Design of the Month: December 2017

  1. Name: Core-Rx Communications
  2. Website:
  3. Business Contact Email:
  4. Please give us a brief history of your business and some of the services you provide.
    Core-Rx Communications is a healthcare communications agency specializing ijn strategy, advertising, education and events. Core-rx thrives on a collaborative alliance with clients.Design of the Month December
  5. What was your goal for your design?
    This particular client came to us seeking a new, fresh identity for a newly founded company. Bright colors, modern type and an overarching clean aesthetic enabled ELEO to flourish into a dynamic brand.
  6. You have paint in varying shades, spread across the background of the card. What made you choose that design element?
    The splash of color you see across the business card design mimics the mission of ELEO- bringing color and vibrancy back into the lives of women moving through divorce and beyond. These custom watercolors mirror the personal, tailored services that the brand provides.December Design of the Month Red Back
  7. The design incorporates a circle with the word ‘ELEO’ written inside done in Black Foil. Why choose Black Foiling for this logo?
    In addition to the watercolor, we wanted to give a special attention to the logo itself. By adding a black foil detail, we were able to highlight the logo in a very sophisticated and subtle way. Unexpected finishes can really elevate simple, clean designs.
  8. What made you choose the Standard Coated 20pt Matte paper?
    The 20pt Matte paper stood out to us because it was soft and welcoming with a very sturdy, stable underlying structure. That spoke to the essence of the brand.December Design of the Month Grass
  9. What made you choose MorningPrint?
    MorningPrint offers wonderful print options at affordable prices and quick turnaround times.
  10. How was your experience with MorningPrint? Would you recommend us to others?
    Our experience and our client’s experience with MorningPrint was wonderful. When we were debating between paper choices, they were kind enough to offer sending 2 sets of samples right away. We would definitely order again!

MorningPrint Products and Services

As a truly customizable printing company, MorningPrint offers a wide range of services and products. We understand it can be difficult to know which product works best for your design. In this article we offer a quick generalized overview of our various products to help guide you to whichever product works best for your design.

Paper Business Cards
Our paper business cards have the most choices of all the papers. Ranging in more than just thickness, we offer textured paper, metallic paper, matte paper and even black paper. We encourage everyone to read about our products before creating your design to choose the best paper for your design. For additional special effect we can add foiling, embossing, raised ink (also known as thermographic printing). Please check
the specific paper to know which finishing options are available.

Texture Papers range in thickness and amount and type of texture. Tant is the thinnest and most textured paper, while Heavy Aquarelle is the thickest paper with a watercolor texture. Read What You Need to Know: Texture Paper to learn more about Tant, Heavy Aquarelle and every textured paper in between.
Metallic Paper such as Heavy Star Dream and Keaykolour Metallic range not just in thickness and the type of shine each paper features. Keaykolour Metallic has two different colors to take into account, the off white paper and then the brilliant frosty
shine. To learn about each metallic paper, read What You Need to Know: Metallic Papers.
Matte Papers include the Nouveau and Heavy Nouveau: The Blank Slate and Sumo Nouveau: The Thickest Paper. The Nouveau family is all made with a creamy and luxorious white true matte paper. These papers are thought of as elegant and are universally liked.

October DOM
Black Paper is the richest black a design can achieve because it is naturally black. This type of paper only does foiling, no ink printing. To learn more about this specific type of black paper, read Black Paper: The Deepest Black.
Plastic Business Cards
Our plastic business cards are all made of PET plastic, which is an environmentally friendly material. As such, they are quite thin, and flexible. This thinness does not mean these plastics are flimsy. All our plastic business cards are waterproof and durable.


Clear Plastic is like looking through a glass, and every part of your design that has white ink will be clear. We recommend avoiding soft colors and thin fonts as this could create an issue with legibility. We do offer a clear plastic which can print white ink, it is called Clear+White Plastic. To learn more about these two plastics, read Clear Plastic Business Cards.
Opaque White Plastic has a thin layer of white ink to the entire card which is ideal for those with many small, white details. Meanwhile the Frosty Plastic is slightly thicker than the other plastic cards, and can only do foiling, no ink printing.

Silver Pearl
Silver Plastic Family includes several types of metallic plastic cards. The solid silver plastic card is as reflective as a mirror while other silver plastic cards have sparkling glitter throughout the cards. Read our What You Need to Know: Silver Plastics to learn more. The Gold Plastic Family involves solid gold as well as gold plastic cards with sparkling glitter, both solid and transparent. Read What You Need to Know: the Gold Plastic Family for more details.

Die Cuts

Die Cut Tag
Die Cuts are the most customizable form of printing. We offer templates for over 50 shapes. Some of our standard shapes include circles, ovals, houses, and dog bones. However, if the client wishes to create their own custom shape, we can do this as well. These shapes are automatically printed on the Standard Coated 14pt Matte, but you can choose any type of paper you like for our Die Cuts. Doing so, will alter the price, but it is possible. If a paper that is compatible with Raised Ink is chosen, we are able to add this finishing option to your order as well. Finishing options offered with the Standard Coated 14pt Matte include foiling, embossing and spot uv. If you wish to learn more about our Die Cuts, please read Die Cuts: The Most Customizable Cards.


blue border sticker
Stickers come in several types of options, such as Uncoated, Coated, Silver, and Durable. These types of stickers come with individual characteristics. For example, Coated Stickers had a bright shine and some slight durability against any type of wear and tear. Uncoated stickers are made with matte paper, meaning no shine. We also offer a Strong Adhesive Sticker which includes an extra strong glue. These same types of stickers can be used in our standard, as well as custom shapes. All stickers are able to offer foiling. MorningPrint also offers metal stickers, in both gold and silver. A highly customizable sticker, pricing must be done through our printing team. Read our article, Stickers to learn more about all of these options.


wedding invitation blue and silver
Made from the some of the same papers as our paper business cards and come in two sizes, 4×6 and 5×7. A folding line is possible on these postcards. Also, custom sizing can be possible, but you must speak with our printing team to check the possibility of your design as well as for a quote. Other finishing options such as foiling, embossing and raised ink are also possible depending on the chosen paper. Postcards can be used as invitations, holiday cards, and business supplies.

What You Need to Know: Gold Plastic Family

Our second metallic plastic family are our Gold Plastics. Like our Silver Plastic Family, our Gold Plastics are made of PET material. PET material is an environmentally friendly plastic. As such, our Gold Plastic Family is ultra thin, flexible, waterproof and difficult to break. They all share some similar qualities, which I have listed out below:

1. All our Gold Plastic Family have some sort of reflection or shimmer characteristic.
2. Due to the strong gold coloring, it is important to note that the final printing will be altered
3. The Gold Plastic Family has round corners.
4. The best color to use on all our Gold Plastics is black, because this metallic plastic family has a rich coloring.

Gold Plastic

Gold Plastic is a solid metallic gold plastic and is highly reflective with a rich gold coloring. It is unable to print white ink, meaning that any aspect of your design which incorporates white will show the metallic gold of the plastic card. The designs which work well with this plastic card are large and simple. The type of styles which go best with the characteristics of this card are geometric and art deco. Such simplistic and angular designs allow the boldness of the card stand out without being overwhelmed. Although black is the best coloring for this type of plastic stock, it would do well to keep in mind that bright greens and reds print well against the gold coloring of this card.

Gold Plus Plastic-white

Gold Plus Plastic is the most customizable silver plastic we offer. This card is made up exactly like the Gold Plastic, the only difference being it has a white rectangle allowing it to print white ink. Due to the strong coloring of the Gold Plus Plastic, the white rectangle is not a bright, crisp white. It is actually an off-white with a pinkish undertone.


Although it automatically comes as a plastic card with a white rectangle and gold border, the white ink is highly customizable. The white ink can be isolated to certain areas of your design, revealing the gold plastic on the rest of your card. Unless one is skilled at Photoshop or Illustrator, we would recommend contracting a designer to create a custom white ink design for you for our Gold Plus Plastic cards.

Gold Pearl Plastic

Gold Pearl Plastic is smooth to the touch, but covered in glitter. A slightly brighter gold compared to the other gold plastics it still darkens the shade of any color printed on it. Due to the blend of the sparkle and gold coloring, black ink against the Gold Pearl Plastic is enough to stand out without looking busy. No white ink is possible on this plastic, meaning that the glittery gold will be revealed in place of any white aspect of your design.

Sheer Gold Pearl Plastic

Sheer Gold Pearl Plastic is a transparent card with a bright gold coloring and shimmer. The amount of its transparency alters greatly depending under which light you hold it under. Under some lighting it is as transparent as its counterpart in the silver plastic family. In other lighting situations this plastic stock looks almost solid due to the strong coloring and bold shimmer. It still shows objects directly in front of it with great clarity. We recommend avoiding thin, and light colored designs because they will not be visible against this color. This plastic does not print any white ink, any part of your design with white ink will reveal the gold color stock.
Click here to watch a video of the transparency of our Sheer Gold Pearl Plastic.

Design of the Month: November 2017

1.Name (Designer: Georgina Bromley) (Commissioner: Wine maker Nina Stocker)
2. Company Name: Georgina Bromley for Brave Goose Winery
3. Website:, instigram : georginaillustration
4. Business Contact Email:

Design of the Month November

5. Please give us a brief history of your business and some of the services you provide.
I am a Designer and Illustrator from Australia designing everything from business cards to handbags.

6. What was the goal for your design?
To create an elegant wine logo / label / business card for a boutique winery called “Brave Goose” in central Victoria Australia

Design of the Month November 3

7. Your logo is a flying goose in a gray coloring with touches of Silver Glossy Foiling. How did you decide where the foiling should be applied?
The foiling is applied to the custom hand illustration to highlight the feathers on the goose and visually communicate that this wine is a premium quality product.

8. What type of font did you use in the ‘Brave Goose Vineyard’?
The font is Castellar Regular. I added extra kerning.

Design of the Month November 2

9. What made you choose the Heavy Aquarelle paper?
The Heavy Aqurelle is a high quality paper with a heavy GSM this also communicates the quality of the wine as being a premium product.

10. What made you choose MorningPrint?
I have used morning print before and the quality is high and delivered in a timely manner.

11. How was your experience with MorningPrint? Would you recommend us to others?
Very good. It is good to be able to communicate with the production team over email.

Shake Up Your Designs with Die-Cut Cards

Designers & business professionals wanting to think outside of the box might find satisfaction in the option to die-cut cards. It involves cutting stock with a specifically-shaped metal die.

Die-cutting is a great way to provide impact & emphasis, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer. Cards can be cut to the same shape of your logo, or cut to a shape that represents your company’s product or services. This extra step in your final design can help you stand out among the crowd and draw in prospective customers.


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Embossing vs Debossing, what’s the best option for me

After much demand, Morning Print is proud to announce the addition of Debossing to our finishing services!* Debossing is a great way to add dimension and texture to your design with a clean and minimal aesthetic. Intrigued, but not exactly sure what embossing or debossing is? Have no fear, Morning Print is here!


Image Sources: AdelleFrances & One to One Design
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