Design of the Month: November 2018

1. Name: Lindsey Campbell

2. Company Name: Hello Hydrangea

3. Website:

4. Business Contact Email:


5. Please give us a brief history of your business and some of the services you provide.
Hello Hydrangea is a creative business that creates online video classes about fiber arts. I have taught thousands of students around the world how to weave and macrame, among other lessons. I also design and sell home decor collections and I have worked with companies such as Anthropologie, Nordstrom and JoAnn Crafts.

6. Why did you select Glossy Silver Foiling?
I created my logo in glossy silver foil on top of a detail shop of some of my work on the front of my business card to make it stand out.


7. Can you tell us the inspiration behind the logo?
I hand painted my logo when I started weaving a few years ago. It is a symbol of woven tapestries and is a reflection of the handmade element in my work.

8. What made you choose Standard Coated 14pt Matte?
I wanted my business cards to be thick and contrast to the glossy silver foil.

9. What is your favorite part of your business card?
I love the silver foil on the front and the two sides of color printing. I also have a frosted and silver foil care/instructions card that I include in my handmade woven goods packages.


10. What made you choose MorningPrint?
I have been ordering my business cards from MorningPrint since last year when I found them while searching for an affordable printing option to make a business card that would stand out. I love their unique options, great prices and quick turnaround!

11. How was your experience with MorningPrint? Would you recommend us to others?
My experience with MorningPrint has been amazing. It’s amazing that I can place an order for a few hundred thick, double sided color business cards with silver foiling and the finished cards will be on my door four days later! I recommend them to everyone I know. If you have a vision, you can make it happen with MorningPrint


Design of the Month: June 2018

Design of the Month June 2018 All 4

1. Name: Mandy Schmall

2. Company Name: agf creatives

3. Website:

4. Business Contact Email:

5. Please give us a brief history of your business and some of the services you provide.
agf creatives is a re-brand and rejuvenation of my past graphic design business. For the past 7 years I was in director in the retail creative environment and last year I happily stepped away to start my own businesses. agf creatives focuses on branding design and creative consulting, specializing in bringing brands to life starting with the roots, the brand/identity, including logo, business cards and brand guidelines to ensure a brand is consistent on all platforms. agf creative also offers brand strategy sessions and consulting on creative process work flow for companies.

Design fo the Month June 2018 Foil Close Up

6. A big trend we have been noticing this season is to have small business cards, for example 2×2 inch business card. The unique part of your business card, is while the whole card is our standard business card size, the main portion of the design is within a 2×2 space. This gives your card the practicality of the standard size business card and also the pop of a small business card. Can you talk to us more about that?
I maintained the standard business card size because although my work is rooted in design, myself and many of my clients/potential clients are industry leaders and appreciate the “standard card” size, for functionality and professionalism, especially on the consulting side. I like to convey to everyone that I meet that I am strong in designing, but I am very operational and professional in all my businesses. I am not the designer that takes a week to reply or asks a question already answered, I respond in 24-48 hours with articulate clear answers and next steps In whatever process we are in. The short answer is, I am a blend a creative and operational expertise and I designed a card I felt emulated that idea.

7. Since your design is within such a small space, you used smaller font. While we usually recommend larger font, smaller font is the topic of most of our design questions to customer service. Your font was executed so well, can you explain how you ensured legibility?
If I use small font, as I did, I ensure it is highly contrasted with the background. Black copy on white background or white copy on a deep colored background. I also take into consideration the font type, the cleaner the font (san serif/not a script) the easier it is to read in small point size. Kerning is an important element not to forget, I increase the spacing to ensure the small letters don’t jumble together when viewing from a distance.

Design of the Month June 2018 Front and Back

8. The Blind Press Embossing of your business cards came out looking exceptionally well with the raised effect on one side and the indented pattern on the back. We can feel that clients do not feel comfortable knowing how to incorporate the indent into their back design. They either avoid embossing or they ignore the effect the indent will have on their design. Do you have any advice for those wanting to do embossing?
I LOVE embossing, but yes, it’s dangerous because it flips your logo when viewed from the back. If your logo can be mirrored, like a “bd” then I would totally incorporate it embossed by designing that as a key element, and letting the print support the embossing area. I design the front and back of the business card at the same time next to each other on my screen and I try to get them to work together, vs. being separate designs and embossing supports that the best. When I have an embossed area on the front I show it in light gray on the back and use it as an element to design from.

9. What were the reasons behind your choice of Heavy Nouveau paper?
Honestly I wanted to try this paper. I just designed my husbands cards and used another paper which I really like, so it was more of a comparison call.

Design of the Month June 2018 Close Up

10. What made you choose Glossy Gold Foiling over our Matte Gold Foiling?
I like shine, so that was an easy call for me, it supports the personality element of, me, in my card.

11. What made you choose MorningPrint?
I have used you to print many cards and recommend you to everyone. My experience is always great and you are wonderful to work with. I appreciate the shipping speed and the exceptional results I get with each card.

12. How was your experience with MorningPrint? Would you recommend us to others?
See above 🙂

Design of the Month: March 2018


  1. Name: Tina Ross
  2. Company Name: Soda Back
  3. Website:
  4. Business Contact Email: tina@sodaback.comDesign of the Month March 2018
  5. Please give us a brief history of your business and some of the services you provide.
    We specialize in graphic design and marketing for hospitality and beverage companies. These types of businesses are our primary focus as we have a background in event planning and bartending. We provide logo (brand identity), menu, business cards, event flyer design and more! This particularly wedding-invitation set was done for a bar consultant colleague and his fiance.Design of the Month March 2018 Save the Date Back
  6. What was the goal of your design?
    The wedding invitations we did for Sarah and Aaron were meant to capture the spirit of their celebration in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The textures and colors pull directly from the buildings and flowers of the city. The map on the backside is an abstract representation of the location and energy of the wedding festivities.
  7. Why did you choose the Standard Coated papers?
    They are a true matte finish with durability and great ink absorption. Colors are always very vivid and rich!Design of the Month March 2018 Map Back
  8. Our favorite part of your design is the map on the back of the Parade Card. How did you create that effect for the back of the card?
    The map was created from a rough sketch of a city map that was altered in proportions to include all the wedding festivities. The affects and textures were created using watercolor and paint brushes in Adobe Illustrator. The couple asked for special elements such as the bride and groom, plants and flowers and their two pups. These tiny details made the map feel truly customized and special.Design of the Month March 2018 Save the Date
  9. We have never seen a black wedding never seen a black wedding invitation set, and yet it works beautifully. How did you decide on the color pattern, including Matte Gold Foil of the invitation and parade card?
    The couple wanted a richness and colorful celebratory mood to their wedding invitation set. Matte Gold Foil was an absolute must to give the invitation a little bit of polish. The colors come naturally from the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel cathedral and surrounding architecture of the city of San Miguel de Allende. The black seemed like a no-brainer that gave this invitation a rich contrast and helped make it feel more personal, more like them and less like other wedding invitations you see.Design of the Month March 2018 Invitation
  10. What made you choose MorningPrint?
    I’ve used Morning Print for the last 5-6 years. Their paper quality is the main reason that I love them, plus the ability for metallic foils and spot UV. They are absolutely my go to for an affordable and beautiful business card or flyer.
  11. How was your experience with MorningPrint? Would you recommend us to others?
    My experience was great. I did have some difficulty uploading larger files to their website (the wedding map file) but was able to dropbox them to their team, and they added the files to my order.
    Yes, I would definitely recommend MorningPrint.


Design of the Month: June 2016



Our June design of the month comes from Alyssa Auerbach of AMDesigns. Alyssa has sent us some stellar designs over years and we were “nspired” by her soothing card design for Nspire Today, a licensed professional counselor, specializing in addiction.

We spoke with Alyssa about her design style and process, her first foray into printing with laser cutting, and what makes her stand out among other graphic designers.

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Design of the Month: March 2016


Our design of the month is a creative corporate identity concept from Page One Web Solutions. Page One Web Solutions are a “multi-talented team comprised of experienced marketers, writers, web developers & project managers.” With combined experience spanning more than 50 different industries, Page One has the talent and know-how to provide you with stellar web design and internet marketing solutions.
Founder, Patrick Sullivan, took some time out of his busy schedule to talk with us about their quirky plastic cards.
Company Name:
Page One Web Solutions
Graphic Designers:
Jeremy Lindemann & Shamus Alley
Social Media Links:
Facebook          Twitter           Linkedin            Google +


Q:  Could you please provide a brief history of your company and the type of services you offer?  

Founded in 2006 by Patrick Sullivan and Patrick Robinson, Page One Web Solutions, located in Portland, Maine, offers web design, web development, and internet marketing services to our clients. We take the time to listen to our clients’ challenges and goals then create custom campaigns tailored to their needs. We specialize in WordPress website design/development, WordPress Multisite Development, WooCommerce eCommerce platform, SEO, Paid Search, and Google Analytics.

Q: Can you talk about some of the inspirations for your business card design? 

We did quite a bit of research to come up with the designs for our business cards. In our (digital) industry, many times business cards get thrown right into the trash after adding it to the company CRM. We wanted cards that were fun and unique, like our business, as well as memorable. We have found that, not only do people like our business cards, they are great conversation starters! We’ve even heard people say, “I want to collect them all,” like sports cards! This article was used as part of our inspiration.

pows_2Q: Portraiture is not something you see very much of in corporate business design. What were the motivations behind this design element? 

We wanted our business cards to have a personal touch – beyond our name, company logo and contact information. Since the cards would be transparent/translucent, people would be able to place the cards over their licenses or hold them up in front of someone to see what they would look like with those facial features.

Q: By the way, where did everybody’s nose and eyes disappear to? 😉 

Haven’t you ever seen: ? Just kidding! Items like noses and eyes were left out to keep the portraits on the abstract side while still allowing individual’s defining characteristics to be displayed, and allow these missing features to show through from the faces/pictures placed behind the cards. Over time, some portraits have included noses and eyelashes.

Q: How are you liking our opaque white plastic cards? 

We really like them! We still get lots of great comments and feedback about our cards!

Q: The thickness of our plastic cards is something people either love or aren’t happy with (we are hoping you are in the former camp.) What are some advantages or disadvantages you can see with the thickness of our plastic cards? 

Some advantages are that the thickness makes them unique than a paper card, especially helpful when you put your business card into a drawing (they tend to get picked!). Because of the material they also don’t rip and rarely fold. Some disadvantages are that they are a bit slippery feeling and hard to write on without a permanent marker.

pows_3Q: Did you consider other stock options, like clear + white plastic, before choosing opaque white plastic? 

We had originally considered a completely clear card, but we were concerned about legibility issues, so we went with a frosted/translucent one instead.

Q: A few other design elements that pop out are bold colors and bold fonts in all caps. All caps in particular is something many people use very minimally or shy away from completely. How do these elements represent your company? 

These are branding elements found in our logo and all our printed material. It was important to keep consistency amongst our brand.

Q: If you could pick any movement in art or graphic design that best fits with your company’s aesthetic, which one would you pick and why? 

Our design style takes elements from various popular movements, but particularly the Swiss Design style with its grid-based layouts, left-justified sans-serif text, and use of white space. We find that it is a strong fit for the verticals in which we work, allowing for high legibility, simplicity of presentation, and emphasis on areas of interaction and conversion.

Q: How was your experience with Morning Print? Anything we can approve upon?

Overall we have really enjoyed our experience working with Morning Print. The price and quality are unbeatable and our business cards always receive positive remarks when handed out. Turnaround times are amazing. They are something we’re all truly proud of.

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Morning Print would like to thank Page One Web Solutions for contributing to this blog post and their ongoing support of our products + services. For more information on Page One Web Solutions, please visit their website.

Design of the Month: February 2016


Savage Cat Food® takes your cat’s food back to the wild. They provide raw, certified organic prey-based food that contains actual muscle meat and real animal bone. Sourced from sustainable local farms and better yet, their food processing retains active bacteria that is normally lost in most cat food options. All this packaged in 100% recyclable boxes that fit easily in your freezer.

We spoke with co-owner/co-founder & creative designer, Joe Abraham about what makes Savage Cat Food® such a great option for your cat’s diet and the thought process behind their branding package.

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Design of the Month for June is…

Hello! Here at MorningPrint, we receive many amazing designs, and we really enjoy seeing the creative process the designers go through. We enjoy seeing the results received after we send these designs to print. We would like to share some of these creative designs with you to help inspire you as they have inspired us.

c1Name : Jimmy González & Erick González

Website :
Order Details :
Black paper Glossy Silver Foil
Nouveau + Raised Ink (single side)


im05 im06

Q : Briefly tell us about yourself, your company, and the services you offer:

A : We offer viable and innovative solutions putting aside conventional methods and providing ideas that will improve our customer proposals. Leux arises from the mixture of two minds and our task is to create, experiment and have fun every day.

The services we provide are: Motions Graphics, Video Production, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Project Startup, Branding, Webdesign. In short, everything you need for your company to stay in the mind of all its customers in a special way.

Q : After placing your order receiving the cards was not the end for you. You got creative after receiving the cards, made some cuts and had some assembly required. The end result was something truly unique. How did you come up with this idea to create a card with moving parts?

A: We must admit it was not an easy task, we needed something that awed people the moment they had it in their hands. After our “Creative Storm” and taking as inspiration the concept of interactivity, we tested, assembled and repeated over and over to reach this result.

Q : How did you select the stocks and options you chose?

A: Luckily we found a special place where we had a wide range of options to choose and our advantage was the samples that MorningPrint sent us. We did some tests with those samples until we finally decided on the Nouveau for the Rise ink and black paper for the foil, that gave this combination an awesome result.

Q : How did you make the cuts after receiving your card?

A: We had to make some cuts to the purple card, then with a “Circular Shaper 3/4” drilled the black card. The biggest challenge was merging both cards, for this we used eyelets and carefully we merged both getting the result you are seeing. Everything was done manually (Art & Craft).

Q : When working with your clients, how do you get to the bottom of the style / design / products you will offer them?

A: Our # 1 rule is to provide experiences with high attention to detail. We do our “Shoot ‘Em Up” session, in which we take the idea and analyze it from different points of view, thereby obtaining the sketch. After this, we do the proposals, obtaining stunning results.

Q : Any tips for our clients to consider when they are creating their business cards?

A:Think different, make mistakes because they help you to learn new things. Evolve your creativity, play with your idea and never forget to add the secret ingredient: To love everything you do.

Q :Any ideas for your next card? Different stock / options?

A: Rest assured that we will come up with something new, taking advantage of the products that MorningPrint offers. We’re thinking on a concept that plays with the perception of the viewer.

Q : How was your experience with MorningPrint? Did you experience any difficulties when using MorningPrint, or find anything to be inconvenient or inefficient?

A: Our experience was fantastic! We received a quick reply to all emails, all the answers were very clear. The delivery time exceeded the one shown in the website and the product we received was beyond our expectations. The best part was the love MorningPrint greeted us with, which is why our card has that special seal. We do not have a single complaint.

Special Offer from LUXE SOLUTIONS :We are offering 30% off for branding & design, 25% off for social media and 20% off for motion graphics & advertising. To take advantage of this special offer just mention MorningPrint.

Design of the Month for May is…

Hello! Here at MorningPrint, we receive many amazing designs, and we really enjoy seeing the creative process the designers go through. We enjoy seeing the results received after we send these designs to print. We would like to share some of these creative designs with you to help inspire you as they have inspired us.

1Designer : Jeremy Fuller
Website :,
E-mail :
Order Details : Clear Plastic + White ink (PET 0.22mm) 



Q : Briefly tell our readers about you and your company:

A : Wolf Studios is an independent development company focusing on games and apps. It’s just my wife and I. She handles the business side and networking with others, and I do the designing and development. I’ve been doing graphic design, programming, music composition, and writing since a very young age. Most recently, I released a series of word games on iOS called War of Words. I never sit still-right now I’m designing a table-top game and writing a novel.

Q : Looks like this is your first order with MorningPrint. How did you find out about us and did you shop other printers?

A: I found MorningPrint through a Google search, and I did check out a few other printers. I was specifically looking for clear or translucent plastic cards. They varied quite a bit, from very thick and expensive credit-card-style cards to the very thin cards MorningPrint offered. I decided I preferred the thinner stock. MorningPrint was also far more affordable than the alternatives, and that certainly helped!

Q : You selected our clear plastic + white ink. Why did you select this stock? Had you printed on PET plastic before?

A: I wanted to do a card that was very unique. To achieve that, I wanted to play with transparency and plastic. This was my first attempt at any sort of plastic business card. I have experience designing screen printed textiles, so I knew a white plate would be very helpful in this case. I tried designs for the gold and silver plastic cards first, but wasn’t happy with the results in Photoshop, so I decided to go with clear plastic.

Q : What was your design process like for creating your card?

A: Initially, I struggled with it a lot. I tried several radically different approaches. It’s very hard to simulate transparency in Photoshop in a way that the eye can visualize without seeing the finished product. My favorite color is green, and in the end I thought simple was better. I didn’t want to see a lot of obvious rasterization artifacts, so I went with solid colors and a dramatic full-bleed design. The 4.5 degree rotation on the logo was an inspired final touch that really pushed the design to the next level. The white plate helped not only pop the color more (green is hard to achieve using CMYK), but it also added an extra dimension to the transparency effect.

Q : Your design is simple yet effective and draws a lot of interest by playing off the transparency of the card, how did you come up with this?

A: Designing for transparency is a very different approach from traditional designing. I had looked at using translucent plastic, but thought dramatic full transparency combined with a white plate would be a better choice. I wanted people to really notice the transparency, but also be able to easily read the card, so I opted for a large and bold logotype. I’m very picky about wolf illustrations, and I love how this one really owns the side of the card in a dramatic fashion. (I guess drama was my main goal!) If the whole card had been transparent, it wouldn’t have been as noticeable. That’s why I did 30% white along the bottom half of the card-not only does it emphasize the transparency by providing some contrast for the world behind the card, but it also aids in reading the smaller type at the bottom. After struggling so much, the final design ended up happening very quickly. Sometimes inspiration strikes!

Q : For future cards will you stick with the clear plastic or explore any other stocks and options?

A: I’ve had incredible reactions to this card so far, so I might continue with this design for a bit. But I’m always looking for change, so the odds are good that I’ll do a new design soon, and that probably means a different stock. I’d like to play with nonstandard sizes and die cuts, as well as metal. I hate boring, and business cards can be the epitome of boring.

Q :Any tips for our clients to consider when they are creating their business cards?

A: Simple is better. Make sure you use a professional designer who understands the nature of offset printing, including bleeds and the cutting process. And don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Q : Did you experience any difficulties when using MorningPrint?

A: Nope! The cards arrived exactly as I designed them. I was very happy with the price, speed, and quality of the product.

Design of the Month for March is…

Hello! Here at MorningPrint, we receive many amazing designs, and we really enjoy seeing the creative process the designers go through. We enjoy seeing the results received after we send these designs to print. We would like to share some of these creative designs with you to help inspire you as they have inspired us.

ImageName : Jessica Schott
Website :
E-mail :
Designer : Bjorn Schott 
Company : Fox Design Corp.
Website :
E-mail :

Order Details

1. Heavy Nouveau Raised Ink (single side) Glossy Silver Foil Rounded Corners
2. Standard Coated 14pt matte 5 x 7 postcard + Spot UV
3. Uncoated Sticker 90mm x 70mm
4. Uncoated Sticker 90mm x 150mm

4_1_Business card Back - Printing

4_1_Business card Back - Printing


Q : Jessica, briefly tell us about your business and its history:

A : I have been running a photography business for a few years and recently moved to another state and so decided to rebrand my business to better suit the market

Q : How did you select your designer for this project?

A: Well he is my husband! LOL And he also had just started his own design business so I knew I would get a great design and also a good deal.

Q : Where did the fox theme come from?

A: Our family shield features a fox so the theme runs through into our businesses.

Q : What direction did you give your designer? How did you like the final outcome of the project?

A: I explained that I wanted something simple and yet elegant, something not over the top but that would grab your attention.

Q : Bjorn, please tell us a little about yourself as a designer, and the services you offer:

A: I have been working in partnership with a very talented young designer by the name of Sebastian Pizarro for a while whom is now the other member of Fox Design Corp. We offer services to various niche markets like wedding stationary, greeting cards, and personalized stationary for individuals, along with logo and website design or a whole identity for a company as we have done for Jessica.

Q : Your design inspires us, what inspires you?

A: I think that the things that I admire most are always the simplest and yet convey a strong message with very little, whether it is words or just a few lines. This is mostly because when you start with an idea it is very cluttered and it is taking the time to remove the clutter that leaves you with something poignant and interesting.

Q : This order used a variety of options for this project, Spot UVFoilingRaised inkRounded Corners. How did you decide on the options?

A: MorningPrint offers many different printing options that I have been wanting to try for quite some time, so when the client said that she was happy to try anything we recommended it was hard not to try all of them LOL. I think that foiling gives things a sense of class along with rounded corners and the cards won’t bend in the corners and maintain a more pristine look. The raised ink and spot UV also add a texture that give the cards a real premium and tactile feel that also shows off the pattern we designed in a subtle way.

Q : When working with your clients, how do you get to the bottom of the style / design / products you will offer them?

A: I think as a designer it is important to understand the clients business, and therefore how the design will help the business stand out and also how they will use their stationary, in order to offer them the best solution. For example if my client is a plumber we might try a simpler design to make them look more upmarket instead of a tacky graphic and slogan and I would steer them more to plastic cards due to their water resistance and ease of cleaning in case they get them dirty. I would not try and steer them to something that may be more premium but that would not be particularly functional or useful for the business.

Q : Any tips for our clients to consider when they are creating their business cards?

A: Given the amount of cards people receive all the time it is worthwhile putting some effort in making something memorable in both design and feel so that you have more chances of potential clients keeping your cards and not throwing them away.


Special Offer from Fox Design Corp : We will offer a 10% discount to anyone that mentions MorningPrint.


Design of the Month for February is…

Hello! Here at MorningPrint, we receive many amazing designs, and we really enjoy seeing the creative process the designers go through. We enjoy seeing the results received after we send these designs to print. We would like to share some of these creative designs with you to help inspire you as they have inspired us.

Name : Samantha Pal Frazier & Kelsey Pal George
Website : | E-mail :
Designer : Ashley Thatcher
Company : Ashley & Malone
Website :
E-mail :
Stock : Heavy Nouveau Raised Ink (single side)


Q : Pal Gals briefly tell us and our readers about your fabulous blog and its history:

A : We created Two Pal Gals so that we could have a creative outlet for our passions and be able to work together on fun projects. We wanted to be able to share all the pretty and fun things in our lives with our family and friends and grow closer as sisters, and having a blog gives us an excuse to be crafty. We knew right away that we wanted to invest in a good design for our blog because it would set us apart. Plus, it speaks to our love of beautiful things.

Q : How did you select your designer for this project?

A: Actually, it’s a funny story! Samantha receives the MorningPrint newsletter for work, and as soon as she saw Ashley’s card featured in the April 2013 newsletter, she knew she had to get in touch with her.When we decided to start our blog we looked at our options, and we both agreed heartily on Ashley’s design style. Both of us felt that she designs how we would if we were designers. And, the rest is history!

Q : How was your experience with MorningPrint? Did you experience any difficulties when using MorningPrint, or find anything to be inconvenient or inefficient?

A: Ordering from MorningPrint was a breeze. It couldn’t have been easier!

Q : Ashley, we are no strangers to your work but for those readers who may be new to you, briefly tell us about you & your company, its history and what kind of services do you offer?

A: Ashley & Malone is a boutique branding and web design studio specializing in design for creative professionals. We are a husband and wife team and have been in the industry for over 20 years combined. Our process is fun, thorough and always ensures our clients are happy!

Q : In this order two sets were made, both with a very textural feel how did you and the Pal Gals come up with this concept?

A: In the branding for Two Pal Gals, I came up with a few unique patterns. One was the bright chartreuse floral and the second was a more feminine lilac faux-bois. I wanted the card to have a textile feel and really pop off the page.Samantha and Kelsey couldn’t choose between the two designs, so they decided to have both printed!

Q : How did you and the Pal Gals decide on the Heavy Nouveau stock with raised ink?

A: Heavy Nouveau is a favourite stock of mine from Morning Print. It has a boutique stock feel and I find it quite luxe! I chose raised ink to give the card a nice feel to the hand.

Q : When working with your clients, how do you get to the bottom of the style / design / products you will offer them?

A: Each client is given a branding and website workbook. Which they fill out everything from their favourite colours, to their long term business goals. We get to the bottom of what makes their business tick and then develop the look and feel further with a mood board design. The mood board process is one of the most important steps, as it provides direction in the overall feeling of the new design. Then we get to work on the branding and choose collateral pieces that will help grow the business.

Q : Any tips for our clients to consider when they are creating their business cards?

A: There are so many options you can combine to get a dreamy card that has massive appeal. Don’t be afraid to play around with all the options from Morning Print. Add matte gold foil, with embossing or add spot gloss with a die cut shape. The options are endless and a unique combination can really make your card shine!

***Offer Ashley & Malone: We will offer any new client that books any of our three packages a 10% off discount, if they book in the month of February 2014.

Don’t forget to check out Ashley’s first interview to see her creative card!