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MorningPrint Hint: Understanding the Margin of Error

Good Monday morning world! Today we wanted to talk about a common issue we hear about from our clients in the offset gang printing industry.

You set up your artwork for print. You use the guideline set up, your text is within the safezone.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 11.54.19 AM

you submit your order and when you get it back the text is touching the edge of the document and the whole design looks off-center.

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The Design of the Month for December is…

Hello! Here at MorningPrint, we receive many amazing designs, and we really enjoy seeing the creative process the designers go through. We enjoy seeing the results received after we send these designs to print. We would like to share some of these creative designs with you to help inspire you as they have inspired us.

Business Card Design of the Month : December
Designer Name : Shawn Hazen
Company Name: Hazen Creative Inc.
Website :
Order Details : Heavy Nouveau +
Oversized Blind Press Embossing
Q : Please briefly tell us about you, your company, your products and services:
A : I run a small studio in Chicago that specializes in visual design: mostly logos, web sites, and editorial work.
Q : You have a very clean and simple design which is very effective, how did you arrive at this concept?
A: Thanks! I actually just simplified my studio’s branding. I wanted to do something with just the name, in bold but minimal typography. But I didn’t want it to be SO minimal that it wasn’t “special.” I had been thinking about doing a foil stamp-which I’ve done for a couple clients through MorningPrint and then I noticed the embossing, which I’d somehow missed before! It was just the touch I was looking for, so I designed the card around being able to do that.
Q : You have many orders with MorningPrint, all of which are on the Heavy Nouveau. How did you select this stock and what keeps you coming back for the same stock?
A: Yes, I pretty much use that exclusively with you guys! I started designing business stationery back when there weren’t all the online printers-working with a traditional local printer using 1 to 3 spot colors on an uncoated stock. The explosion of online printing is great in a lot of ways, but options are limited and I miss the slightly-toothy uncoated stocks I used to spec with my local print shops. The Heavy Nouveau is my favorite option for getting back to that classic, tactile quality that I want for business stationery but still getting the benefits (cost, speed, and full-color) of online printing.
Q : How has your experience with MorningPrint? Did you experience any difficulties when using, or find anything to be inconvenient or inefficient?
A: It’s site and the service has always worked really well. My only unusual experience this time was that I contacted Laura in your service department this time because I was worried about exactly how my blind embossing would work (since I was doing it over a solid printed surface.) But that was just me being paranoid and overly cautious-I could have just sailed through with the information/functions on your site. But it was nice to be able to get confirmation that I hadn’t screwed anything up!
Q : A business card can hold a lot of different information, how did you determine what information to include, and what do you believe are the key components needed for a business card?
A: That’s a good question. I still have clients who insist on putting a fax # on there when they haven’t used a fax in years! Old habits die hard, I guess. I kept mind simple-no title or extraneous information. I could have included a tag line or description of what I do and both my phone numbers, but I find that when I hand someone a card, I generally have laid a little groundwork, so I really only need to ensure they have my name, number, email and web site. I’ve actually left my address off cards in the past! But I like having a little more info on there than that-even if just for design reasons!
Q : Any tips for our clients to consider when they are creating their business cards?
A: Think about my comment above: what is the situation you’ll be in when you give it to someone, and what will they need the card to convey to them? In my case, the more intangible aspect of handing someone a card is that I want them to take it and go “ooooh”-and so far my blind embossed type on blue is doing that! Because I’m a designer, there has to be some designs-ness to it. But I want all my clients to get an “oooh” when they hand someone their card. That may not be triggered by something visual: a really clever tag line can have the same effect. Since cards are less a part of daily business life these days, if you’ve got one, it should be purposeful and special.
Q : Any plans for your next business card?
A: I actually want to do 3 more of this exact same card, but instead of cyan, I want to do magenta, yellow, and black! Am I a huge design dork or what?

Design of the Month for March is…

Hello! Here at MorningPrint, we receive many amazing designs, and we really enjoy seeing the creative process the designers go through. We enjoy seeing the results received after we send these designs to print. We would like to share some of these creative designs with you to help inspire you as they have inspired us.

ImageName : Jessica Schott
Website :
E-mail :
Designer : Bjorn Schott 
Company : Fox Design Corp.
Website :
E-mail :

Order Details

1. Heavy Nouveau Raised Ink (single side) Glossy Silver Foil Rounded Corners
2. Standard Coated 14pt matte 5 x 7 postcard + Spot UV
3. Uncoated Sticker 90mm x 70mm
4. Uncoated Sticker 90mm x 150mm

4_1_Business card Back - Printing

4_1_Business card Back - Printing


Q : Jessica, briefly tell us about your business and its history:

A : I have been running a photography business for a few years and recently moved to another state and so decided to rebrand my business to better suit the market

Q : How did you select your designer for this project?

A: Well he is my husband! LOL And he also had just started his own design business so I knew I would get a great design and also a good deal.

Q : Where did the fox theme come from?

A: Our family shield features a fox so the theme runs through into our businesses.

Q : What direction did you give your designer? How did you like the final outcome of the project?

A: I explained that I wanted something simple and yet elegant, something not over the top but that would grab your attention.

Q : Bjorn, please tell us a little about yourself as a designer, and the services you offer:

A: I have been working in partnership with a very talented young designer by the name of Sebastian Pizarro for a while whom is now the other member of Fox Design Corp. We offer services to various niche markets like wedding stationary, greeting cards, and personalized stationary for individuals, along with logo and website design or a whole identity for a company as we have done for Jessica.

Q : Your design inspires us, what inspires you?

A: I think that the things that I admire most are always the simplest and yet convey a strong message with very little, whether it is words or just a few lines. This is mostly because when you start with an idea it is very cluttered and it is taking the time to remove the clutter that leaves you with something poignant and interesting.

Q : This order used a variety of options for this project, Spot UVFoilingRaised inkRounded Corners. How did you decide on the options?

A: MorningPrint offers many different printing options that I have been wanting to try for quite some time, so when the client said that she was happy to try anything we recommended it was hard not to try all of them LOL. I think that foiling gives things a sense of class along with rounded corners and the cards won’t bend in the corners and maintain a more pristine look. The raised ink and spot UV also add a texture that give the cards a real premium and tactile feel that also shows off the pattern we designed in a subtle way.

Q : When working with your clients, how do you get to the bottom of the style / design / products you will offer them?

A: I think as a designer it is important to understand the clients business, and therefore how the design will help the business stand out and also how they will use their stationary, in order to offer them the best solution. For example if my client is a plumber we might try a simpler design to make them look more upmarket instead of a tacky graphic and slogan and I would steer them more to plastic cards due to their water resistance and ease of cleaning in case they get them dirty. I would not try and steer them to something that may be more premium but that would not be particularly functional or useful for the business.

Q : Any tips for our clients to consider when they are creating their business cards?

A: Given the amount of cards people receive all the time it is worthwhile putting some effort in making something memorable in both design and feel so that you have more chances of potential clients keeping your cards and not throwing them away.


Special Offer from Fox Design Corp : We will offer a 10% discount to anyone that mentions MorningPrint.


silky smooth

Happy “As Young as You Feel Day”.. I hope that means if I feel like I’m 5 that I can take a nap, because I really need one, alas.. I am working and will power through. I just realized last Thursday was our 10th blog!!! A big thank you to you guys who actually read what I write. The purpose of this blog is to  be informative and help with design issues and to just overall educate you, so I hope I’ve been doing a good job of this. Also another big milestone for us, we have had over 40 people “like” our facebook page thank you for that as well! We are far from done though, so please tell your friends, family and especially anyone with any printing needs, no matter where they are located because we provide service to over 200 countries!

Also if you havn’t checked out our flickr recently we recently posted more pictures of stickers and cards. Here is a little sneak peak …

You can check new up loads at

Since the last blog we introduced a new stock to our product list, if you have not checked it out yet, head over to and click on “silky matte.”

I’ve seen a lot of glossy business cards, and while they are nice I find that some of the most elegant cards I’ve seen tend to be on matte stocks. This stock really does lend itself to vibrant colors because of the brightness of the white. If you are going to go with a white paper stock this is one that will bring a touch of elegance to your design with it’s silky finish. I recommend going to scroll to the bottom and click “sample requests” under support to get a free sample kit and see for yourself!

So here is a FAQ that we touched on a bit in the vector blog. Preparing embossing, foiling and raised ink files for print all require a separate document that you will zip with the front / back / and printed area documents. This document should be given as an .ai or a .psd…. vector files are ideal as we mentioned in the vector blog for the quality. And the area for finishing should be denoted in black. Before you submit your files for print, look over your images or text you want finishing options applied to. How are the quality of these files? Is the resolution poor? Is the image too pixelated? Our machines need clear defined edges to emboss, foil.. etc.

Also keep in mind, adding finishing options (foiling, raised ink, press embossing, rounded corners, and punches) all add to the production time to your card. You can see how many days it adds on our site by click on Finishing options. So for example if you ordered silky matte the production time for that is 2 days, if you add foiling it will be an additional 2 days so production time for your order will be 4 days, and by days I’m talking about business days.. then shipping is another 2 day process. A lot of time people will ask if we can expedite orders because they are in a hurry. Our processes run as quickly as possible already, if you check our competitors you will see the fastest you will get business cards from them are 3-4 weeks. I have seen the over night sites but then again with them you are very limited and you are getting basically a plain card, and the shipping costs are insane, you might as well book a ticket to where ever they are coming from and get them yourself!

Those of you who have ordered with us recently know that we use DHL, the shipping is 2 days which is the fastest possible however you should make sure that DHL services your area, in the rare case that they do not they will hand off your package to a 3rd party carrier such as USPS. This can easily be done at or by calling their toll free number 1-800-225-5345.

And the last question I will address for today is a question that I’ve received a couple times in the last few days. The question is: is it possible to have a business card that is portrait instead of landscape, if so.. how do I do this? The answer is yes, simply create your document for paper cards which are normally 3.58 x 2.05 and make them 2.05 x 3.58 or if you are printing on plastic make it 2.28 x 3.54, just don’t forget about the safety zone and you are good to go!

What are your questions, what topics would you like us to cover in our upcoming blogs? Let us know!

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So, goodnight, goodevening, goodmorning whenever and where ever you may be reading this from and remember to print responsibly!

Vector Sector

Thursday you are such a tease, so close to Friday yet so far away. How’s everyone Thursday going so far? You guys keep sending us great questions, so keep them coming! BTW happy “also known as” day! Thursday, March 10 – Also Known As Day: Today, whether privately or otherwise, come up with a new name for yourself. This is a playful, fun way for you to step outside of usual you. Be as creative as you dare to be and share your ‘new name’ as you choose, if you choose to do so. Encourage others to adopt a new name for the day! Hey if your alter ego needs a business card you know where to go! And if you don’t …… You know having a card that said:  Princess Consuela Bananahammock – Head of Marketing … would be soooo awesome!!!

So while I was racking my brain for new topics for today’s blog, I was thinking about an order I was helping out with yesterday. So today’s topic shall be quality! Because don’t we all want the best quality? I know I do, unless we are talking about needles, or torcher, or bee stings.. can bee stings have a degree of quality? Any who.. here at MorningPrint we accept a variety of file types. While do accept .ps, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp etc.. we prefer .ai, .psd, and.pdf. However if I had to recommend one I’d suggest an .ai file. Why? Because you can create your designs as vectors! What is so special about vectors? Well let me tell you!! So what is a vector graphic?

“Computer displays are made up from grids of small rectangular cells called pixels. The picture is built up from these cells. The smaller and closer the cells are together, the better the quality of the image, but the bigger the file needed to store the data. If the number of pixels is kept constant, the size of each pixel will grow and the image becomes grainy (pixellated) when magnified, as the resolution of the eye enables it to pick out individual pixels.Vector graphics files store the lines, shapes and colors that make up an image as mathematical formulae. A vector graphics program uses these mathematical formulae to construct the screen image, building the best quality image possible, given the screen resolution. The mathematical formulae determine where the dots that make up the image should be placed for the best results when displaying the image. Since these formulae can produce an image scalable to any size and detail, the quality of the image is limited only by the resolution of the display, and the file size of vector data generating the image stays the same. Printing the image to paper will usually give a sharper, higher resolution output than printing it to the screen but can use exactly the same vector data file.” WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!

So how is this a good thing? Say you were designing a logo for your company, and you wanted to use the logo on different products, like a business card, a post card, a letter head for you webpage.. etc. Well you aren’t going to use the same size for each one. So by having a vector graphic no matter how you resize this image it will never pixelate producing a crisp clear image every time. For that is important because when printing not only does it produce a better quality business card/ post card but it is also better to have a vector graphic for embossing, and foiling, by having graphics with clear defined edges our machines will have no problem producing quality finishing’s!

And I suggest Adobe Illustrator to accomplish this. The first thing you want to do if you are designing your own business card is make sure that your setting up your document correctly

Now you will notice that we have the width & height correctly listed for a paper business card document size. (Refer to our site for info on plastic business card document size)… Our color mode is set to CMYK cause we are creating a design that will be printed, and remember RGB is for screen viewing, so maybe if you are designing for a website that is when you would use RGB. And then make sure that your DPI or PPI is set to High at least 300, and you are ready to go.. or you could just take the short cut which is downloading our free template and skip these steps all together.. (

Here is the template we offer for free on website for our clients who want to design their own cards. I always recommend using it because as you can see it already shows you the safety zone areas in blue. So making sure that all the info you want printed fit’s within those lines is a breeze with our template! Although we do suggest that before you upload your document that you do delete those guide lines.

So with a vector graphic no matter how you resize the image will always stay crisp

Now that is a good looking vector graphic!

Flawless.. go on.. stare if you want.. we are ready for our close up…
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So, goodnight, goodevening, goodmorning whenever and where ever you may be reading this from and remember to print responsibly!