MorningPrint Hint: Understanding the Margin of Error

Good Monday morning world! Today we wanted to talk about a common issue we hear about from our clients in the offset gang printing industry.

You set up your artwork for print. You use the guideline set up, your text is within the safezone.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 11.54.19 AM

you submit your order and when you get it back the text is touching the edge of the document and the whole design looks off-center.

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Full bleeds and converting text

Happy Thursday ya’ll. So much to celebrate today: National Clams on the Half Shell Day, I think therefore I am Day(Rene Descartes’ bday), National farm Workers Day, National Sleep Apnea Day, Coloring Crayola Day, Bunsen Burner Day, Orange and Lemons Day, Tater Day, and The Eiffel Tower’s Anniversary. How can so many of my favorite things be celebrated in one day?!?!?

I don’t know if you have been keeping up with the events in Japan, but check out this link…
Can you believe the bravery of these 50 plant workers? What blows me away is that these people are not doing this for themselves; they are doing it for their country. The bravery that these workers have displayed is beyond amazing. We continue to keep Japan in our thoughts as they recover from the tragic events they have endured.

Anyways, sorry about Tuesday’s post or lack thereof, I thought I posted it and I usually save them in a word document to refer back to them , yet there must be a black hole located somewhere in my computer because it is nowhere to be found.
I think I will use today post to address some FAQ and common mistakes:

Fancy fonts can be really fun and fantastic not to mention futuristic , ferocious and flirty.. sorry just got on a little alliteration kick there. However I’m sure we have all experienced typing something up in a fun font and then saving it on a portable device and using another computer only to find out that this other computer doesn’t have the same fonts stored on it and therefore cannot read your text or it comes out in a different font.. etc. This is also the same case for when you send us your documents. We might not always have the fonts that you have embedded in your files. Text can be converted to curves (paths) in some graphic programs. This will fix upload errors that result when fonts are not embedded in your file. Following these easy steps will help ensure that your text prints clearly.

How to convert fonts to outlines in Adobe Illustrator:
1. Select all text.

2. Click Type Menu> Type> Create Outlines

3. Text now has a blue outline- your text will now be read as shapes.

In photoshop you can just go to the menu layer>type> convert to shape
Of course like I’ve said before, make sure that your fonts are bigger than a point 7 because anything smaller will be too hard to read. And remember if you are requesting foiling, embossing or raised in you will want to submit a PS or AI file, and make sure your file is at least 300 DPI.

Another question we get all the time is how do I make a full bleed.

As you can see the thin red line where the scissors symbol is is the Trim line, where we cut The product will be cut on the trim mark, however the cut may shift a fraction of an inch in any direction. This is why we have the safety zone, so the areas you want to make sure are printed come out. If you wish to have colored backgrounds or images continue to the edge of the product, they must continue past the trim marks all the way to the edge of the document. If your image or background does not continue to the full bleed margin you most likely will end up with white lines along the edges of the product. The safe zone (make sure important text and/or images do not go passed this area) The text or other elements you want to guarantee not to be trimmed off must be placed within the safe zone. If they are placed directly next to the trim mark there is a good chance the text can be cut off.
If you guys have more questions you know how to reach us.
Have a great day!
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