What You Need to Know: Frosty Plastic

Frosty Plastic is our plastic with the fastest production timeline. It only takes two business days for stamping the foiling on and an additional two business days for delivery.

Frosty Plastic is environmentally friendly
Like the majority of our plastic products, Frosty Plastic is made of PET material. PET plastic is an environmentally friendly material. It is the same material that water bottles are made from. Some of it’s characteristics include being quite thin, light weight, and flexible.


Frosty means it is not crystal clear
The part of the name ‘Frosty’ has been confusing to some clients. Some believe there is a possibility it has a tint of white ink, which is not true (or possible). In fact, Frosty Plastic is a clear plastic business card. However, rather than being crystal clear, like looking through a window, it is blurry. As a transparent card, Frosty Plastic can only accommodate single sided designs.
Click here to view the blurry transparent quality of our Frosty Plastic

Only one Foiling color is possible in Frosty Plastic (that means no ink printing)

Another point of confusion for those interested in these cards is that Frosty Plastic can only print one color of foiling. That means your whole design will be done in the foiling you pick. As such, ink printing, gradients and shading are not possible in this product.


Foiling Colors Available

Glossy Gold
Matte Gold
Glossy Silver
Matte Silver

Wide Foiling Areas are Prone to Fading Away
Wide or large foiling designs are at a high risk of oxidation. Oxidation means that the foiling is peeling off the plastic stock. The peeling will reveal the transparent plastic stock underneath. It will look worn out as if the cards are old and worn from use.
If you must have a wide foiling area, our printing team will need to review your file and discuss the risk with you before printing.


Thinner and Smaller Design Elements are Welcomed
Normally, we try to warn clients that by using thin and small design elements and fonts their information could be difficult to see and read, especially on our Clear Plastic (No White Ink). However, our foiling is stamped on, and the colors of the foiling can not be altered. Therefore we can guarantee legibility for smaller and thinner design elements, even against the transparent background of the Frosty Plastic.

Design of the Month: March 2016


Our design of the month is a creative corporate identity concept from Page One Web Solutions. Page One Web Solutions are a “multi-talented team comprised of experienced marketers, writers, web developers & project managers.” With combined experience spanning more than 50 different industries, Page One has the talent and know-how to provide you with stellar web design and internet marketing solutions.
Founder, Patrick Sullivan, took some time out of his busy schedule to talk with us about their quirky plastic cards.
Company Name:
Page One Web Solutions
Graphic Designers:
Jeremy Lindemann & Shamus Alley
Social Media Links:
Facebook          Twitter           Linkedin            Google +


Q:  Could you please provide a brief history of your company and the type of services you offer?  

Founded in 2006 by Patrick Sullivan and Patrick Robinson, Page One Web Solutions, located in Portland, Maine, offers web design, web development, and internet marketing services to our clients. We take the time to listen to our clients’ challenges and goals then create custom campaigns tailored to their needs. We specialize in WordPress website design/development, WordPress Multisite Development, WooCommerce eCommerce platform, SEO, Paid Search, and Google Analytics.

Q: Can you talk about some of the inspirations for your business card design? 

We did quite a bit of research to come up with the designs for our business cards. In our (digital) industry, many times business cards get thrown right into the trash after adding it to the company CRM. We wanted cards that were fun and unique, like our business, as well as memorable. We have found that, not only do people like our business cards, they are great conversation starters! We’ve even heard people say, “I want to collect them all,” like sports cards! This article was used as part of our inspiration.

pows_2Q: Portraiture is not something you see very much of in corporate business design. What were the motivations behind this design element? 

We wanted our business cards to have a personal touch – beyond our name, company logo and contact information. Since the cards would be transparent/translucent, people would be able to place the cards over their licenses or hold them up in front of someone to see what they would look like with those facial features.

Q: By the way, where did everybody’s nose and eyes disappear to? 😉 

Haven’t you ever seen: http://p1ws.me/1TeK3TB ? Just kidding! Items like noses and eyes were left out to keep the portraits on the abstract side while still allowing individual’s defining characteristics to be displayed, and allow these missing features to show through from the faces/pictures placed behind the cards. Over time, some portraits have included noses and eyelashes.

Q: How are you liking our opaque white plastic cards? 

We really like them! We still get lots of great comments and feedback about our cards!

Q: The thickness of our plastic cards is something people either love or aren’t happy with (we are hoping you are in the former camp.) What are some advantages or disadvantages you can see with the thickness of our plastic cards? 

Some advantages are that the thickness makes them unique than a paper card, especially helpful when you put your business card into a drawing (they tend to get picked!). Because of the material they also don’t rip and rarely fold. Some disadvantages are that they are a bit slippery feeling and hard to write on without a permanent marker.

pows_3Q: Did you consider other stock options, like clear + white plastic, before choosing opaque white plastic? 

We had originally considered a completely clear card, but we were concerned about legibility issues, so we went with a frosted/translucent one instead.

Q: A few other design elements that pop out are bold colors and bold fonts in all caps. All caps in particular is something many people use very minimally or shy away from completely. How do these elements represent your company? 

These are branding elements found in our logo and all our printed material. It was important to keep consistency amongst our brand.

Q: If you could pick any movement in art or graphic design that best fits with your company’s aesthetic, which one would you pick and why? 

Our design style takes elements from various popular movements, but particularly the Swiss Design style with its grid-based layouts, left-justified sans-serif text, and use of white space. We find that it is a strong fit for the verticals in which we work, allowing for high legibility, simplicity of presentation, and emphasis on areas of interaction and conversion.

Q: How was your experience with Morning Print? Anything we can approve upon?

Overall we have really enjoyed our experience working with Morning Print. The price and quality are unbeatable and our business cards always receive positive remarks when handed out. Turnaround times are amazing. They are something we’re all truly proud of.

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Morning Print would like to thank Page One Web Solutions for contributing to this blog post and their ongoing support of our products + services. For more information on Page One Web Solutions, please visit their website.