Design of the Month: February 2018


1. Name: Tegan Preston

2. Company Name: Sprinkle and Me

3. Website:

4. Business Contact Email:

5. Please give us a brief history of your business and some of the services you provide:
I am a hobbyist baker and have now decided to open my business offering unique, beautiful and fun cakes, cupcakes, sweets ect. Over time I would like to be delivering daily baked yummies to customers.


6. Between your stickers and business card, you use the same color scheme and foiling, a clear example of branding. What did you want to achieve with your branding?
I have just re branded my business, with a new logo designed by Tres Chic Studio.  I wanted to have gorgeous colorful & modern branding for my business.  I felt the gold foil is striking and gives a sense of luxury.


7. Your Circular Sticker and Coated Sticker have different designs. Why are they designed differently and what will they be used for?
I have just re branded my business, with a new logo designed by Tres Chic Studio.  I wanted to have gorgeous colorful & modern branding for my business.  I felt the gold foil is striking and gives a sense of luxury.

8. What was the reason behind choosing our Heavy Nouveau paper?
I wanted something bright and light.


9. Your business card includes Embossing overlapped with Foiling. Why didn’t you choose these finishing options for your fun design?
To be honest I couldn’t choose between the two different designs so I went with both.  I really wanted my logo to pop off the card.

10. What made you choose MorningPrint?
I was recommended by Tres Chic Designs and I was impressed with your pricing.


11. How was your experience with MorningPrint? Would you recommend us to others?
I found it very easy to order and the customer service helpful.  The shipping was extremely fast.  I will order from MorningPrint.

Small Business Spotlight: How Tenden Paved His Own Way

Business Name: Tenden
Instagram: tenden

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Tenden Business Cards

1. How did you get involved in this type of work?
My grandmother was a seamstress, some of my earliest memories were hanging out at her house, watching businessmen come pick up their suits that had been tailored to fit. My mother also sewed a few things here and there, she would take me to the fabric store as young as 6, let me pick out some fabric, and a day later I would have one of a kind shorts. I always thought this was pretty awesome. I think the idea was born that long ago for me to create.

2. When did you learn how to sew? Did someone teach you?
I taught myself a few things on the sewing machine as a young teenager, but really it wasn’t till my early 30’s I started to work at it. I am 99% self taught. I have searched out a few teachers at local sewing shops here and there for a little guidance.

Tenden Stitching

3. How essential would you say social media is to your business?
Social media is a very large part to making my dreams a reality. Yes, i have tons of local
support, but the fact that i can promote my business worldwide for free is an incredible tool that I use.

4. We understand that you create your next product based on your mood and how you feel. That sounds like a liberating way of working. Can you walk us through your creative process? Do you need to have a plan well thought out or do you see where a design takes you?
I’ve always said, what I make depends on what I feel that day. I usually start with something I need in my personal life. Usually designs evolve over time. The ones i enjoy making and find useful to others, are the ones that stick around. I also believe that the fabric also chooses what it becomes. I will find vintage fabrics at estate sales, and maybe they will sit on my shelf for awhile, but eventually they become something one of a kind and unique.

Tenden Jeans

5. On a related note, since you create based on your mood, your stock must be changing regularly. Your studio must be different almost every time a returning customer goes in. Do you find there are times when that process is a little more frustrating than it is helpful?
My products are always changing and evolving, but i have learned through time, that keeping a “permanent collection” is both helpful for the customer and myself. I would say i have 25 designs that have been around for awhile and are not expected to go anywhere anytime soon. I do on occasion get custom orders from someone that saw something years ago and would like one. I never say no, it may take a bit longer to re-draft the pattern and test it, but it’s always worth it to make a customer happy.

6. How does a typical work day look for you?
Other than my desire to create, I am working extremely hard at this so that i can stay home with our daughter Jeune. So my workday really depends on her. Like everything, she sets our schedule. Of course i have deadlines that require special attention, but for the most part, when she sleeps I work.

Tenden Wallet

7. Besides a sewing machine, what is something you would consider a necessity to operate your business?
This is a boring answer, but almost as important as my sewing machine, is my iron. I’m pretty sure I’m behind that just as much as my machines. Then of course the internet. Social media, websites, and research all at my finger tips.

8. Which products are some of your most popular ones?
The waxed canvas Shop Apron and Utility Roll are my #1 and #2 sellers. The bread and
butter of this business for sure. Trends come and go, the log carrier was a great hit this holiday season. So far this year, its the selvage denim jeans by a long shot. Excited to see what this year brings!

Tenden Luggage

9. Which of your products is your favorite?
My favorite part of all my creations, is seeing them in use out in the world. Apparel especially, seeing how they fit the customer, and how they style it is so rewarding for me.

10. We noticed you do custom orders. What type of custom work have you done in the past?
The list of custom work i get is crazy, from wedding dresses, to LP record box covers, etc.
I’ve started actually turning some custom work away. It is tricky to come up with a design from someone else’s imagination and get it right on the first time. we’ll see…. I’ll keep trying.

Tenden Shirts

11. Your history of products shows a dedication of focusing on durability and practicality, but with a flair. While in the creating process do you have any difficulty marrying these concepts?
It has always been my goal to create products that last. One of my favorite emails was from a father expressing how impressed he was with his product, and excited to hand it down to his son when he was done with it. Most products I enjoy making have been around for awhile. Tried and true essentials to oneself. Putting my unique twist is the fun part. Sometimes barely noticeable, maybe hidden color contrast or construction, or sometimes a drastic break from the norm.

12. How many hours of work does it take to finish one of your creations?
Most of my work probably takes 2-6 hours. Some of course may take a week, with leather
cutting and dyeing, and construction all playing a factor.

Tenden Utility Roll

13. What would be your advice to those wanting to enter the design industry?
This is definitely not my quote, but i’ll say it again and again. Don’t give up! When you put in the time and passion… it will never go unnoticed.

14. What information would you like perspective clients to know about your products?
All products are designed and constructed entirely by me in my Grand Haven, MI studio.

Tenden Bag

15. What was the point where you thought it would be good to focus on your studio work full time?
I worked in the restaurant business as I was turning my hobby into a dream. It was getting too overwhelming to balance the two. It was that leap of faith that needed to happen to be successful.

16. What was the most difficult hurdle you had to go through to start this business?
Being almost entirely self taught brings a million hurdles. No one has gone down the exact path I am making.

Tenden Beanies

17. How do you find the leather and other material you work with? It all looks very high quality and well made.
A lot of research goes into the materials I use. When i started I didn’t put as much attention into this aspect, but it really pays off in the final product. Most of my materials are sourced from the U.S.A. There are other countries making quality products as well that I will use on occasion.

18. Do you have any big plans for 2018?
I am very excited about 2018. The first 2 items I made back in the early 2000’s were denim jeans, and button up shirts. I wandered from that path a bit over the years, until I could perfect the construction and fit to my standards. This year I am focusing mainly on menswear. I will still produce the products that have gotten me where I am, but most of my energy will be towards men’s timeless designs.

Tenden Tassels

19. You recently shared a photo of an email that GQ sent to you on Instagram. Are you able to talk about that?
One of my favorite unique designs, the Grooming Roll, caught the eye of someone over at
British GQ, they will be spotlighting it in an upcoming issue…. and that might not be the last you see there from TENDEN.

What You Need to Know: Economy Paper

We have a few options in our Economy Paper, varying in thicknesses and coatings. We assembled a few important points that are Need to Knows for our Economy Paper options. Here is a list of the available paper options:
Standard Uncoated 10pt
Standard Coated (10pt Matte)
Glossy Heavy Weight (UV Coated)
Standard Coated 14pt glossy
Standard Coated 14pt Matte
Standard Coated 20pt Matte: Thickest paper of the economy papers. The 2nd thickest paper of our entire stock

Economy Matte Silver

Standard Uncoated: The original paper stock
There is no coating on this particular option meaning the paper has a natural look and feel. It is a bright, crisp white and in this particular paper option, fairly thin.

Economy Red

What is our Standard Coating?
Our Standard Coating smooths out the the paper, removing any roughness from it. Depending on your personal preference of soft, it can be considered as a soft feeling paper. Due to the coating, the paper will not have a natural appearance or feel. It will look and feel much smoother and a little soft. The paper itself is matte with a crisp white coloring.

Economy Embossing

Standard Coating does NOT affect Finishing Options
Despite the Standard Coating, a majority of the finishing options are possible on these papers: Foiling, Embossing, Laser Cutting, and Hole Punching. Neither hole punching or embossing will crack the coating at any time. Laser cutting will not destroy the coating with it’s heat.

Economy Laser Cutting

Standard Coated 14pt Glossy & Glossy Heavy Weight
Standard Coated 14pt Glossy gives the brightest shine and richest printed color compared to the the other Economy Papers. It has two coatings; the first being our Standard Coating for a smooth touch, and the second coating for extra shine. Since the original paper for Standard Coated 14pt Glossy is a crisp white, the colors tend to show more.

Glossy Heavy Weight has the one layer of UV coating. It is quite reflective and does shine, but not as much as Standard Coated 14pt Glossy. The final color printing is saturated, especially when compared to matte papers. Apart from the shine, the actual paper itself is an off white cream based paper.

Economy Pink Foiling
Standard Coated 14pt Matte can do Spot UV
One of our most popular combinations is to have a matte paper with a select design area done in a shiny coating, revealing the printed design underneath. Standard Coated 14pt Matte paper with Spot UV provides one of the best final results for that type of design. Spot UV lies flat so it is visible to the eye but not possible to feel. Spot UV can be done on both sides of Standard Coated 14pt Matte.
View Spot UV here

Pantone Color of the Year 2018: A Few Points

Pantone Color of the Year 2018: Ultra Violet
Conveying originality and ingenuity the magical ultra violet is a distinctive and complex purple shade that fascinates and intrigues.

Ultra Violet Opaque White Plastic

Opaque White Plastic

1. CMYK Ultra Violet can be different than Pantone Ultra Violet
Pantone is exact, no matter on what type of material that is printed on.
CMYK printing creates a color based off 4 color groups; cyan (also known as blue), magenta (also known as red), yellow, and black. As you can imagine, combining 4 different colors gives a range of shades of the same color.

Ultra Violet Matte Gold Paper

Heavy Nouveau with Blind Press Embossing and Matte Gold Foil

2. Ultra Violet varies most when printed on plastic


Ultra Violet Clear Plastic

Ultra Violet can look quite different depending on the type of plastic it is printed on.
Clear Plastic (No White Ink): As a true clear plastic card, even the ink is transparent. This means Ultra Violet will appear transparent with a darker tint.
Opaque White Plastic: Ultra Violet will appear to be lighter shade because the original stock is a translucent white plastic card.
White Plastic: Of the different plastics, the most representative version of Ultra Violet because the original plastic stock it mimics the look of white paper.

3. Glossy options can alter the look of Ultra Violet


Ultra Violet Spot UV

Standard Coated 14pt Matte with Spot UV
Spot UV: A transparent, but flat lamination that can be custom applied to any portion of your design. Since it is glossy, it will darken the coloring of the design area it is applied to.
Watch the Spot UV shine here
Raised Ink: A transparent and raised lamination that can be applied to any portion of your design. As it goes through a heating process to create the raised effect, it can only be applied on a single side.
Standard Coated 14pt Glossy: A paper covered in a glossy laminate causing all printed ink to appear richer and more saturated than matte papers.

4. The five best Foiling colors to pair with Ultra Violet
Matte Gold
Matte Silver
Glossy Silver

5. Five Colors that pair beautifully with Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet with Accent Colors

Golden yellow- The boldest combination of colors, there needs to be a balance between both.
Soft pink-  A feminine pairing which subtly stands out from the Ultra Violet without distracting from the rich purple.
Light gray- The most professional combination, light gray is a neutral that will complement the bold Ultra Violet.
Bright Orange- The most modern color pairing due to the brightness of the orange.
Plant Green- The freshest color choice, it will be crisp

6. What to do if Ultra Violet is a little too bold for you


Ultra Violet Raised Ink

Aquarelle with Raised Ink
Incorporate the color into small parts of your design, like in your text. It will allow you to show you are up to date with the latest trends without the color becoming the main focus of the card.

Postcards: Marketing and Invitations

MorningPrint’s postcards fulfill many purposes, depending on the final design. Postcards are used for both business necessities and personal reasons. These postcards come in a range of paper options, including matte, metallic, glossy, texture, thick and thin papers. Depending on the chosen paper, different finishing options are available, such as: embossing, raised ink, foiling, and spot uv. When asked, we can do a folding service for those who want to created a folded postcard. Another special option we can address is that a postcard can be made into a bigger size, however the client will need to be flexible on the type of paper that is used and on the sizing.

Postcard Blue

Our postcards come in two sizes, 4×6 and 5×7 cards for the following papers:
Standard Coated 14pt/matte
Standard Coated 14pt/glossy
Standard Coated 20 pt/matte
Heavy Nouveau
Heavy Linen
Heavy Silky Matte
Star Dream
Heavy Star Dream
Vintage Kraft
Opaque White Plastic

Postcard Fashion
Small Business/Company Uses:
The most primary use for our postcards in regards to businesses, is for marketing material. Marketing material can range from anything such as announcements to professional holiday cards. For those businesses which deliver, these postcards are an excellent choice as a Thank You card inside the package. Those in the fashion industry use these postcards to have images of their clothing or styles. Artists use the postcards as an actual postcard with images of their artwork on it. Those in the food industry use images of food on their postcards. These cards are also a good option for corporations who use postcards for sending professional holiday cards and reminders to their clients. Online companies use these postcards to provide extra information for a purchased product.

Postcard Thank You

Personal Uses:
These postcards are also appropriate for personal uses. Some examples include invitations (ranging from wedding invitations to party invitations), thank you cards and holiday cards. In our experience, 4×6 tend to be more popular for RSVP cards and some menu cards. 5×7 postcards tend to be used for either invitations or menu cards or holiday cards.

Postcard Wedding