Nouveau and Heavy Nouveau: The Blank Slate

With their smooth texture, creamy matte white appearance, Nouveau and Heavy Nouveau is highly adaptable to different styles and functions. These paper stocks are so versatile we like to think of them as the ‘blank slate’ of our different stocks. Remember, Nouveau and Heavy Nouveau are the same paper, only varying in thickness (Heavy Nouveau is the thicker of the two).

Heavy Nouveau 9
Heavy Nouveau 5
Due to its smooth texture and its creamy white coloring, this paper family is professional enough for business purposes, including both promotional paper and business cards. For promotional or business informational purposes, past clients have used the postcard options (4×6 and 5×7). Due to it’s adaptability, this paper family can portray any intended style/look.
Heavy Nouveau 1

Heavy Nouveau 4
Nouveau and Heavy Nouveau do especially well with high end and fashionable designs because of it’s natural elegant and expensive characteristics. Between it’s ability to show color and it’s natural luxuriousness, this paper family makes it an excellent choice for special occasions such as weddings.
Heavy Nouveau 2
Heavy Nouveau 10
Both papers have the ability to use Foiling and Raised Ink. While most think of foiling as their ‘go-to’ finishing option, raised ink is an option that also features well against this paper family. Embossing is another popular choice for both Nouveau and Heavy Nouveau. They are both also able to use Spot Color on business card size.

Heavy Nouveau 8
Heavy Nouveau 7
Production time: 2 business days
Requires less ink
On the thinner side
Thin does not mean it is poor quality, it is just a different style. It is 209 gsm.
Can print Braille

Heavy Nouveau:
3-4 business days
Requires more ink
Thicker, 350 gsm

Heavy Nouveau 3

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