnight, goodevening, goodmorning whenever and where ever you may be reading this from and remember to print responsibly!